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3. Nexlux LED Strip Lights, WiFi Wireless Smart Phone Controlled 16.4ft Non-Waterproof Strip Light Kit Black Color Changing Lights,Working with Android and iOS System,IFTTT

  • WORK WITH ALEXA &GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Use simple conversation starters to turn your lights on and off, make them brighter and swap them to your favorite color, currently compatible with Echo ,Google Assistant ,IFTTT
  • WIFI WIRELESS CONTROLLER: Take complete control of your lighting with Magic home Pro APP; Create romance, relaxation, party ambiance with Music and Mic function; Remote control allows you turn on/off the led strip lights from anywhere; Timer function of the wifi controller make you wake up at your favorite color, keep you on Schedule
  • MULTI APPLICATIONS: Nexlux RGB LED light strip can be used for decorating your dining room, bed room, upstairs, kitchen, porch, desk, and living rooms, especially great for holidays and events like Christmas, Halloween,Parties, and more. It is a great gift for your family and friends
  • EASY INSTALLATION: All in one a kit, comes with a UL approved adapter, a wifi controller, a light strip; no need for any other expensive devices; Nexlux is engineered to provide a simple way to start designing your connected home; Our App is keep upgrading to make it compatible with more smart devices
  • RELIABLE AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Nexlux offer high quality and diverse products, including waterproof, non-waterproof, various lengths led strip lights and accessories. Our friendly and reliable customer service will offer any help about your project
Nexlux LED Strip Lights, WiFi Wireless Smart Phone Controlled 16.4ft Non-Waterproof Strip Light Kit Black Color Changing Lights,Working with Android and iOS System,IFTTT
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u/valleycrafter · 1 pointr/CozyPlaces

The shelf is from amazon!
I think it’s a bit spendy at ~$180, but it is quite strong and looks awesome. The openness of it makes it really great to put plants on as bookends too. So to me it’s sort of dual function!

u/cosmothekleekai · 37 pointsr/CozyPlaces

Not so much 'proud of', but there are some that fascinate me more than others.

My bedroom a couple years ago. I really love kaleidoscope projectors and oil projectors. I couldn't take the oil projector (mathmos brand) with me on the last move (AU>US different voltage) so I'm in the market for a new one. Currently thinking about something from optifanatics.

Edit: Just watched the video again for the first time in a while and forgot one of my other favorites, this "Laser Star", though I've seen it under different brands. It has two separate lights, one for a blue space nebula, and another for green laser stars that slowly orbit. You can have one or the other or both on. Also, there is a bit of fog in the room so the laser beams would be more visible, I use the Antari F-1 Fazer for this.

Edit 2: there's a bunch of groovy lights for camping and such too. Check out ENO(eagles nest outfitters) for a couple options. Their lava lamp is impressive.

u/th3worldonfir3 · 2 pointsr/CozyPlaces

So I bought this strip for my office at work, it's been there for a little over a week now. Plants seem to be happy. The red & blue can be hard to made to look intentional though, but if you do it right it can look nice.

And then this bulb I put in the lamp on my desk, and the philodendron sitting under it is thriving.

What I haven't been able to find is like a set of string lights much like the G40s you have there, but made for plant growth. I'm wondering if I should patent the idea lol

u/aperfectmentlegen2 · 14 pointsr/CozyPlaces

I have extensive experience with hammocks, I like large, soft rope. Like Japanese bondage rope for example.

But it's cheap enough that trying varying size rope and rope materials would be financially trivial to get the size and feel you like best.

Edit: Oh, and I like putting sleeping bags on them, kinda negates having to be comfortable when camping, and this would also work at home, or just a few comforters or something.

u/imissedthebutton · 1 pointr/CozyPlaces

Not quite as elaborate as some of the others one here, but I figured some people like the simple style as well. I have a second nightstand coming for the other side, but need to figure out better lamps, if anyone has a suggestion for a good one that keeps in this style.

Everything here was purchased through Amazon, in case you want to mimic and of this:


Knitted Blanket:

Duvay Cover:

Canvas Skyline:


u/aprillawrence · 3 pointsr/CozyPlaces

I do need to put together something like that. Here are a few [progress pics] ( so you can get an idea of how it was constructed. I would recommend [using this light] ( We hard wired ours and I think it was excessive. Please post pics when you're doing it! And of course, ask me if I can help in any way. :)

u/PopAndSlap125 · 72 pointsr/CozyPlaces

I used these light strips which have adhesive and stick under my bed and behind my desk :) Also IKEA is great for this type of look! I hope you have access to one somewhere close to you.

u/WildNW0nderful · 5 pointsr/CozyPlaces

I have a bunch of plants on a shelf and I like to water them with a wash bottle, like the kind they use in science labs. Something like this. It gives a lot of control over where the water goes and keeps the plants leaves dry.

But ya! This is an extreme level of plants on a shelf staged for IG!

u/daisy2687 · 0 pointsr/CozyPlaces

I have these grown up glow-inzthe-dark stars in my bedroom and living room and they bring me doo much happiness. Do recommend!

u/ryzellon · 9 pointsr/CozyPlaces

Relevant scene, related gif.

You can find them on ebay, but there's a lot of variations. Here's one in Amazon's marketplace. I can't imagine they're actually durable and comfortable, though. Someone else offers a pattern for his take on the Totoro bed for $5.