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u/EXOQ · 1 pointr/CircleofTrust

Not tech but there are some great Hammocks that you can get on Amazon for $20-30. They easily fit in your bag and you can set up/take down in 5 minutes! Just make sure you get one with straps (like this one) and not ropes since that's what make them so versatile and easy to setup.

Now anytime you see two trees you can setup your hammock and relax!

u/bluemooneyes · 1 pointr/CircleofTrust

This is quite specific, but I LOVE the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate... sooooo good!

u/Averne · 3 pointsr/CircleofTrust

Oh man. Good thing I’ve got this Dyson with a nice, long hose attachment!

u/Ralith · 1 pointr/CircleofTrust

What about some fudge? It's easier than you'd think, though you do need a candy thermometer.

u/SamwiseIAm · 1 pointr/CircleofTrust

If you prefer something from Amazon, Justified is incredible