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u/ottuser · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

I use the hub with all my streamers, for the remotes I use a mix of the 'companion' remotes that came with the hub, harmony touches and smartphones.

I really do hate the layout on the harmony touch... just hate it... I got em cheap in a hub pack at costco or sams... and one on clearance so I put up with it.... But if you are going for a good remote get the "Harmony Elite"... I keep looking for one on sale. The "elite" has a more classic/normal harmony remote layout and not that stupid stupid stupid "Harmony Touch" layout.

I was buying for a friend and noticed in walmart they had the the old packages on sale (they have the harmony hub and the simplified 'companion' remote) for like $60 but then noticed online they are going for $53 on walmart and amazon.


That said, pretty much any universal (even the older harmony 650 IR only remotes) will work with the apple tv... in fact your TVs remote likely will control it... just make sure you have HDMI CEC control enabled on the hdmi port the apple tv is connected to.

You will need to keep the siri remote charged and handy to force close apps... there is no real way to get to the app browser with universal/hubs yet.

u/stinkyjone · 3 pointsr/DirecTVNow

I highly recommend a case like this one--it nearly eliminates the accidental swiping and it makes the remote much easier to hold. The magnets are a huge bonus, especially for our kitchen atv.

u/Jobindoza · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

Honestly, pretty much any remote will work with the Apple TV’s learning function. But, I personally use a Harmony Smart Control
Which is actually on sale on amazon right now for $70.

u/-Jelly-Donut- · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

I agree, all that swiping makes me feel like breaking out a can of WD40 for my thumb. I bought an inexpensive RCA universal remote & it's a much better experience for me...and my thumb.

u/mentalrecon · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

The remote is garbage. This $9 accessory makes it better. Adds grip, improves ergonomics and provides protection.

u/VGinNYC · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

FYI - If you have a TV that supports HDMI-CEC, you'll be able to control the Apple TV with your TV's remote control. See

EDIT - Sorry, that article was how to use the Apple TV Siri Remote to control other devices. But there are tons of articles on the web about HDMI-CEC and the new Apple TV. No programming necessary ... just use your TV remote to control the Apple TV. It's magic!

EDIT #2: Or purchase a decent universal remote, like this one that is already programmed for Apple TV: link

u/mentho-lyptus · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

Instead of drilling a hole, try ethernet over powerline. I use it to extend my wired network to a second floor and it works well. Something like this.

u/niioan · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

As a note, if you hate the remote go to Walmart or wherever and buy a compatible universal remote for a more traditional experience. The one I have costs about 10 and works good enough. Oh and you can buy an Apple remote case on amazon and it makes it 100x easier to hold since it increases thickness, grip and reduces accidental touches. I bought this one and like it.

u/obguy · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

Same here. Just barely touching the remote made the channel switch. I got so pissed that I bought a Roku premiere+, but now the channel switching seems much slower than the ATV4. Just less responsive. Next up: ATV4 back up with this remote.

u/TheBryanJD · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

Looks like the 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick does support up to 60fps: tech specs from Amazon.

u/WinDroidGuy · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

Yes, purchase an OTA antenna; they are ~$10 use code EKN99MJL

u/homecorp · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

Wow... I think I know what streaming device I’m gonna buy... But to be clear, the FTV you have is this one, right?

u/eXistenceLies · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

This is what it says on my Amazon order back in Feb-2018.

"All-new Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote (2017 Edition, Pendant) | Streaming Media Player"

and this was the link

I know it is 4k cause I have watch 4k content. Maybe Amazon made a mistake with it?

All I know is this 4k is pretty laggy with the software compared to my Roku.

u/Zer0Evil · 3 pointsr/DirecTVNow

DIRECTV EPS10 is the model you're looking for.

u/boy1der1983 · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

I have to use this product to adapt a coax cord to work with my tv, it doesn't have a normal input due to some BS need to be "thin"

u/PeteyNice · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

My parents (mid 60s) use DTVN on a FireTV. They tolerated it but did not like having to use two remotes and would sometimes get the TV on the wrong input. I got them this and they are very pleased. I integrated it with their Echos so they can turn the tv on/off, control the volume, etc

u/jpyounis1 · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

Honestly, id suggest going back to the ATV remote and get used to it. I had harmony's on all my TV's and gave the remote another chance recently and checked that it turns on and off everything via HDMI-CEC and have since put all my harmonys into a drawer. To make it easier i got a case for the ATV remote that makes it easier to hold and less likely to loose in your couch, and also so you dont sit there like an idiot swiping up and down when its upside down.

No matter the configuration, with the ATV theres a few button functionality that you'll miss on the harmony's because of the gestures not being available to be mapped via logitech. I doubt this will come soon as im sure Apple wont release the api commands to the touch portion of their remote for logitech to key in.

I always had problems with the equivalent of swipe up and down, on the harmony's d pad it just never worked right.

u/007Pistolero · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

You can get a this antenna for $22 and get all your local channels. It’s annoying that ATT can’t get this figured out but there are workarounds

u/Zamora91 · 2 pointsr/DirecTVNow

I got rid of all my Apple TV problems by buying a universal remote. I don't have the same issue you have and I can probably point to the reason being that I have a universal remote.