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u/jiyounglife · 3 pointsr/BobbinLace

This is a pattern from a book published by the Lace Museum.

So far, I'm loving bobbin lace. I have a hard time reading patterns so going to class really helps since I like to learn from videos and learn by watching. I went to Hedgehog Lacers' (Southern California) Lace In that past weekend and picked up some supplies (10 balls of tatting thread size 80, crochet hook to do sewings (size 0.6/14US), larger pins, and a pin pusher/puller). Overall, it was lots of fun. It was kinda odd for me to be there because everyone else was old enough to be my mom-grandma... But hey! No worries! :)

The first part with the cloth stitch has a "pin under 2" and the spiders go from 3 in a row down to 1 in a row. I've progressed a bit more than the photo linked above. But, I believe there are quite a few mistakes. I'll post again when the piece is complete.