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17. Scream

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u/risto1116 · 9 pointsr/GNV

I was going down the same path of DE safety razor shaving about a year ago after a friend suggested it to me on Facebook. Here's what I found:

-First, you sub to wicked_edge, did you see this post? It helped me greatly before I began buying anything. Granted, if you're looking to buy second-hand, that link won't help you out a bunch. But I also knowing finding safety razors second-hand is not easy to come by. That post will also help you find your other tools and accessories.

-Absolutely buy online. It will always be cheaper and easier than buying locally or even finding locally (especially here in Gainesville). There are shave stores in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa- but good golly miss molly are they EXPENSIVE. Amazon and have way better prices. But returning things can be tricky- keep that in mind in case you decide to go big on quality.

-Find a blade sample pack. They offer a big selection and since you're just starting out, you can find what you like. Here's a link to one.

Personally, I don't get the fuss. I've had a safety razor shave, and it was great. But I don't see myself taking good care of my shaving tools to justify investing in something like that. I spend maybe $10 a year on my disposables and apply moisturizer when I finish. Absolutely no bumps, no rash, no irritation. Takes me 2 minutes to shave and I'm out the door. I don't have to worry about losing them, clean them, take care of them, oil them, or buy a brush and lather. Just something to think about before you go investing in safety razors- especially if you're a college student.

Before the downvote boat comes my way- this is JUST my opinion. Sorry to put my pro-affordable shaving agenda.

EDIT: Fuck. OP is my roommate. I just noticed this. Disregard everything, I'll see you at 8:30, buddy.

u/1HopHead · 1 pointr/GNV

Mattress from Amazon. Trust me. I would never buy a used mattress and mattress stores are in business to rip you off. I have done lots of research. This memory foam mattress from amazon is the best I have ever had. 4000+ 4.5-5 star reviews. My dad bought the 8 inch and loves it also. That one only has 6000 reviews! lol

u/JGexists · 2 pointsr/GNV

You've got to go online, there are a few specialty stores that sell them, but none in town.

Also, not need to buy an actual vintage razor unless you really want a piece of history. (Not that I blame you that is pretty cool)

Merkur still makes brand new safety razors that are built to last a century.

Can't go wrong with the classic design. I love mine

u/Wustache_Max · 1 pointr/GNV

hey man, new to GNV too! would be to hang out some time and i ordered my bike off of amazon, got free shipping and a great price. they have lots of entry level bikes to choose from though, make sure you get something good for your height

u/Dgreen111 · 2 pointsr/GNV

I use CaptSure Humane Mouse Traps and found it perfect. Humane, easy to set and safe around kids and pets.

Highly recommended! Get it on Amazon -

u/qxork · 1 pointr/GNV

I try to do local whenever possible, been happy with Wood You and the The Futon store on N 16th and Main St.

That being said... recently got this for a guest with an "extended stay." We ordered this mattress and this bed frame. Total cost for a queen size bed/mattress: $381.00 (including shipping).

Quality was awesome and it's better than the bed we're using ourselves at more than 3x the price.

u/heckyesgainesville · 3 pointsr/GNV

Make your own seitan. It's easy and cheap and very versatile. Just buy a bag of Bob's Red Mill wheat gluten; the recipe is right on the bag. You can play with the recipe to get different flavors, and experiment with steaming and baking vs. boiling for different textures. I have a lot of vegan cookbooks but my favorite for easy, well-balanced meals is probably this one.

u/ssjshadi · 2 pointsr/GNV

Get this man.

You can find it any walmart or target for $20 and you get over 300 cards that can be played in any tournament at this time of writing. I got this a week ago, and you can build your own basic deck with it. It even comes with a handy guide to help you find a deck-type you might want to use!

Hope this helps man!

u/kristoferen · 1 pointr/GNV

Although I remembered the price wrong, its $16 now. I looked it up and I paid $11 a year ago.

With 365 tablets it is more (much more) than I'll use before it expires (3 year expiration), but (at the time) it was cheaper than any of the other sizes on Amazon or locally.

There are other generics too, Wal-Mart has them and I'm sure CVS/Walgreens does as well. What you're looking for is "Cetirizine hydrochloride" (aka Cetirizine HCL, aka generic Zyrtec) and the regular adult dose is 10mg. Most I've seen come in 10mg, some come in 5mg - which is fine, you'll likely just have to take two.

u/gamblee09 · 1 pointr/GNV

Yes, probably years ago because I've been able to find them all over campus. A friend of mine wrote a book, Fishes in the Freshwaters of Florida, and the page that shows where Platys can be found has a big red blotch around Gainesville.

u/barkusbrody · 7 pointsr/GNV

Supposedly one happened at Mount Vernon apartments on Archer Rd.

This show, episode 5 did an episode on how the Rolling murders inspired the 'Scream' movies. It covers a lot of information about the murders, including interviews with local residents and police. I don't remember specifically, but I'm pretty sure the apartments are mentioned.

u/berean17 · 6 pointsr/GNV

You can wash it yourself using one 2 gallon bucket with 2 ounces of optimum no rinse and shine and some microfiber towels. Much cheaper, easy to do in a parking lot and environmentally friendly.

u/poeticallybored · 2 pointsr/GNV

Have you heard of John Titor? If I remember right, someone was posting on physics message boards back around 2002-2003-ish claiming to be from a future America after Civil War II, stated he came from Gainesville, which people were calling Fort UF. Some would press him for info about his timeline, others would press him for proof/explanation on time travel. As I recall, some of the things he said weren't known at the time but some has been verified since. He's considered one of the greatest hoaxes of our time, assuming he's a hoax. The original book on the matter was a limited print run by a small publisher, copies going for hundreds of dollars now, but there is also this book now that I've been meaning to pick up.

u/chrisallenlane · 6 pointsr/GNV

I own the 2014 equivalents of these products:

[Anker Battery Bank][1]
Anker Solar Charger

They work great together.

During a past hurricane, my mom lost power for like 10 days (she lives in the woods), so I left her both of these. She used the solar charger to charge the battery bank during the day, then used the battery bank to charge her phone at night.

At the end of the 10 days, the external battery bank was still nearly fully charged. I don't know if the solar charger was truly keeping up with her consumption, but if not, it was really close.


u/MortySeinfeld_ · 8 pointsr/GNV

Enjoyed 7 days without power (and therefore Internet) after Irma, and that's why I now have one of these:

u/kefkaisbad · 1 pointr/GNV

Actually, NBC is just a VHF (low band) broadcast versus a UHF broadcast, and the tower is in Newberry. Those "leaf" style indoor antennas have trouble picking up VHF broadcasts, but something like this should work.