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u/DaB0mb0 · 1 pointr/AtlantaBarters

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm interested in that for $20. My big-ass TV is sitting on this rn

Think I could buff out some of those scratches with a polisher or sander? Can you tell if it's veneer or paint?

u/I__AM__THE__DANGER · 1 pointr/AtlantaBarters

Added pics to the dropbox. More info on the platform here. Forgot to advertise the desk chair, but it's for sale as well. Send me a pm for my number if you're interested!

u/thatmutechick · 1 pointr/AtlantaBarters

Sorry, I posted that in a hurry. Here's info for the LG:

And for the Vizio (and it's a 39"...not 37"):

They are used. We've had them for less than a year. No technical issues at all. (We're moving to another country soon so we just want to get rid of them to save on moving costs.)

u/DarkwingDuc · 1 pointr/AtlantaBarters

Brand new. Unopened. Red.

Currently $114.28 (plus tax) on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews:

Will meet you in Downtown Decatur or Kirkwood Station. Will not deliver anywhere else.