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u/migato86 · 9 pointsr/Depop

I use this one, it’s made from recycled material and is recyclable. It’s probably not the best thing out there but it’s better than those bright colored mailers with cute prints that many sellers use. Those are terrible.

u/caerfand · 2 pointsr/Depop

I use this type of mailer and have for over a year now! i use the 10x13 size and get 100 for 24.15 free shipping!

edit: I also use the TRU CELLO tape to tape the labels after printing!

T.R.U. CELLO Biodegradable Cellophane Clear Stationery/Light Duty Packaging Cellulose Sealing Tape: 2 in. (W) x 72 yds. (L) - 3 in. core (Pack of 3)

u/madnesiu-m · 3 pointsr/Depop I use this one and it works great, no issues so far and it's been over a year. Hope this helps!

u/xoxowheatz · 1 pointr/Depop

I personally use soft box lighting from amazon and ive just checked and you can buy it for £49, plenty of 5 star reviews too!

u/Travesty_of_Travis · 1 pointr/Depop

Bought this one yesterday and should get it tomorrow! ⤵

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital with Ac Adapter, Silver