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12. Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD Screen, Wi-Fi, 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Supercapacitor, Mobile App, 256GB Supported

  • ULTRA HD DISCREET DESIGN DASH CAM: Top image sensor captures beautiful 2160p video even while driving fast. Signature low-profile design allows the V1 to be a well-hidden witness to the road ahead. Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 256GB in memory size.
  • 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS & WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE: The 7 layer glass lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of your surroundings. The superior WDR technology allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR: The dash cam uses a supercapacitor which can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F, that prevents the risk of overheating, extends the life span and reliability of the camera. With the parking monitor feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20 second video when the car camera detects vibration OR select to record 24/7 by capturing frames to make a 24/7 time lapse video. Need smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode.
  • WIFI CONNECT: View, save, and share dash cam recordings wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of an app interface.
  • LOOP RECORDING AND G-SENSOR: Video can be recorded in 1,2 or 3 minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. Locked videos will be kept safe from being overwritten.
Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD Screen, Wi-Fi, 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Supercapacitor, Mobile App, 256GB Supported
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u/darrellbear · 2 pointsr/Colorado

No, sorry to say, but did drive past it a bunch. I knew a woman who lived there, though. I'm sure such people had interesting perspectives.

Mine camp towns like Gilman, or Climax back in the day, had colorful histories. There's a great book on Climax back in the days of the mine town:

u/a_cute_epic_axis · 2 pointsr/Colorado

You should not formerly winterize the place, but considering formally winterizing the place might be in order. :-) Sorry, I couldn't resist, /u/DeviatedNorm (Rush Fan?)

Deviated has a good point. In addition, if you get an alarm, you can add on various sensors. For instance, low temp sensors, water sensors (for a sump pump, water on the ground etc). Depending on the alarm setup you have, you can have it call or email you, call the cops/fire, etc.

If you're pretty handy, you could install a pretty comprehensive alarm to monitor burglary, fire, temp, water, power. Companies like next alarm can monitor it for you.

If you're going to have some sort of internet access at the place, you could also add a webcam or two inside or out, or even a full DVR. If the cabin is in a visually appealing spot, you can even stare at the webcam while back in the city/burbs and pretend you're away. :-)

Also re:winterizing, getting a small air compressor and blowing out the lines is better than simply opening the highest and lowest points and hoping all the water drains out, but it takes longer. If you have a hydronic heating system, you can change the water in it out with anti-freeze so that you leave the system charged year-round. There are plenty of videos on youtube for each.

u/zenodub · 3 pointsr/Colorado

Lamp over a bucket of water works great. They just fly in. I put in some extra olive oil and soap to make sure they stay in there.

A reading lamp seems to work best. Something like this:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Colorado

One place I definitely recommend you visit to hike (and it's dog friendly) is The Crags in Pike National Forest. It's a beautiful hike and surprisingly close to Colorado Springs. We use this book while in Colorado last time.

u/happybadger · 3 pointsr/Colorado

This is my new baby, a Xiaomi Mijia Sphere spherical camera. I'm still figuring out how to get the best photos out of it, but managed to get some good panoramic shots and videos from Green and Frozen Lakes in RMNP yesterday. I'll upload the rest throughout the day and link them here if anyone is interested.


Opposite angle

Mills Lake

Jewel Lake

Frozen Lake

u/disinterestedMarmot · 15 pointsr/Colorado

Better fitness and movement patterns. Walking 20 miles a day for 6 months while putting all your weight on your passive body structures will fuck you up, yo. I suggest reading Becoming a Supple Leopard for general movement patterns, and then Training for the New Alpinism to understand how to get in shape (though from the sounds of it, you probably won't have time for the latter).

If you are looking for gear knowledge, I'd suggest first laying out your gear on GearGrams or LighterPack. Asking "what do you wish you had" doesn't give us much useful to go on, since it doesn't tell us what you are bringing already; and as MadMaxHeadroom said, what you don't bring is just as important as what you do. Using one of these websites to list your gear will give you a useful way to tabulate weight, and will make your gear list easier to share and easier to read.

Once you've done that, I'd suggest posting to one or a few of the long distance hiking subs. I can't find one specifically for the CT, but here are a few, in descending order of activity:

  • /r/AppalachianTrail
  • /r/PacificCrestTrail
  • /r/ColoradoHikers
  • /r/CDT
  • /r/LongDistanceHiking
u/_oct_ · 3 pointsr/Colorado

My wife and I have a Zojirushi BB-PAC20 and we have been super happy with it. My parents have one as well, it was actually the quality of theirs that inspired us to get our own.

I don't know that we do anything remarkably different to compensate for the altitude, my mom gave us a recipe she uses that has been super reliable but she never noted anything about taking altitude into consideration.

u/ineedhelpwithmath · 1 pointr/Colorado

gaming the vote

an awesome read detailing the advantages that numerous voting systems (including instant runoff) have over the plurality voting system that is commonly used in elections

u/Deebstacks · 1 pointr/Colorado

Apparently around $70! Our friend had them from a Grand Canyon rafting trip.... so, they weren't actually mine. This is the set we had from Amazon--

u/rustyorcweapon · 1 pointr/Colorado

Photos was taken with the Nikon d5300 and stitched together using Photoshop for a super large image.

u/thestonedbandit · -3 pointsr/Colorado

A quick google search shows that it's not entirely legal either.

Colorado Revised Statutes - § 18-4-205(1). Possession of burglary tools. A person commits possession of burglary tools if he possesses any explosive, tool, instrument, or other article adapted, designed, or commonly used for committing or facilitating the commission of an offense involving forcible entry into premises or theft by a physical taking, and intends to use the thing possessed, or knows that some person intends to use the thing possessed, in the commission of such an offense.

I'm not saying that you're doing anything wrong, just that you should be careful. Cops don't usually understand the law especially well, so you could very well be arrested for it. Then it might just a matter of whether or not you looked suspicious when they picked you up.

You'd be safer by buying a deadbolt which you can easily re-key to have less pins for practising. Something like this.

u/ratbiker18 · 2 pointsr/Colorado

Look at nano drones, they're pretty cheap and you'll learn a ton on control. this is the old one I got...

u/nbaaftwden · 2 pointsr/Colorado

In the Front Range our water comes from reservoirs filled by snow melt, not the Colorado. Here's an interesting book on the topic.

u/Oldskoolguitar · 3 pointsr/Colorado

Yep there is a whole chapter about it in this book

u/PKFA · 2 pointsr/Colorado

I have this one and get good results from it. I always have to add more water while it's in the kneading process, but other than that it does exactly what it's supposed to do.