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u/quizno50 · 1 pointr/AutoPaint

Wash everything down with soapy water first (even if it's new and doesn't look dirty). I'd replace the adhesion promoter with a good plastic compatible primer, I've had a few issues with Krylon primers and plastic, but this stuff worked great for me. Also, make sure you know what grits to reach for during the sanding process. You'll want to sand the primer at about 400-600, base coat 800-1000, clear coat 1000-2500. With dry times, make sure you know the paint's recoat window. Also, before sanding, make sure the paint is hard or it will gum up the sand paper and tear it off the surface you're painting.

Also, after clear coat you'll want to sand again, you will need some rubbing compound and polish for this step as well since sandpaper is too coarse to get the shine back.

u/SVT_Termin8tor · 3 pointsr/AutoPaint

I'd recommend a fresh air respirator hood if you have a large beard. If it's just some scruff their full face respirators work just fine when adjusted and fit tested.

Fresh Air Respirator Hood System:

3M Versaflo Heavy Industry PAPR Kit TR-300-HIK"

3M Full Face Respirator:

3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-402/89421, Respiratory Protection, Medium

u/guidepin · 2 pointsr/AutoPaint

I'm not sure what 2 pack is but 2k means 2 component. The primer and the hardener. Same thing with paint. If the paint/clear is in good shape then you can scuff and respray.

Check out SWRNC on YouTube. He's a good resource, he also has a channel called diyautoachool.
Also check out the refinish network and collision hub.

I also bought a few books off Amazon on how to repaint your car. I'll go track them down and post some links for you

How to Paint Your Car on a Budget (Cartech)

How to Paint Your Car (Motorbooks Workshop)

The Haynes Automotive Body Repair & Painting Manual

Advanced Custom Painting Techniques

Pro Paint & Body HP1563

u/The_Mad_Potter · 3 pointsr/AutoPaint

3M Has a great disposable gun with multiple tip sizes.. you’ll need to buy their liner system as well.. Harbor freight has some decent inexpensive guns.. But if cost is not a factor Sata is always a good choice ..

u/dammitijustwantmemes · 1 pointr/AutoPaint

Try something with a plastic air cap. Much more beginner friendly and cheaper to replace. One I started with was this or something very similar Accuspray 3M (16587) Spray Gun Kit

u/NewClearWorship · 1 pointr/AutoPaint

I used this Rust-Oleum Clear Coat . I know it's cheap but this paint has been drying a long time.

u/kek_mate · 2 pointsr/AutoPaint

heh, I just found this entire sub by accident while looking to see if there are any subs about painting as I'm also getting into it for some of the same reasons, but I'm a few steps ahead of you. So let me share what I've learned.

HVLP guns will most likely not get enough CFM from your compressor, that said there are now LVLP guns that you can get which take less air, they also put down a bit less paint, but you should be able to get away with your 8 gallon depending on cfm. I've got a 26 gallon that puts out something like 5-6 cfm around 40 psi, and the LVLP gun that I got I'm shooting 25-30 psi . The gun itself should only consume around 3.5-4ish cfm so I should theoretically be able to shoot continuously. The tank size just determines how long you can go without the pump coming on, its the deliverable cfm that matter the most, if your pump can outpace the guns usage you're good, if not you will be constantly stopping to let it catch up.

this gun

I got a sprayit sp33000 kit, which comes with one gun, a 1.3/1.5/1.7 tip. I've only shot 2 coats of primer so far, and I had problems with the paint having tiny bubbles and a small fan size even with the fan all the way open, I think I've resolved the fan size problem with an extra 5 psi, was shooting 20psi before; just realized its supposed to be 28 psi minimum. The gun comes with a pressure regulator that works quite well, so you could run it direct from your tank without a pressure regulator on the tank. Word of warning, if you have a small pressure regulator, TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM! I had a small little one that couldn't flow enough air through it and it was wrecking havok on my ability to use any air tools, it will also kill the consistency of air flow to your paint gun. Also, you will need a water trap to get moisture out of the air, get one that attaches to your gun, or goes tank side, but don't think you can get away without one.

As to paint, for my situation I'm just using tremclad aka rustoleum in 'merica. For the purpose of spraying if you decide to go with an older oil based enamel, you will need to thin with paint thinner / mineral spirits / or acetone, the hotness of those three solvents are listed in order ( how quick it will dry ). Also you will need to find some enamel hardener, well not need, but if you just shoot the paint straight it will take 24 hours to cure, with hardener a coat of paint can dry to the touch in 1-2 hours and the finished paint will dry tougher and harder.

Most recommended hardener for rustoleum online is valspar enamel hardener

I chose to go with rustoleum because it's cheap, the thinners / solvents are cheap, and it should be a good learning material. There are also lots of people out there getting good results with it, so it's not like you will be dead in the water unless you spend a boatload on more expensive paints. Also worth mentioning whatever you do get a good paint respirator, especially with the expensive paints as some of them have some cyanide in them!

Lastly is your paint a straight color or metalic? If you want to replicate metalic you need to paint a base color, then mix the metalic flakes ( you can buy them on amazon ) into clearcoat and shoot some layers of clear coat over the paint. Rustoleum also has a gloss clear coat paint you can use for that.