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16. Hcupet Clear Kitten Backpack, Airline Approved Space Capsule Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dog, Transparent Waterproof Cat Carrying & Holding Outdoor Backpack

  • COMPLETE SET: Each set of 12 hinged glass jars includes 20 preprinted and 20 plain chalkboard labels, a chalk marker and a wide funnel for refilling. Get each of your jars refilled and labeled with its contents so you’ll never have to play the guessing game.
  • FLIP-TOP AIRTIGHT LIDS: The airtight swing top lids make opening and closing them super easy. The orange gasket will keep the jar contents fresh by providing an air-tight secure seal preventing any leaks. Wide opening makes filling the jar and dispensing a breeze.
  • LOTS OF VALUE: This set offers 12 jars, allowing you to use them as you see fit in the kitchen or for other projects. Fill them with your special spices and gift them to friends, use as party favors, add a fun design element for party décor, or simply use them in your home to keep things fresh and/or organized. Simply hand wash jars in between uses and you can use them time and time again.
  • SO MANY USES: These high-quality, multipurpose, clear square glass jars are ideal for storing spices, herbs, teas, jams, paper clips, bath salts and much more. Use them in your kitchen to get organized while adding some flair to your spice rack or use to store items in your bathroom or craft area. You’ll never run out of ways to use these cute and handy jars.
  • SAFE AND STURDY: You can feel confident in using our jars because they are BPA, toxin, chemical and lead-free. Each jar is made from thick high-quality glass they are very sturdy and can withstand the test of time. Hand wash and dry recommended.
Hcupet Clear Kitten Backpack, Airline Approved Space Capsule Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dog, Transparent Waterproof Cat Carrying & Holding Outdoor Backpack
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u/aquietinspiration · 1 pointr/Chihuahua
    1. I'd wait on the jackets because he will grow.
    1. Crate helped me a TON in house breaking my 2 year old chi who was not previous trained. Honestly seemed impossible otherwise.
    1. Why would you be worried about the ears?! I love my chi's super pointy ears.
    1. Mine was not a puppy when I got her. Not entirely sure here.
    1. You might be able to fit him into an extra small by using the adjustments.
    1. Not sure here. Mine barks like crazy at new people but once she knows you, she is such a lover. Perhaps if I had gotten her as a puppy she may have gotten used to new people coming and going. I guess I would suggest introducing your pup to new people on a regular basis.
    1. Of course! [Here] ( she is! She's dear headed and her name is Minnie. My sister had run an animal rescue for years and years and I was going through a tough time so I thought I would help an animal (and myself!) and foster one. She helped me through a really tough time and there's no way I could give her up after that. They call it "foster failure" haha. She is really smart but it took a lot of hard work for me to teach her what she knows because I got her when she was already about 2 years old. She is endlessly entertaining and [here] ( is a video of her getting REALLY excited over her favorite treat, "bacon" (it's not bacon... it's these chicken jerky strip things meant for dogs). She doesn't really play with toys so I only have a few for her. She has a crate with a soft pad, a doggy bed (actually a kitty bed because it was cheaper.. shhh don't tell her!), and a blanket which she sleep on every night in my bed. Also food/water dishes of course and a retractable leash as well as a harness and regular leash. She also has a lot of outfits which is totally my sisters fault haha. Overall she is pretty well behaved but she has a tough time with new people. She very well may have been neglected and/or abused before my sister and then I eventually rescued her. I love her SO much!

      You won't mess up as long as you love, care for, and dedicate time to your dog and give her the forever home that he/she deserves. Those things aren't hard at all IMO!

      Also, my friend makes collars, leashes, harnesses etc. Check out her [Etsy] ( shop. She might be able to make an itty bitty one custom for you! She doesn't have a lot of photos of the harnesses (she has a ton of collars though) but I know she does make them so just send her a message if you're interested.

      Oh and for house breaking your pup, make sure to buy something like [this] ( Any brand should be fine.

u/digiplay · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

I use cartilage chews with my girl. She hates brushing. She gets a yearly brush at the vet and the bully treats work really well for keeping her teeth cleaner.

There's a caveat. You can't just give them the treat they could choke on it. You need to hold on to one side while they tear and take away the parts that break off. So they're chewing but not really eating it. I wish I'd found them earlier.

Amazon has a 25 pack of 6" bully treats for $20 and that's a couple/few
Months worth allowing her to chew one over the course of 3-4 days.

The bonus is they love them. And it's a nice bonding experience to hold the treat while she chews. She thinks I'm helping her.

None of the other stuff is safe. The greenies and rawhide etc. I did a ton of research and the bully treats from cartilage are about the best thing chewy wise you can get. Be careful of the dental chews. Most if not all of them are really bad for the dogs. Check the ingredient and then google them. You'll be surprised how much truly bad stuff is marketed as appropriate for your beloved.

Here is what I buy.

6-inch Joint Jerky Dog Treats by Best Bully Sticks (25 Pack) All Natural Beef Dog Treats

As they chew isn't shreds and pulls through their teeth. In the end you need to take the dog in for yearly cleanings at the vet. If you can find a low cost clinic it's around $250-300 but it can lead to a 50% longer life. Just getting their teeth cleaned and they won't be in pain from tooth ache.

u/123412341234 · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

Those boots are a great idea. The coat in the picture is a brand called "Enjoying", but I can't find that particular jacket on Amazon or Ebay anymore. The jacket you picked out is good for rain and wind, but depending on your dogs size and how easily she gets cold you'll want a warmer one. We also have this coat for our guy. Here is a good fleece lined one that I'm sure would be perfect for snow!

And your question about her bottom being exposed, she'll be fine. When a dogs core is warm they can handle certain areas exposed. All the coats for our little (6.5lb) guy are open for peeing and pooing and he does just fine being in the snow for a decent amount of time.

u/MeetMeInAzabu · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

I don't have a link to the bed pictured above, but both of my Chi's have One of these and they love it.

It is technically a "cat bed" but it is more than big enough for a chi. You can also fold it into a bed but both of my chis prefer "sock" mode better, as they love to burrow in it.

My friends think it's weird because it's a cat bed, but they just don't understand that, "it's a chi thing" haha

u/Murrdox · 5 pointsr/Chihuahua

I'll ask my wife later. I don't known where specifically she got them, but it was pretty funny when she got the hat, because instead of 1 they sent her a multicolored pack of 5!


Here's the link...

Daddy just found out this cost a little more than he thought... but that's okay cause we got great pictures and we don't "dress up" Penny except when she needs a sweater. This was a special occasion.

u/CitizenIV · 3 pointsr/Chihuahua

I bought it off Amazon for like $30... Originally bought it for camping but ended up getting a child's tent instead. Decided to just assemble it and let the doggo's play with it lol Señor loves it the most though!

It's called Etna Waterproof Pet Retreat Portable Dog House

u/benzarella · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

If you adopt him you can always get a dog DNA test kit which will tell you what breed(s) your dog is made up of. It’s relatively inexpensive. Good luck! I hope you decide to adopt him. Chihuahua and chihuahua mixes are such wonderful dogs!

u/Lucy_darling · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

OK the only luck I've had so far is the Holee Roller in the smallest size they sell (Mini)

JW Hol-ee Roller Original Treat Dispensing Dog Ball - Hard Natural Rubber - Assorted Colors

u/anonyME42 · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

She is adorable!

We have 3 Chi's, so we invested in a soft cone (similar to Great purchase; SO much better than the hard plastic ones.

Zelda will thank you.

u/pbjames23 · 10 pointsr/Chihuahua

We ordered it on Amazon. I really like it better than traditional carriers because the large window is pretty ridged and provides more protection. Also, I feel like she is less nervous because she can see us easier.

u/bathori · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

There's a couple of spray/foam products available on Amazon that seem to work pretty well if you use them daily. You can also buy a doggie toothbrush that fits on your finger which is often easier than trying to shove a handled tooth brush in your dogs mouth.

If you're very confident, and careful, you can buy a tartar scraper to try and chip off any thick tartar built up.

u/cynman · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

I purchased a sling on Amazon and my chis love it. I initially bought it for my little old man who has bad knees. He loves to go for "walks" and by walks I mean he rides in the sling while I walk. The 2 year chi old loves it too! You simply have to put it on and hold it open and she will jump in and take a nap like a little joey.

This is the one I have....
Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture - Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier - Color: Grey

u/missus-bean · 4 pointsr/Chihuahua


My chi’s LOVE food puzzle games. We got our teacup an IQ ball on amazon and she rolls that thing around - it gets her some activity, feeds her, and she uses her brain. My bigger chi likes this one

Maybe that will help?

u/WRXFan3000 · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

He's just about 3 lbs. I got him the XS, fits very well and he seems to be happy wearing it;

Anybody see these "Adidog" sweatpants??? They're SOOOO cute!

I ordered the extra small for Tuco but it he's just too small to wear a jumpsuit. His little legs were coming out of the sleeves, no matter how much I rolled them up. Anyways, thought I'd let y'all know of some cute doggie clothes I came across.

u/home_on_whore_Island · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

Emmy's Best Dog Sun Skin Protector Spray - Safe for All Breeds with No Zinc Oxide ...

u/hainowai · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

I bought a hoodie with a "cat" pouch as well as a little sling. I call them my dog sacks and my chi gets crazy-excited when she sees them.

This one: