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u/poweroflegend · 14 pointsr/F13thegame

The game was designed to be played with mics. The ability to speak to each other and coordinate as a team is literally built in to the difficulty balance of the game. Playing with people who don't have that ability nerfs the counselors. It's like that guy who played Dark Souls with a guitar hero controller - yeah, it's technically possible, but a hell of a lot harder and not most people's idea of a good time.

On top of that, being able to talk to other counselors and Jason really changes the game for the better. I've had so many awesome experiences with the social aspect of this game, and my friends list has grown more since last Friday than it did the entire 2 years I've been on steam before then. It's a completely different game with 8 mic'ed players than it is with a silent group. The voice chat system and the way people use it is what really takes this game from alright to great.

tldr: If you don't have a mic, you're making it harder for everyone else and missing out on the real magic of this game.

Edit: You mentioned insecurities and financial issues: the people I've played with have been one of the coolest player bases I've ever seen in a game - the only time I've heard anyone say something negative about anyone's voice are when the person they're talking about is being an asshole.

As far as finances, a quick google search tells me you can get a gaming headset for $3.35 on (and it's a Turtle Beach, who make good ones), as little as $1.35 on ebay, or $9.99 on Amazon. If you have enough disposable income to buy a $40 game and a $3-400 machine to play it on (or significantly more on PC), it's hard to believe you can't scrounge up three dollars for a headset.

If you don't want one, that's totally your decision and I respect it, but don't complain when I dodge your lobby because nobody responds when I say hi. And please don't try to tell us how OP Jason is, because you're playing a much harder game than the people it was intended for. Or maybe just play other games where voice communication doesn't matter so much.

u/hauntedknight55 · 1 pointr/F13thegame

Yes, there are a couple now. I was lucky enough to pick up the collector's edition for $100 at release a couple years ago:

u/Chody__ · 1 pointr/F13thegame

So there's two options, you can either buy [This](Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and allow anything to plug into it to receive noise from your Xbox or you can buy it with a headset. I would [recommend this one](Sades Over-Ear Stereo Bass Gaming Headphone with Noise Isolation Microphone for Xbox One PC PS4 Laptop Phone because it's the one I'm using currently and it's pretty nice.

u/EvoKing789 · 2 pointsr/F13thegame

I would buy this item, it's super cheap

ENVEL 3.5mm Jack Cable Headset Adapter Kit Mutual Convertors for Laptop,Mac,PS4,Smartphone,Xbox One,Tablet Earphone with Headphone/Microphone Simultan

u/SouthernVeteran · 5 pointsr/F13thegame

It looks exactly like the standard issue flashlight for the Army (maybe other branches as well). Here's one on Amazon for about $9.

u/Animeking1108 · 5 pointsr/F13thegame

The Horror Geek. He's obsessed with the legend of Crystal Lake and wants to get a front-row seat of Jason. He's the kind of guy who thinks they'd last in a horror movie, but usally end up being the first to die.


Composure: 10/10.

Luck: 6/10.

Repair: 3/10.

Speed: 5/10.

Stamina: 4/10.

Stealth: 9/10.

Strength: 7/10.

He'd also wear a cheap Halloween hockey mask like this:

u/Moradath · 3 pointsr/F13thegame

I got mine from Amazon. I'm in the UK, but it came from somewhere in New Jersey, according to the labels on it. - there's another one if you're able to use Amazon UK.

u/DemonicSnow · 3 pointsr/F13thegame


I've been using this same microphone for around 7 years now. Huge wire, so you can run it from your mic jack and just bundle it on your desk with a rubber band.

u/BlaeGoblin · 2 pointsr/F13thegame

Amazon selling the set for 24.99

NECA - Friday the 13th - Camp Crystal Lake Accessory Set

u/odddino · 6 pointsr/F13thegame

Here you are!
Just search for something similar to this and it should do the job c: