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u/i_steal_your_lemons · 2 pointsr/CoolCollections

Hi. I know this is pretty late, but I’ve been using a safety razor for the last six years. While which razor is best is totally subjective, after owning several more expensive ones, I actually found I prefer the straight forward basic [Merkur Classic](Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Great price and great shave. Oh, and don’t buy into that whole “you have to do this and this and properly do this” ritual shit some people try to feed in videos and even on the subreddits. Just shave as you normally would and you’ll find what works best for you.

u/SquidishMcpherson · 3 pointsr/CoolCollections

It really is a great piece of music, the entire soundtrack is well worth buying. If you do get it try and nab the italian release by GDM. It has great sound quality unlike the Capitol Records release I have (I think they pulled the music straight from the LP lol). There's also great linear notes and much better artwork in the GDM edition.

u/toastedninja · 2 pointsr/CoolCollections

I got it from my local comic shop. You can find it on Amazon though! :)

u/TenOunceCan · 4 pointsr/CoolCollections

Those are made by Pioneer Plastics. I got mine on Amazon but I paid too much. You can get them at Hobby Lobby much cheaper. HL doesn't have the 1:64 scale cases listed online, but they have them in the stores. (At the top right of every HL webpage, you can find a one-item 40% off coupon). Those cases come with/without the beveled edges and with/without the mirrored bottoms, so be sure to check the details before you buy a box.

You may also want to look into Carney Plastics.

u/Transformouse · 14 pointsr/CoolCollections

Full binder

This is with business card holder pages like this I got at walmart.

u/LouieKablooie · 1 pointr/CoolCollections

I've got one of the swing line ruler staplers, if you pay shipping I'll donate to your collection.