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1. Sabriel (Old Kingdom)

  • Blackhead Remover for Face Pore Cleaner. Unlike traditional blackhead remover tool, the blackhead remover can suck out a lots dirty stuff from your face . Deeply remove stubborn blackhead, really a nice facial removing blackhead product
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Sabriel (Old Kingdom)
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u/Orelle · 1 pointr/BlackHistoryPhotos

I really hoped the thumbnail would appear for this post! Come on, NYT gallery ....

Anyhow, though I didn't know who they were until recently, as a child I was instantly drawn to books illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon. I had to have every book I found featuring their art, including novels by Isabel Allende. I loved to read, but I'm sure I read more because of the artists' work. Other favorites I wished were illustrated by the couple — they made characters complex, dignified and multiethnic, overall more like the world I knew than the one reflected by most book covers.

Image Google "Leo and Diane Dillon art" for more excellence.

u/mrscrystalnicole · 3 pointsr/BlackHistoryPhotos

There are numerous credible sources on Mansa Musa. Here are a few that took me all of 4 minutes to locate online, just in case you were actually interested in the knowledge. If not, please don't troll on this page.