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u/Pixielo · 3 pointsr/Buyingforbaby
  • An inflatable tub shaped like a duck! It's adorable, and Monkey likes to play in it when it's not bath time, which is pretty cute.
    Vintage vinyl squeaky books that are fun to touch.
    Summer's muslin swaddling blankets; they rule.

  • A decent portable swing; we take it w/us to friends' houses for dinner, and let her sack out while we eat. It's awesome. When one of the straps broke, their customer service had a free replacement and a fluffy toy in the mail to us the same day. They were actually a joy to deal with, and I will look for their products in the future.

  • Rechargeable batteries. Best. Invention. Ever. We bought a few sets of the spacers so that buying fresh C/D batteries is a thing of the past. We've gifted them out too.

    And of course, we have some cute toys for her, but she seems to prefer a single disposable plastic spoon, my rubber watch, a length of knotted cord and our hands/feet. Of the cute toys, the Infantino Stacker is the clear winner for versatility. The base makes a whistling sound, and the rings all have different textures and make different sounds. We combined that with a set of rings and can clip them to her carrier, her car seat, her jumper, her crib, etc., awesome product.
u/Norlina · 10 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

FTM here, so I haven’t used one for my own child yet, but I am an SLP who specializes in pediatric feeding. I’m a big fan of the Tripp trapp (and similar style) chairs. A major milestone that I recommend my patients meet before introducing solids is that the child be able to sit up with minimal assistance, because the core strength needed for sitting up is also important for managing solids. So I like that style chair because baby can’t just lounge in the chair, it encourages good sitting posture. I also like the adjustable foot rest (having a flat surface to put their feet on is also important for postural stability). And the chair grows with the child. But they are pretty expensive, especially considering that you have to buy the tray separate. Another chair that has the same benefits is the keekaroo, which is what I’ve registered for. It’s a similar price range, but it comes with a tray.

u/powlalala · 4 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

Mitten cuff onesies are our favorite to use on our little one. Especially when he was just born, it was too hard to trim his nails and having the option to cover his hands without dealing with mittens made it so easy. We also don't use much of the pajamas that covers their legs because the less buttons you have to deal with in the middle of the night, the better.

Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn 3 Pack Longsleeve Mitten Cuff Onesies Brand, White, 0-3 Months

You'll definitely need more burp cloths. I have about 30 and could use more. Cloth diapers as burp cloths are great since they're so absorbent. We use these the most.

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count

Our baby also loves his Wubbanub and they're nice so baby can practice grabbing things and they don't roll off baby as easily as a regular pacifier would. They have a ton of different animals.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Baby Penguin

But really overall your registry looks good! You have a great variety of different sized clothes so that's good. The Dr. Brown's bottles are also great, I would just suggest having a large bowl in your sink to soak all the parts without them touching everything else in the sink. Or if you have a divided sink maybe use just one side for baby things. The only extras I would suggest are a small nail kit to keep in your diaper bag, baby blankets to cover baby up in his car seat or to swaddle, and Aquaphor when lotion isn't enough. Hope that helps!

u/amyrenee2032 · 4 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

Great work! I’d suggest the NoseFrida Snot Sucker w/ Saline - Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida The Snotsucker with 10 Extra Hygiene Filters and All-Natural Saline Nasal Spray by Frida Baby Also, the carrier you got Infanito or whatever the brand’s get what you pay for. There are much more durable ones that I wish I had gotten. If you think you will hardly use it, the cheaper one is fine but I’d suggest putting a more expensive one with better support on your registry. Ergo baby is popular. Congrats and good luck with you LO!

u/TangerineSkys · 2 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

My best friend made me my own coupon book with a few necessities like having her baby sit for a few hours, grocery run, and having her son mow the lawn. She stuck it with some contoured reusable bamboo nursing pads that have held up great over time.
Super cute idea that made me feel very loved.

u/paparatti · 2 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

At the moment we're using a low edged round bowl that we usually wash spinach in -we just fill it up in the bathroom and wash him in it on a towel in the bedroom. Nice and easy, and if he slips out of our hands then there's nothing hard to hit himself against and not far to fall. But we've also got a Washpod that he absolutely LOVES but because he has no head/body control, it kills my arms to hold him in place safely. It's very well made, has a little cushion that sits inside with a butt groove and when he outgrows it, it should be great for holding toys/water play. I'd imagine it also holds in heat a little better than traditional bath shapes, so it will be awesome through the winter. Can't wait to use it again in a few months :D

u/lizbethef · 1 pointr/Buyingforbaby

We bought this bad boy:

for about $50 bucks at babysRus, but had a coupon, so it was only $30. I love it so far!

I have some friends who also bought the SummerInfant seat mentioned

and really like it, and it's just $20! It's sorta flimsy, so if you're wanting to get years out of it, I'm not sure it would go the distance, but it just might! So far they love it, though, and for just $20 you can't beat it!

u/vectaur · 2 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

I looked at the BOB strollers, but since I already had a nice travel stroller (Britax B-Ready) AND an umbrella stroller, I just couldn't justify all the money for it. (Maybe if I didn't have the B-Ready?)

Anyhow, I bought one of these Schwinn joggers used off Craigslist for $75. It's been fantastic, kid loves it. Front wheel locks/unlocks for speed/maneuverability, she seems comfortable in it, good ratings off amazon. The only thing that sucks about it is the plug-in speaker: it's a total piece of garbage. But I "solved" the speaker issue by simply using my iPhone speaker instead (I just throw my phone in one of the cupholders with the speaker facing up -- works fine)

u/keyfile · 2 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

We love love love this one. It has two washable trays and a lid, so in restaurants you can just pop the lid on and GTFO. The back folds down to a pretty compact size. Everything is dishwasher safe. It has adjustable height and 3 different settings for the tray.

u/bear_sheriff · 2 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

That's good to know!

A friend of mine suggested the Baby Bargains Book and I'm so happy I followed her advice! It's awesome - full of up to date and incredibly in-depth product reviews, and all kinds of advice on how to save money. The version I linked is the newest. They also have a website and you can get the book/website combo access for a little more than the cost of the book. Totally worth every cent.

u/zeich · 2 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

Get this gate:
We had 7 or 8 others at the house to try them out and none were as good. Super easy to install and could swing both ways. However, they recommend to not have it swing over the stairs. It has a bar that can be put up to prevent it from swinging to one side. We installed it with one wall and one banister, but it is made for 2 walls. I created my own banister attachment so let me know if you need info on that!

u/hurler_jones · 1 pointr/Buyingforbaby

We ended up with this glider and love it. We wanted something that could transition out of the nursery eventually and had the moving parts concealed. It swivels 360, smooth action and super comfy.

u/jriejroie · 1 pointr/Buyingforbaby

It is really good. I was originally skeptical when my husband ordered it because of the price. We first had this one for the kids' playroom which is also good. But the difference is really huge. With the former, you don't have to struggle to close the gate. You just slam it behind you and it is shut. You do not notice the inconvenience of having to open and close a gate whenever you go up and down. We justified the price because we were planning to have more kids. We got it when we had our first.

u/elphabaisfae · 1 pointr/Buyingforbaby

Yep :) since my guy is not quite 5 months old we're good on that.

This is the arm I bought, and it's able to be put on the wall, too: