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u/Stigwagon05 · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I currently own five sets of paddle shift extensions for my MK6, these being one of them.

My issues with these were that they don't really "cup" the factory paddles like some of the other sets. The ones that you posted for the MK7 rely on screws to anchor them to the paddles, which is great for stability. Unfortunately for us MK6 guys, they adhere with tape, which leads to them just kind of hanging on there. I've found that the paddles flex too much if you grab them too far towards the top or bottom.

That aside, they look great, and have a nice feel/heft to them because they are aluminum, but for me the flexing was a deal breaker.

If you decide to go for them this is where I bought mine.

These are very popular, but a little on the thick side (for me personally), so when I would pull the stalk for the rear wiper or high beam, the stalk would nearly touch the shifter.

I found these, which are exactly like the ones in the last link, but they are a one-piece design which makes them much thinner. They "cup" the paddles and have almost zero flex. They are the ones I currently have on my car, and are easily my favorite out of all the ones I've been through. They're actually make by the same company you linked to in your post, Pinalloy.

If you have any other questions, let me know! I'm happy to help!

u/TelaTheSpy · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I've answered various questions about this system and the install several times in the last two months. Since it's getting asked again I'm going to leave the info here for all to see :)

I installed this in my car 3 months ago. The soundbox can be had for right around $250.00 shipped from

IMO, don't pay anyone. The install is DIY and very straightforward. If you have use of your hands and some trim tools, you can do this install in under an hour with ease, if I had to do it again, I could probably get it done in under 30 minutes. If you're located in the SF Bay Area I can even help you. I highly doubt the cable run would be "neater" if the dealership did it, they'll rush through it, and the cable can really only go one place nicely anyhow. Zip ties are included in the Helix box so you can secure it. I used a few extra that I had.

I followed this DIY (there are two parts):

The only specialty tools you need are:
Terminal removal tool (I'm told you can sub in a paperclip for this - I imagine if it's the right size it will work fine):

and radio removal tools (I'm told you can make your own with old gift cards):

When I installed, I elected to ditch my spare instead of placing it on top of the soundbox (I did this initially but decided against it after the first month for space reasons - I have a kid) and I carry one of these in the trunk now:

Lastly, once installed you will want to program the Sound Box DSP for use with your car. The product description states that the SoundBox unit is pre-programmed for the Golf/GTI. Trust me, it isn't (this is well documented on the GolfMK7 forums and elsewhere). So you want to rent the dongle for $35 here: or go ask your local dealer if they'd do the programming for you at no charge. It literally takes under 2 minutes. Do not let them rape you at the dealer to program it.

Having done full systems with all new speaker wiring, component speakers, amp, DSP, and subs in cars when I was younger, I would say that at $250 the value on this thing is nothing short of amazing. It sounds pretty great. I also did sound deadening with SoundSkins Pro throughout the car.

u/veto001 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Look at Cobb tuning for performance modifications, if your tight on money a stage 1 tune is plenty for most and it's honestly how the car should've came in the first place. It costs about 675 for a access port and an air filter. Cobb's biggest competitor is APR which is slightly pricier with a bit more, but the accessport is really unbeatable because you can flash your ECU yourself and do everything yourself. Couple aesthetics i would consider is something like the Mk7 side wings

I also got these from amazon

Makes entering the car feel a little bit better. This is my advice to you if you want to spend 1k or less. honestly the cobb accessport is a godsend and everyone should have one lol

u/sfjerry415 · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Eyelids are from Amazon
Tail lights from here, but you can get from multiple sites. I have the Helix ones but they also sell the Ed reps. They are pretty much the same. It's the same vendor.

Nice yah I like the Mudflaps plus it helps keep the sides clean.

u/ninjerginger · 4 pointsr/GolfGTI

A Saris Bones is an OK trunk rack. That's as good as a trunk rack gets. It can rub on your paint, and I don't like the way it holds the bikes by the top tube.

In general, trunk racks are garbage though. If you're going to use it regularly, do yourself a favor and invest in a towing receiver and proper hitch mounted rack. You can get a Curt hitch with free shipping from Amazon for around $130. I installed it myself with one friend and a socket wrench. It's super no-brainer 100% easy. Then get a wheels-on hitch rack like a Kuat Transfer or something similar. They contact the bike only on the tires/wheels and don't touch the frame at all. The bikes don't sway, the wheels don't turn. The rack doesn't contact your paint at all, and can be tipped out of the way so that the hatch can open even with 2 bikes loaded.


But if you're rarely going to move bikes around, the Saris Bones is fine. Roof racks are a pain in the ass.

u/aMiracleAtJordanHare · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Do you have the "Monster Mats"?

Seat handle inserts are a really nice touch to the interior, but idk why these are $30. Pretty sure I paid like $12 4 or 5 years ago.

Enjoy your new GTI!

u/akrazyazzho · 4 pointsr/GolfGTI

Pictured Mods.

[Eds reps 15 LED headlights] (

OEM Vw Talladega wheels from a Golf R

[VWR Springs] ( - Mild drop, OEM like comfort

[OEM Base bars] (

35% tint all around

[Dark Cherry OEM tails] (

Not pictured:

Hood gasket mod

Complete sound system overhaul, [One] ( - [Stereo link] (, [Two] (, Yes I was on air at some point. All factory speakers were upgraded, directly running to the [5 channel amp] ( Powering a [slim type R] ( in an [Uber audio Stealth box] (

[Deautokey interior LEDs & tag light LEDs, white ones all around and red footwells.] (

[USP Puddle lights] (

[Kenu airframe] ( for my phone.

[APR Stage one tune and stage one intake] (

[Audi R8 coils] ( - You can def find them cheaper.

Unplugged the soundakor (spelling?)

DSG carbon fiber paddle shifters (discontinued).

[Aluminum glove box handle] ( (painted), its not real metal but it has held up great and ties the interior w/ all the accents.

[Paint matched rear insert] (

I am sure I am missing some but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

u/crookedbydesign · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

There is a great solution for mats that I put in my MK7 R. Fit is perfect and they look great.

Buy these mats:

The logo that comes on the fronts is ugly, but there is a good solution. You can get some pliers and just pop off the rivets on the back, then stick a set of R logos on instead:

u/iainnnnnnn · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I have this and also did the free trial for the carista. carista was pretty dope because I could change some settings super easy that I might not be able to do with the reader thing I linked. But the catch w/ carista is paying for the app after buying the unit itself, kinda wack.

u/genetic_bloom · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Yep, that's exactly it. Get a 32oz bottle of it and just dilute it at 1:16 with distilled water. You can use it to clean the wheel, as well as the other interior parts. It works great on the faux carbon fiber because other interior cleaners with UV protectants leave streaks that are hard to get off the shiny plastic. The ONR works great, you can use it to quickly wipe off the outside of your car too.

u/LongBoiTatum · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Not OP but they look like the ones I recently ordered from AliExpress -

Edit: it looks like these are also available on Amazon. They may be a few bucks more but I wish I ordered them from Amazon instead of waiting weeks if not more for them to arrive from China.

u/slyboy889 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Have you ever tried rinse-less carwash? I live in an apartment complex without a car washing bay and it has saved my life. Super easy to use and all you need is a bucket of water and a good amount of microfiber towels!

u/Disloud · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Not leather specific, but I use this on everything interior with great results and a wonderful smell!

u/MK6er · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Do it yourself it's very easy. And will only cost you a few bucks in tools. The dealer used the method "bottom fill" with vag com and using the plastic fill plug to gauge the temperature and amount put in. Obviously vag com and the dealer tool are expensive. So I offer the "top fill" approach. You buy this funnel

Then buy this service kit.

Leave car overnight so new dsg oil is same temp as old oil in the dsg.

Drain it. Then measure how much came out. Will help drain speed if you remove filter and second drain plug.

Put in drain plugs. Then use funnel to hookup to filter hole and put the same amount of what came out back in.

Put new filter on. As well as battery and air intake as those should be removed as well. Battery doesn't have to come out but makes it much easier.

Turn car on. And with brake on go through all the gears about 5 times. Just moving the lever down then back up 3 times. You will have all kinds of lights on ur dash this is normal. Just drive about 20 ft they'll go away. Relearn pinch protection on Windows.

Explained here.
Note they doing bottom fill method.

Here is a video on top fill but he does use vag com and drain plug method which shouldn't be done without vag com.

Edit: Wanted to mention it might take up to 4 hours your first time but after that it takes about a couple hours and most of it is just waiting for the oil to go down the funnel.

Edit 2: my stealer quoted me $508. An honest indie should be able to do it for around $350.

u/JudaiMustang · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I have this one coming in today. Heard good things about it. Will let you know how it turns out, but it's the only one I saw on amazon that got good reviews, and I had Amazon credit to burn.

u/memyselfandhai · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I love Larry's videos from AMMO NYC & DRIVE Clean and have always followed his recommendations for detailing/washing.

u/FearOfTheStark · 0 pointsr/GolfGTI

I love that weathertech advertises and supports things I like. But if you’re like me and want the best...

u/SamSzmith · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Also, ODB11 has some good mods, but if you want something really cheap, you can get Carista for $20 and do a bunch of changes like the windows down / up on keyfob, turn off soundaktor, change asr behavior, etc. Keep in mind, Carista app costs money, but you get a free 30 days and the mods stick once you apply them.

u/Izviral · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Those are the ones I have, they look fantastic. Perfect fit and high quality materials

u/Navec · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Get an oil extractor, way cleaner and easier. This one is nice and has caps so you can put it in your car when full without making a mess. The oil filter is on top too, so you don't have to worry about getting under the car and messing with that plug.

u/singsing718 · 14 pointsr/GolfGTI

I think it’s a pretty affordable way to maintain your car. I use the Optimum ONR - No Rinse Wash
And some basic supplies

  • Wash mit
  • microfiber towels for drying
  • 2 buckets of water (one for the solution the other to rinse out the mit)

    I can provide a full list of anyone interested.

    Tons of videos online to help you along.
u/cobrareaper · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

I got these. They're pretty great, and add to the interior's look.

u/marcogopro · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I also second with getting mosnter mats and interior LEDs, huge difference

Other mods I have for the list are:
•Illuminated shift knob - color matched to interior red lighting and dims with the dimmer switch (not sure if you have stick or DSG but have a spare for sale)
•Double Apex USB Charger - OEM + look to fill dummy ports, very easy install
•GTI seat inserts ($30 off amazon)
•Toe-Hook License frame mount (if you're in a state that requires a front plate)

u/GonzoMadness · 4 pointsr/GolfGTI

I've got them too! Perfect fit for the Mk6 for under $10:

u/B0Pstar · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Its great! It was cool because the dealer asked me if I wanted them to drill into the bumper or not. I said no thanks and picked up this

u/Ftpini · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I bought this one and its perfect. I can't recommend it enough. It has the added benefit of being able to simple reinstall the tow hook cover should my state come to their senses and ditch the requirement.

u/robiwisc · 5 pointsr/GolfGTI

I installed the CURT 11412 hitch on my MK7 and MK7.5. It was pretty easy to install, only about 30 minutes and a few bolts.

Class 1 Trailer Hitch with Ball Mount, 1-1/4-Inch Receiver Black 1-1/4" for for Select Volkswagen Golf, GTI

u/business_casual01 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Hitches are the way to go! Im currently using the Curt 11412 hitch on my '19 gti. I had a curt hitch on my veloster and it served me well. Amazon will state this will not fit on the '19 gti's but i confirmed on curt's site that i will in fact fit. Installed without any issues!


u/bkdlays · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I went with this one.
Some are plastic which is nice to be able to see as you fill. In the end I decided metal might be stronger and longer lasting.

u/KiDX77 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

The following is cheap and adds a nice touch. You could probably find it cheaper btw, I just linked the first one I found. I got mine for like $6 shipped.

u/Jimbogiant · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Here are the seat pump handle inserts:

I got these a couple weeks ago and I'm impressed with the very OEM look and fit.

I don't have the door sill inserts like OP, but that may change soon, they look sharp! Here's a link to what I assume OP has installed:

u/UsuallyJustLurking · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I recently purchased these for my MkV and I'm very pleased with the quality. Very solid feel.

u/Kylesfishin · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Look into something like this. Lots of different brands/types. So easy and no reason to crawl under the car since the oil filter is on top.

u/ZodiacRumble · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I used this:

1/4" 3M Vinyl Striping 150' 25 Colors Available (Tomato Red)

Although the red shade is a bit lighter than the red GTI strip.

I've seen some people recommend this one as well in the mk7owners forum:

Trimbrite T1218 Trim Stripe Red 1/4 Tape

u/megustareddito · 8 pointsr/GolfGTI

Thanks! Added myself using this.

u/TsundereBolt · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Do yourself a favor and get one of these cabin filters. I had some smell issues with my Mk7.5 and this got rid of them completely. Could hardly believe the difference it made.

u/jakubmalina · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Hey thanks man!

Here’s the link for the eyelids:

And as for what I’m lowered on, I just have the APR Rolls Control springs installed.

u/nestid · 4 pointsr/GolfGTI

Took me less than 5 minutes to switch out myself. I recommend this Mann-Filter FP 26 009 FreciousPlus Cabin Air Filter

u/Califorlondon · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

etopmia Black Headlights Eyebrow Eyelids Trim fit VW MK7 Golf 7 (I dipped them to make them matte)

u/Snaisa6 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Thanks. The mount is from Amazon, the Platypus Tow Hook mount. Bought it at $79, it's now $93. Pricey but one time purchase.

The Platypus License Plate Mount for Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 2015-2018

u/ClassicoHoness · 6 pointsr/GolfGTI


DSG Steering Wheel Shift Paddles Shifters Replacement Kit RED For VW Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTI R R-line Scirocco 2014-2019

u/bentspog · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

Could it possibly be the brand of pin striping as well?

Here is what I used Incase it differs:

Trimbrite T1218 Trim Stripe Red 1/4 Tape

u/Tenchiro · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

$17 Amazon special.

I noticed this one is lifting a bit on the inside, I may need to redo them.

u/TheNaCliest · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

Rupse 2PCS Seat Lift Wrench Seat Insert Trim for VW GOLF 5 6 MK5 MK6 GTI

u/Anton-LaVey · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I have the CravenSpeed Platypus, it sits flush on my bumper (I added a strip of weatherseal to the back to disallow chafing). Goodluck, /u/porktube

u/tuck3r53 · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

You can always use something like this. Which is probably what I would do if I had to have a front plate.

u/AnEvilBigfoot · 1 pointr/GolfGTI
I’m not sure how links are treated here so I’ll leave a follow up comment with what to search

u/jabatasu · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

My favorite mod is my paint-matched rear badge inlay. No more shitty black bleached plastic on the rear badge:

Also, these seat lever inlays should have been installed at the factory. There's even an indention for them: