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u/DerrenGrathy · 6 pointsr/Breeding

I'm looking for great breeding stories myself, because as an author who loves the stuff I am trying to find good examples to inspire my work. I'll find my list of authors I've enjoyed...

Bah, I've written entire articles about a few of them. They'd love it if you'd check out their work.

And I do write breeding stuff too and, personally, I like what I write. I have a perma-free story that is the same quality as the rest of my work called Tara's Breeding that you could check out for free if it so inclined you.

Good luck in your author search - I'm curious to cover more with my posts.

P.S. Another list of sites and free works that might interest you.

u/slipsnow · 5 pointsr/Breeding

The advice you are going to receive here is mostly bullshit, bedsides the few who have seen a real doctor. I highly recommend seeking a guidance with a fertility clinic. I can already tell some of these posts should be crossed over to r/badwomensanatomy

Begin tracking your cycle twice or once a day by utilizing LH Surge Prediction Strips. I found a brand that works well for me and has been accurate thus far:

You will need to keep a journal and begin taking notes about the texture, color, and wetness of your vaginal and cervical mucus. I recommend getting a box of gloves and dipping your fingers in around the same time you take the LH Surge Strip. You are looking for a specific texture change that begins to develop the closer you are to ovulating. I won't go into the different mucus types because you can find that information online easily. Again, see a medical professional.

If you see an LH Surge come up positive and you notice perhaps your mucus is BEGINNING to be clear, more elastic, and wet than usual... It's likely you are anywhere from 24-48 hours prior to ovulating. Have sex frequently during the next 48 hours, having sperm inside of you ready for the egg to drop is actually ideal. Sperm can survive up to five days but more likely, only two days. USE LUBE THAT IS SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR CONCEPTION! Ordinary can kill sperm and impede travel.

Positions and the female orgasm don't really have play here. Studies have shown it's all about the mucus. Yes, having an orgasm produces more mucus but that doesn't mean it helps.

You can set a 15 minute timer after he cums and lay on your back to ensure some sperm have begun the journey through the mucus. Sperm are tiny and am of this is happening on an itty bitty scale. Extending this rest time or choosing different positions will have minimal impacts.

If you haven't already you both need to be STI tested and you need to have a new pap smear, physical exam, and ultrasound completed. You can have an infection or STI and show no symptoms. He should also have a physical examine completed.

Have all of your check and balances in place, if you are not pregnant within three months you may want to also consider having your partner's potency tested. Many couples underestimate how their male partner's reproductive health impacts becoming pregnant. I've had friends that suddenly become pregnant because the male quit drinking sodas.

Be educated and think for yourself. Don't rely on a bunch of perverts to tell you how to get pregnant. Join some pregnancy subs. Best of luck, I hope you are successful!!!!!!!

u/phoenixrosexx · 2 pointsr/Breeding

Sorry for the delay! Wanted to let you know your idea has been brought to life and it's finally finished! You can find it here:

Thanks for the input!