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u/Theupixf · 3 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

I just use a regular broom and this mop

The spray part went out on me (I think it's clogged but I can't figure out where), so I just use a spray bottle with it. Vinegar water mixture and a little baking soda if needed help get my tile floor clean. If you really need to clean the grout, I suggest scrubbing it with a cleaning brush or an old toothbrush. I've been told that denture paste is great for grout.

u/everything-is-golden · 4 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

I haven’t used paper towels in about a decade. I keep some around for some things, but the last roll I bought lasted me 4 years.

Here’s what my kitchen linens include:

Innovative Dish Washing Net Cloths /...

Bamboo Towels - Heavy Duty Eco...

SOS Food Labs, Inc. 185000825 S.O.S....

This is what I store them in the bathroom. Keeps mold from forming.

Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper - Portable,...

We use these for napkins, paper towels, everyday placemats and for cleaning dishes.

Hope that helps.

u/Bmorehon · 2 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

wash your washer!. She says to use the vinegar water to detail the machine, I personally use the bleach water but that's up to you. Then, use oxy-clean on your clothes for the next few weeks until they have all been washed and you should have no more smells. I have a landscaper for a husband (dirty clothes!) plus the kid and a ton of pets so I usually have to do this once a month. Also, I have been LOVING the little downy unstoppables beads, and you can just use fewer of them to get a lighter (but long lasting) scent. Hope this helps!

u/cultofkefka · 1 pointr/BroMoHousekeeping

A&H Microfiber Tuff Scrub 'N' Wipe Pads , (6 Pads)

These are the ones I got (but I feel like the price was lower when I did) and they're pretty ok. I wish the scrubby side was scrubbier. They've gone through a lot of washes and dries and are still in good shape so that's cool.

u/mycoldfeet · 7 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

I used to make laundry detergent, but don't recommend it any more. Before starting cloth diapers, I did a ton of laundry detergent research and DIY just doesn't have the ingredients to clean clothes properly, long-term.

Hand soap: Dr. Bronner's is a great concentrate for foaming dispensers. I find it too drying for shampoo/ body wash. I add a bit of aloe gel in the winter.

De-greaser: 50/50 Dawn + white vinegar cleans anything greasy (and bathroom soapscum!) amazingly. Keep in a spray bottle; wipe up with hot water and cloth.

Floor cleaner: White vinegar spritz + steam mop deep cleans just about anything. Vinegar won't smell once evaporated, but you can toss lemon rinds in a big jar with the vinegar (soak a few weeks) to help with the smell.

Deodorizer: Cheap vodka (add essential oils if you'd like to add scent). I mist it all over furniture until a bit damp, same for rugs (after spot test)—basically anything that can't be laundered and gets a funky smell over time. Alcohol kills the stench-causing bacteria and evaporates quickly.

u/parasitic_spin · 3 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

I use this product, which I consider a godsend. You spend a few moments hooking up the tubes - that way the bleach bypasses the tank water itself. I linked to Amazon, but I purchased this initially at Lowe's. Probably other places sell it, too. I can really tell when the cartridges have run out.

I am not on a septic tank, btw, so this might not be the best choice for OP, but could help someone else.

u/starstough · 4 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

Some blackout curtains are better than others, to start (Navy or black work best).

That there are curtain rods that exist that wrap around so that you can easily pull the curtains all way the way to the wall on either side and then to the middle.

You may need an extra panel to hang in the center so that there is enough overlap, and if you really want zero light, you can hang a cornice or even a valance curtain, or build a box cornice that sits flush against the wall on the top of the window which would block the light from the top.

I have, in the past, gone so far as to tape the curtains all around the top and sides, but you can't really do that over and over without damaging the wall and gumming up the fabric lol... but I was desperate. My kids slept on sun time and that was unbearable in the summer.

u/AstarteHilzarie · 4 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

I got this one on sale so it was about the price of buying a nornal vacuum and I didn't feel extravagant for it. Lools like it's on sale again. It works well, but I've only had it sonce December so I can't speak to long term use

u/shnuffleupagus · 3 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

Huh, I don't see them anymore. But Amazon has a bunch of options

u/VibrantPinwheel · 1 pointr/BroMoHousekeeping

What about something like this? That way you could have the charging ports all face the back, plus no more pile? Fellowes 72112 Desktop Organizer, 11 Sections, Wire, 9" x 11-3/8" x 8", Black

u/miserylovescomputers · 1 pointr/BroMoHousekeeping

Delayed response, but yes! I have this one ( and it's been life changing. I originally got it before my dad came for thanksgiving because he's horribly allergic to animals and I have a cat and a dog. It helped quite a bit (although he was still pretty allergic) and I've had it running ever since.