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9. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy

  • ENTICES & EXCITES CATS: The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit mesmerizes cats by replicating the erratic movements of hidden prey and encourages healthy activity through the fun of play. The feathered wand flits and zips underneath a rustling fabric, unpredictably changing directions.
  • COMBINES PLAYTIME WITH EXERCISE: This cat toy is designed to mimic the thrill of the hunt and encourage even inactive cats to transform playtime into exercise time, featuring moving lights and a teasing feather tail to entice cats to chase, pounce, and bat.
  • DESIGNED TO ENDLESSLY ENTERTAIN: This battery-powered electronic concealed motion toy features multiple speeds to stimulate your cat’s desire to hunt and keep your cat entertained for hours.
  • TESTED FOR SAFETY: SmartyKat always makes safety a priority, which is why all of our products are made to meet child safety standards. They do not contain small parts, long cords or other hazards, so you can feel confident in letting even the littlest family members enjoy some quality bonding time with their feline companions.
  • TESTED FOR SAFETY: SmartyKat always makes safety a priority, which is why all of our products are made to meet child safety standards. They do not contain small parts, long cords or other hazards, so you can feel confident in letting even the littlest family members enjoy some quality bonding time with their feline companions.
SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy
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17. Pet Fit For Life 3 Soft Strands with Feathers Teaser and Exerciser for Cat and Kitten - Cat Toy Interactive Cat Wand

  • ✔ UNIQUE DESIGN COMBINES DWC & TOP FEED AERATED RECIRCULATING DRIP - Using a dual outlet air pump, the Standard Hydropod simultaneously aerates your reservoir for vigorous explosive DWC root growth, while also providing a recirculating top feed drip system.
  • ✔ SEMI-COMPLETE HYDROPONIC DWC / TOP FEED GARDEN IN A BOX - If used outside harnessing the power of the sun, this kit contains everything you need to start your own garden (minus plants and water & a bucket!) Setup your kit, mix your nutrients, plant your new insert your new plant, plug in the pump and you're done!
  • ✔ MOST EFFICIENT USE OF WATER COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL GARDENING - Recirculating & DWC hydroponic systems are the most efficient use of water for plant growth. There is no waste other then what the plant uses, and very minimal evaporation. Stop wasting water.
  • ✔ EXPERIENCE HYDROPONIC GROWTH SPEED & YIELDS - As the roots do not have to fight and search for water and food, your plant can immediately use its energy for above ground growth. 3x faster growth and yields are not uncommon.
  • ✔ GROW YOUR OWN, START TODAY! - We are all tired of overpriced herbs and vegi's, especially when we don't know what's in them or what chemicals have been sprayed on them. There is nothing more satisfying then growing your own excellent quality produce for less then we have to pay for inferior alternatives.
Pet Fit For Life 3 Soft Strands with Feathers Teaser and Exerciser for Cat and Kitten - Cat Toy Interactive Cat Wand
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u/SandboxUniverse · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I'm a bit limited in my stuff because I have a dog who tries to play with the cat toys, but here are some I have now:



Basically, my challenge is it can't have anything the dog might eat to her detriment, and/or it has to be used only under my close supervision. For that reason, we don't use the Kong Glide and Seek anymore. The toys have feathers, which she loves, and magnets - which she should not swallow.


My cats have also loved Hexbugs toys, but those are dangerous around the dog. They make both cat toys and non-cat-toy versions that are still great toys. They also love feathers on a pole/string. I have basically this: , but I found that the end piece wants to come off too readily. I used duct tape for a while, but need to fix it right at some point. As it stands, it's not safe, because the string mine came with is basically fishing line, and I don't want the dog to swallow it. It's fun though when the cats play with it. Mine grabs the feather end sometimes and trots off, trailing the pole behind her, looking for a safe place to eat her prey. But I think she sees the pole as a rival, so she just ends up carrying it from one hidey hole to the next, looking very smuggly satisfied with her catch!


If you do not have a good cat tree (something with several perches and such, consider getting one - some have toys affixed to them, and that can become a favorite outlet for energy as well as a place to sleep.


Smart cats need lots of stimulation, and if you don't have one, you might consider finding him a playmate, ideally female (male cats get in competition with each other sometimes, and you end up with literal pissing - spraying - contests). A cat who can keep up with him will be the best possible toy! I have two females (sisters) and a male currently. They all play together quite a bit. This does help keep down the crazy. If I had my genius by herself, I'd have to meet ALL her stimulation needs, and that would take probably a few hours a day. The actual amount of stimulation yours needs may be different, and what excites him may be a bit different. But he will need some stuff to do, especially over the next couple years. By the time he's 4 or 5, he'll settle considerably, but some interactive, interesting toys and such will only increase both of your enjoyment.

u/zooline · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

Getting my cats used to having their nails trimmed was a long process, but it’s worked. Each time is easier than the last and honestly, it hasn’t been difficult for years. Here’s what I did:

Whenever the cat was comfy & relaxed somewhere, I’d gently tough her paws. Just a couple of light strokes until she says No, thanks. Always stop when she says No; I’ve found it builds trust.

Over time, you’ll be able to handle her paws lightly for a few seconds at a time. Make sure you use only light pressure. Cat paws are more delicate than ours and the point is for her to get used to the handling, while trusting that you won’t hurt her.

Next, you’ll be able to practice spreading her toes to see the nail - again, gentle touch. Pause when she says no until she settles down again.

Once she’s used to this, you can do some quick trimming. Only do this when she’s relaxed. A tense cat will fight. We trim only their front nails since they do the majority of the damage. You might want to get her professionally groomed at the vet until this point or just wear thick gloves :D

I really found that building trust with my cats has gone a long way in our relationship. Learn their cues, put them down when they ask, stop petting when they ask, etc. You could probably use this same method to get her used to the brush.

Make sure you have a lot of good scratching posts around the house. They need to be sturdy - cats won’t like a post if it feels like it will fall on them. It should be tall enough to let them stretch, too. I’ve had a lot of success with this one. Keep in mind that some cats prefer to scratch horizontally. The cardboard flat scratchers at the pet store are great for that. Position the scratchers near where she scratches. At our apt, that’s near the arm of the couch and in the bedroom. Try rubbing some catnip on it to get her interested. Newsflash: She will still occasionally claw at things. Having pets usually involves some sort of a completely intact house. Thank goodness, they overcompensate for it!

If you’re new to cat ownership, try and keep in mind that she isn’t (necessarily) a bad cat. Scratching is part of who she is. Her nails need it and she’s selecting things that would give her the same satisfaction as a tree might outside. She’s not doing it to upset you. Living with animals takes a lot of patience and willingness to learn their signals and needs. Once you understand where they’re coming from, you can better accept that they’re not going to act like miniature adults.

Since she’s built up some bad habits (as has your bf), I recommend you guys read this book. It really helped me learn about some of my girls’ behaviors and how to more peacefully coexist.

Sorry for the long post- hope any of it helps. Congrats on moving in!

u/Redhaired103 · 4 pointsr/CatAdvice

Cat toys with catnip and only take them out close to sleep time. My cat goes crazy, even hyperactive for like half an hour when she plays with a catnip-induced toy but that tires her off enough that she sleeps afterward. The affect of catnip smell doesn't last very long so if there is always a catnip something outside that will not work out well. When you play make sure he's really active like running around, jumping... sometimes they like to play without really moving much.

I also recommend this mat. My cat loves it and sleeps on it quite often. Though she still choses to sleep on my bed at nights. If the cat is alone at home and sleeps all day, maybe you can get an automated toy.

I actually calculated with my cat based on the average time cats sleep in a day and if I let her sleep all day, and then play with her for 2 hours in the evening, she will still fall asleep too late or wake up earlier than I like. Right on that, personally I wouldn't recommend letting cats sleep in the same bedroom. Not every day at least. It becomes a habit (as it has with my cat) and cats surely love their habits. It's necessary to teach them sometimes they will be alone in the room, spend the night alone when you are home, and even you will not be able to give affection all day every day.

u/DJ-HC · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

I got this for my cat when he was about four months old. He loved the system. I didn't have any trouble getting him to use it. I did have to keep two litter boxes because he is such a 'big pisser' that he would stop using the Scoop Free long before he should because of the amount of urine. When I would change out the two boxes, he always used the Scoop Free box first. My cat got two tall for the hood and I had to take it off, he never noticed any difference. I do like the counter on this system. Do wish that the box was bigger as my cat is quite a big boy now, he is Eight years old.

You will next want to invest in the Forever Litter Tray pre-filled trays are very expensive. I did use one of the paper trays for quite a while (before purchasing the Forever Tray) by wrapping it in tin foil and then duct tape. Totally liquid free and did last a really long time, like six months. But I broke down and purchased the Forever Tray and have never been happier.

With the Forever Tray you will need to purchase crystal litter on your own. I do not know where you are located, but I used to purchase my cats litter at Publix. If you have Publix, look for Ultra Pet Litter. A one month bag is about $10.00, sometimes on sale for $9.00 and even $8.00! The good thing about this litter is that for every Six UPC codes that you send in to the company, they will send you a coupon for a free bag of litter. My cat, with his large amount of urination, a bag or the Scoop Free Trays, would not last a month, still don't, so I would use probably two bags of litter a month sometimes three bags, so I was fairly quick in getting lots of free bags of litter from this company. One time Publix had $2.00 off coupons for Ultra Pet Litter and that week it was on sale for the $8.00, I had many, many coupons and purchased many, many bags!

I did see that has a lot of Crystal litter choices. So if you have no Publix you will be able to easily purchase Crystal litter at Good Luck!

u/1bdkty · 4 pointsr/CatAdvice

absolutely. However a cat needs more stimulation than once every couple of days. Get a wand toy (like Da' Bird ), get some treat balls ( ) that you can put treats in for him to find. There is this butterfly toy that is very popular and pretty cheap ( $9.99 US) that most cats seems to love. Pet him, brush him, just talk to him (read him a book or reddit posts you think are funny or homework or whatever).

He probably don't want to go out but is bored. Cats can do fine inside and live long happy lives. Just find what he likes to do and make sure he gets his favorite activities.

u/meowcatninja · 6 pointsr/CatAdvice

Personally I would stay away from Scottish Folds, the "fold" in their ear is a deformity that has been breed into them and can be painful for the cat and lead to other health problems. Some countries are even considering banning the breeding of them because its cruel to the animal.


It sounds like you are going to be getting the kitten from a breeder (its the only way to know for sure what breed of cat you are getting since they have papers, cats from a shelter are going to be considered domestic short or long hair since they don't have papers). Please make sure that you do your research on the breeder, you don't want to use a back yard breeder. Questions to ask; are the kittens/cattery registered with TICA, are the kittens raised under foot, what diseases and genetic conditions do you test for, what is the health warranty? A respectable breeder would never let a kitten go home before 14 weeks old, anyone that says the kitten can go home before that should not be trusted.


If the kitten is going to be left alone for that amount of time expect it to get into everything and cause trouble while you are gone. The kitten can be left alone and end up fine but you have to leave it with a range of toys to play with and make sure that you are spending a lot of time with it when you are home.


For litter, use Dr Elseys Ultra, it cost more but you will never have a problem with smell as long as you are cleaning it ever day. I use a simple litter box I got at the Dollar Store, you don't need anything fancy.


Nails should be trimmed every two weeks or so, you can tell when they start to get really sharp again and need it. I hold my cat on my lap with her belly up and do one paw at a time. If she is fighting me I will wrap her in a blanket and remove one paw at a time. Make sure that you are getting your kitten used to her paws and nails being touched and it will make the process a lot easier as she gets older. When you are holding her just gently rub her paws every so often.


Make sure you are brushing regularly, especially if you get a long hair breed like a Ragdoll, matts suck and are hard to remove.


Items you will defiantly need, cat tree, scratching post, a horizontal cardboard scratch pad and a mix of toys.

This is a great scratching post, its large, hard to knock over and you can get the optional seat to attach to the top of it.


Dry food is horrible for cats, its like eating fast food for every meal. It causes dehydration, kidney and bladder problems, obesity and diabetes. Please feed the highest quality wet food that you can afford.


Please make sure that you get the kitten nurtured and keep it inside at all times (unless you are going to train it to walk on a leash). Cats that are let outside have a dramatically lower life expectancy.


Do not declaw, not only is it cruel but it causes a lot of behavior problems, you can teach the kitten to not scratch the furniture by using treats. When it is scratching something its not supposed to pick them up and place them by the post/scratch pad and use your fingers to show them what to do. When they use the post/pad give then a treat right away.


For a first time cat owner I highly recommend reading this book, it goes over everything that you need to know.


u/jbixler · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

We just recently took in a new kitten (Turbo) who is a couple of weeks older than yours. We were initially having very similar problems with constant biting.

The good news? It seems to be totally normal. From what I’ve read, there’s a ton of developmental stuff that happens between 7 to 12 weeks of age—specifically regarding kittens learning a restrained bite from play-fighting with their litter mates. Unfortunately our little balls of teeth and fury didn’t get those experiences, and thus are working through that phase on our hands, arms, and legs.

The bad news? It’s going to take a lot of patience and consistency from you and your family over the next few weeks, but this behavior can (and absolutely must) be trained out of them. Here’s what we’ve been doing that seems to be working thus far:

  • Get some toys on wands or sticks that you can use with Yonah to ensure that when you are playing with her (and you should be playing with her, multiple times a day) that your hands are far removed from the “area of attack.” Check out toys like Da Bird or the Bamboozler.

  • Never, never, never use your hands to wrestle with Yonah. It’s important that she learn that hands are only for loving/caretaking activites (and not biting), so don’t undermine your efforts by either you or yourself rough-housing with her with your hands. Trust me—kitten bites are bad, but adult cat bites are much, much more painful!

  • When Yonah bites you, you need to redirect her attention to something else. Some cats respond well to stuffed animals that they can grab and wrestle with, so go to PetSmart and get a large stuffed toy that you can give to Yonah whenever she starts biting. Hopefully she’ll prefer to bite that versus arms/hands/legs.

  • When Yonah bites you, she needs to learn that it hurts you. In her litter, either her mom or the other kittens would make sure she knew by correcting the behavior if it had gone too far. You will probably read a ton of different suggestions on how to do this, so try a few and see what elicits a response. One thing you should try is to completely freeze when Yonah bites you. It’s no fun to wrestle and bite something that isn’t wriggling and moving, so hold your hand or arm very still and stiff when she starts biting. Some folks suggest accompanying this with a loud yelp of pain to make the cat aware that their actions are hurting, but this has seemed to have no effect on Turbo. What does work, though, is a very loud, very scary hiss that we have been making right in his face whenever the biting starts. I felt horrible doing this the first couple of times because it scared the living daylights out of him, but sure enough it has helped reduce the biting to almost nothing in the 2 weeks we’ve been doing it.

    If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the book Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett. When we got our first cat, it helped me understand so much about their behavior and how to communicate effectively. I highly recommend it!

    Good luck!
u/ohlalalavieenrose · 3 pointsr/CatAdvice

Maybe you should get a box with a lip around it, like this one?

It could also be that she does not like the litter, like it's too hard for her feet or bottom. Did you try switching the litter?

I also found this article via a basic Google search that sounds just like what you are describing. Maybe it can provide some help:

Good luck with your new kitty friend! Sounds like she is lucky to have the both of you.

u/Shanree · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

What really helped my husband and me when we first adopted our cats was we bought a zipper mesh crate. I've attached a link below. Every time it was bedtime, we'd carry our two DLH cats to the crate and wouldn't let them out till it was morning. It has a nice cover so they don't get that morning light, and can't immediately see us moving to wake up. And there's a ton of space inside so both cats could stretch out while sleeping if they wanted.

I will add that as of recent my husband and I moved across the country, and something about the move made one cat want to paw at the mesh repeatedly to wake us up. It doesn't rip because it's a sturdy material, but it sure gets annoying.

Feeding and playing with the cats before bedtime also helps. We try to give it an extra boost of "sleepy time" by making it routine we give them lots of pets and little massages just before they go to bed.

Good luck!

u/sluttylunalovegood · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

My cat loves this toy. He plays with it independently so he is much less needy when I get home from work. Cat towers also keep cats occupied because they love to climb. You can also keep him entertained with a feeding puzzle like this one. You seem to have a good play schedule, but maybe your cat just needs more mental stimulation! I understand you need to respect your roommates space, so hopefully adding some of these things into the cats life will help!

u/vienathedruid · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

I would get a water fountain and separate the food and water. I keep my cat's food in the living room and her water in the kitchen. Cat's instinctively don't like them next to each other because in the wild water sources have a lot of traffic which makes them vulnerable.

Any water fountain will do but I recommend ceramic because they're easier to clean and more hygenic compared to the plastic versions. I have this one. It's a bit pricey but totally worth it!

IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain丨Ultra Quiet, Way Better Than Plastic丨Water Fountains for Cats and Dogs 2.1 Liters Pet Water Dispenser with Replacement Filters and Foam, Color White


u/NeedingVsGetting · 5 pointsr/CatAdvice

We had a food problem at our house, too. I have 4 cats and one of them was my "gorger". Our vet recommended these to stop the scarfing. They work beautifully!!

That, and slo-bowls

And Puzzle Bowls

Keeps them all from scarfing it down so they eat slower, eat less, and don't "scarf & barf". It also reduced the desperation for food at meal time.

My big-fat-fatty cat went from a 16 lb black bowling ball to a 12.5 lb cuddle factory :)


As far as the scratching goes, if the stairs are carpeted, I recommend using "sticky paws". It's basically thick strips of double-sided tape. Cats HATE it and move on to scratch less annoying... like their designated scratching posts/pads. Eventually she'll just give up on the stairs altogether.


As for the meowing, I'm afraid I can't really help too much. There could be a whole bunch of reasons for that. What I can tell you is that adult cats typically only meow to communicate with humans. She definitely wants your attention, but I couldn't tell you why. Maybe she's still stressed trying to settle in; maybe she's stressed seeing you upset at her (trust me, they pick up on it), or maybe you've got a chatterbox who's comfortable enough in her new home to come out of her shell a bit more ( happened with my fat boy).

Either way, I hope peace can be returned to your home soon! Good luck!

u/666catlady666 · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

Congrats on your first cat! How old is he? How much would you say you're feeding him these days? I'm just wondering if he would be alright eating two small meals- perhaps you're still giving him more than he actually needs. Cats are pretty small, after all. The typical full grown cat only needs about a cup of food every day.

You could look into getting a second person involved so he's still getting small meals but that way one person doesn't have to constantly stop by to feed him. There's also toys you could buy that slowly dispense food while the cat plays with them, although if he's not particularly active he might not be interested in something like that. (Heres a link to one:
There are also food dispensers that run on a timer although they tend to be more expensive (

Hopefully one of these is able to help!

u/madjaymz · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I use breakaway collars you can find at any pet store. They have a plastic clasp that is secure enough to keep it on but is easy enough to come off if it gets caught on something. Make sure you can fit a couple fingers underneath it so it isn't too tight. You don't want it too loose, I've seen my cat get his tongue underneath it and it ended up in his mouth... lol Luckily I was there when it happened.

I use this tag for my cats along with the breakaway collar. You velcro it to the collar. It is a bit bulky but it makes no noise and my cats have never managed to rip it off with scratching.

u/boosted_monkey13 · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

Yeah, I'd move his play schedule just a bit to allow him to play between 8-10 and then go to sleep when you go to sleep. I'd also get him some interactive toys such as this one: Circle ball track. My cats love to play with the tunnel that came with this bundle: Insert random name for hyperlink.

u/zereldalee · 3 pointsr/CatAdvice

My cats have a ton of toys too, these are the only ones they really like now and still play with: (I was skeptical my cat would play with this but they all went INSANE with it - kicking up a storm and wrestling with it) (this one you have to play with them. I'd say it mimics flying insects and my cats NEVER get tired of it) (a wand toy. Mine get bored with wands after awhile but for some reason really like this one)

A laser pointer is always good for exercise and fun also.

u/Different-Lemon · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I would suggest a ssscat spray can or ssscat mat. Worked like a charm for us! The mat is more of an investment up front, but you'll never need to purchase replacement cannisters:

Put the can or mat just outside your bedroom door and they'll either have the shit scared out of them by the spray can, or they'll get a mild shock from stepping on the mat (which is enough for them to learn not to go there).

u/kt-bug17 · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

The meowing and trying to open cabinets are probably him exploring the house or trying to find a place to hide because he’s a little nervous to be in a new place. My cat likes to hide inside cabinets when she’s feeling scared/unsure, though sometimes she’ll try to get inside them at random times when she’s calm. Curiosity I guess.

I wouldn’t worry about the litter box too much unless he starts eliminating outside of the box. If so then you’ll need to figure out if it’s a medical issue, an insecurity/behavioral issue, a litter issue, or a box placement issue.

For a new cat owner I highly recommend the book Think Like A Cat for a great introduction to cat behavior, care, body language, and anything else you might be wondering about.

u/babbybrix3 · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

I am by no means a cat expert, but I have the same issue with my two newly adopted boys! At first I tried to feed them in separate rooms, but my slow eater was just not understanding what was going on.

At the moment I feed one in his crate, and he seems to be more comfortable that way. I also got something similar to this for the chunky speed eater. He gets most of his dry food this way. He figured out how to use it immediately and it forces him to eat a lot slower. While he's busy with the feeder ball, my other boy can eat at his own pace and in peace.

u/ADHDCuriosity · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

Something like this. You want to have one with an adjustable treat window so you can vary the challenge level to keep it interesting for your cat without being frustrating.

u/willzhang1 · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I've used this for about a year, and it still works well:


Generic replacement filters are pretty cheap on Amazon too

u/MilkyWhiteMistress · 5 pointsr/CatAdvice

I had a similar issue with my boy. I tried the ball in the bowl, I tried a slow feed bowl, I tried wet food, I tried an automatic feeder. Nothing seemed to work until I found this puzzle bowl: Pioneer Pet Tiger Diner Ceramic Food Dish/Bowl, Black

They have to stick their paws in the holes and can only get out a few pieces at a time. It's seriously been amazing. He rarely ever throws up now from eating too fast. It is a bit pricey, but it's worth not having to clean up puke constantly.