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u/deathrho211 · 2 pointsr/CATHELP


  • We folded up the cage and put it out on the balcony where they do not go. I figure it might be a stressful sight to both the kitten who was in it, and the cat who is only 1 year old and was constantly on the outskirt of a kitten jail for a month. 1 year olds shouldn't know what jail is.
  • We put our cats old kitten harness on the new kitten and his old sweater on top of that. He got the sweater off but the harness (the good kind) seems to be grounding him... a ton.
  • We brought out our cats old pop up tunnel.
  • We made a huge pet store haul and grabbed: a pop up cube, a battery powered spinner, a battery powered roving laser toy, pheromone spray, calming cat nip, and a roving mouse toy.

    Drastic improvements. I think the perches we have now and the 1 manual string toy we had were not enough.

    More planned improvements:

  • I'm going to order 2 cat hammocks for the windows.
  • Going to figure out the best large cat castle for the space we live in so that they can avoid each other when going from point A to point B if they want to be alone.

    I had an email drafted to the feline rescue we got him from and thought posting in Reddit first might help. It did.
u/BurstSuppression · 3 pointsr/CATHELP

I would strongly recommend a vet evaluation for worms. This is because you need to know what type of worm it is since treatments will vary with the type of worm.

That said, antibiotics won’t help with a worm infection. Go to the pet store, get some dewormer medication (target first roundworms and tapeworms), and keep the cat hydrated through any means possible. Drontal is a broad spectrum medication that will cover most worms, but can be pricey.

Edit #1:

For the tapeworm, try this:
Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats (3 Tablets) UPC 724089113436

Bayer worked for me, so I recommend this.

For the roundworm, try this:

Excel Liquid Roundworm De-Wormer For Cats, 4-Ounce, Safe & Effective

I haven’t used the roundworm one before, but the active antihelmith medication is correct so I assume it’ll work.

Edit #2: is this an outdoor cat? I assume so, given that the cat has worms. After treatment, keep this cat indoors. Your roommate should also preemptively treat for fleas.

u/1337GameDev · 1 pointr/CATHELP


This will likely be an annoying process.

It could be a variety of things:

  1. Health issue
  2. cats don’t like brand/kind of litter
  3. cats don’t like shape, color, etc of litter box
  4. cats are bored and see it riles you
  5. cats are intact males and are marking
  6. cats are altered males who developed the marking habit before being altered
  7. cats found a scent there once, and now go there out of habit
  8. cats hate locations of litter boxes
  9. cats are stressed from something
  10. Cats want the litter box cleaner
  11. Cats don’t have a good diet
  12. They are just unruly and do this for fun / laziness

    First and foremost, eliminate health issues, and take them for a vet checkup and do standard blood work to check for abnormalities.

    I would recommend renting / buying an upright carpet shampoo machine.
    I bought gf a bissel one for $350 and it works very well.

    Then, after shampooing, use an enzymatic cleaner, such as “Natures miracle.”

    Then, I would look at the little box. Move the box closer to where they pee, and away from noises, running water, etc.

    Then, I’d try new litter.
    Cats can be sensitive to the smell, dust / powder, and even the grain size.

    You can also attempt to clean the litter box more, and scoop it every few hours. Me and my gf bought the “Litter Robot,” but a lot of people can’t justify the $425 price tag to have it auto scoop for you.

    You can also get a different litter box.
    My cats love our “igloo” style one (also stops our dog from eating the cat droppings).

    Then, I’d invest in a cat tree, with 3 levels to it. Chewy has a decent one for $80 delivered that me and gf bought 2 of for our cats.

    Some random toys also work well if they are bored, a variety: a catnip infused one, a ball, a spring shaped one, a mouse, a string (this can be controversial as it can encourage the cat to chew long slender objects - such as cords, and shoelaces), and a “ball stuck inside a bowl” kind of toy.

    Then, try and get a toy that is some kind of mouse or feather, on a rope with a stick and exercise them for a few minutes every day.

    You can also look at their diet, and if they are not getting enough water (which sounds odd, but cats can act out in odd ways when their diet isn’t correct). You can try wet food, if you are t doing that, and adding a little extra water to it to form a small soup. Watch their reaction over time, and if they pee more, this might not be the issue (they may pee a few times with the increased water intake, so watch over a few days if you do this).

    If you have an older style basement, with a “French drain,” your basement might be moist, and encourages mold growth, and could be stressing the cats. You can attempt to fix this with a dehumidifier (sealing some ingress points in the basement). This is assuming they pee in the basement that is.

    Hopefully this helps. In the end, it might not, and the cats just might be a bit unruly, which does suck :/

    Edit: I just noticed, the litter box is on a different floor.

    Cats “should” have a litter box PER floor, and realistically one extra per cat (most cats get get away with sharing).
u/wishbonesma · 1 pointr/CATHELP

I agree that it’s just an age thing and she doesn’t know that she’s hurting you. Let her know by being a bit dramatic and withdrawing from her when she does it

Try getting toys that separate you from play time as well. Don’t use your hands to play with her directly. Toys on long wands are good for this. I recommend Da Bird by gocat. My cats go nuts for this one, and Da Bee by the same brand.

u/ketamineandkebabs · 1 pointr/CATHELP

She is play fighting also her teeth will be coming in as well. Get her some toys that she can roll around with.
Kong Kickeroo Cat toy Basket toy for cat ,Random color

Mine are grown up now but this is still there favourite toy to pounce on. When they are not winding each other up.

u/Lizzimae · 3 pointsr/CATHELP

Try getting a fountain water bowl: Catit Flower Fountain: 3L Cat Water Fountain with Triple-Action Filter

We have that one and our cat drinks more water than with a regular bowl.