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u/duqxpub · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

This is really an unfortunate thread, because I have the distinct feeling that I'm feeding a troll now. Rex Ryan might actually be the perfect coach for you because as he says, "I may not be right, but I'm honest."

The only one here making baseless assumptions is you.
Did you forget the Jets were on "Hard Knocks?" In this article he describes how he wanted to show off his brand of football and was expecting it would get people excited about the Jets.
Part of that brand was playing mind games with his players. He had center Rob Turner pick a fight with Vernon Gholston to test Gholston's toughness.
He also got into a shouting match with the starting linebacker of the Dolphins before his first game as a head coach.
Here is a list of bravado from his first year as head coach, if you are interested.
Maybe the sources are old, so how about him punching a wall behind closed doors, before a post-game press conference this year.
Rex Ryan is anything but fake and says as much in his book.. If you don't believe him how about his players.

If forced to provide evidence for my opinion I would cite that material because it is available to both of us. Moreover, from the coaches in High School/College, that I talk to, who've either went to clinics and met him or worked with him at some level, or the NFL/College officials that I know pretty well all say the same things, that Rex Ryan himself says.

He is honest, genuine, passionate, bold, outspoken, brash, and will do whatever it takes to motivate and win.

That appeals to a lot of people, I get it. From the comments in your post I can tell you are a passionate person too, maybe that is why you run to Rex Ryan's defense, as though he needed it, because you see a kindred spirit.

But, I prefer the calm, relaxed, quite, mature, private, businesslike confidence Mike McCarthy & Co. have been cultivating for some time. The relax approach certainly looks like the one that has been able to sustain a level of success, relative to the rest of the league. It also smacks more of New England's staff than of New York's.

I'm not a Rex Ryan expert. I don't know him personally, but I'm trying to be as informed as possible when commenting and add value to conversations. Your poorly focused and unlettered response tells us to admit we can't know a person's real attitude, when Rex Ryan purposefully makes an effort to reveal his attitude to his players, and the media (remember the access he had given to HBO and his reasoning for it). His personality is one of the reasons players appreciate him so much. He is a real person, in addition to being a good coach.

Again, regardless of his credentials as a defensive mind, or our ability to truly know the man behind the sweater vest, in looking at the examples of manipulation, public humiliation, and hubris he engages in, they all seem to me the antithesis of a Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy hire, he doesn't fit the culture in Green Bay.

u/Dweide_Schrude · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

All good questions!

-If you're coming up 43 from Milwaukee, I'd highly recommend visiting the USS Cobia in Manitowoc. It's the most intact submarine from WWII on the US and it's awesome. I'd also say you should stay there (you can actually stay overnight in the sub!) but it seems that it's full for Saturday 11/8. Definitely a unique experience. The tours are great as well.

-Depending on the quality of stay and the price you want to pay, staying an hour out would most likely be cheaper. Some of the hotels in GB/Ashwaubenon have been pretty heavily used and are also pretty expensive/hard to book for days around games. Manitowoc is about 45min out if you wanted to just end your Saturday there.

-I'll admit it might be a bit weird to have someone come up randomly to tailgate. However, if your dad brought his own stuff (grill, beer, food) and mosied on over to people near him, they would probably be okay with that. I usually enjoy meeting new people, but I can't speak for everyone. Make sure he is wearing some Packer gear and that he doesn't try to hang with some Bears fans (unless you're Bears fans, may God have mercy on your souls...). I kid, I kid.

Gates open about 2 hours before game time for the entire stadium usually. The Atrium is usually open about 4 hours before (and it's indoor, not bad in November). You don't need a ticket to get inside the Atrium usually, but once you've used a ticket get in, you have to stay inside the stadium; there is no re-entry. Here's a list of most questions you would need answers to.

-The camera: Per the guide above, as long as your lense is under 12" you should be fine. The bag will not be okay though. You'll need one of the clear 12x12x6 NFL bags. I have a few of these and they fit my DSLR. You'll just have to be a bit more careful than with your normal bag.

Hope this helps! Go Pack Go!

Edit: Link formatting. Also, I'll be at that game so I hope our offense has worked out the links by then!!

u/kintops · 5 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

That First Season was outstanding! I couldn't put it down, and wished it had gone on and on! Pretty much follows the Packers from the the "Leadership" of Ray "Scooter" McLean to the LEADERSHIP of Vincent Lombardi! SERIOUSLY... READ THIS BOOK!

When Pride Still Mattered is a classic that I think all Packer fans must read. Pretty sure it was on my 2nd grade required reading list? Anyone else have that same recollection?

Lambeau: The Man Behind The Mystique is another good one. This one takes you back a bit farther, in fact to the beginnings of our beloved pack! Follows our beloved and brilliant founder all the way till he goes Hollywood on us!

Favre did a book, just after he retired (the first time so no Viking stuff). I know you said you know a lot about the most recent era's, but the thing I liked most about it was the total recall that quarterbacks have about certain plays. The way he describes just about every player on the field is a really cool glimpse into the study habits of the most important man on the field.

Driven:From Homeless to Hero is the next book on my list when it comes out on the 22nd! If you haven't heard about Donald Driver's life before the NFL, I suggest you wait on googling it until the book comes out (no I don't own stock, nor am I affiliated with the publisher, just a huge fan of those who come from shit backgrounds, and still make something great of themselves!)

u/zttvista · 1 pointr/GreenBayPackers

One thing that the documentary alludes to is that the executives in sports (the documentary specifically mentions baseball but this probably is true for all sports) aren't very serious about getting rid of drugs because it makes the game more exciting and thus more profitable. I was reading a book written by the guys that wrote Freakenomics recently ( and they mentioned that there is a pretty easy way for leagues to get tough on drugs if they really wanted to. All they have to do is save the samples for future testing. Because these drug coctails are specifically designed to beat current testing procedures, it would make sense to save them and then test again 4-5 years down the road when the testing procedures for previously unknown substances is developed. No league currently does this, and no league wants to because they know doing so would probably result in a ridiculous amount of players popping positive for PEDs.

u/ShakeyBobWillis · 1 pointr/GreenBayPackers

I wear silk long underwear, a cotton Union suit (the old timey one piece long underwear with or without the butt flap) over that. Long sleeve shirt over that. Packer tshirt. Nice warm coat, preferably something with a wind/water resistant shell.

I use one of these hats:

They're awesome because you can configure from a cap to full face coverage or just a neck warmer depending on how warm or cold you get. Seriously I love this style of hat.

Good socks and good boots. I've got an ass kicking pair of Sorels rated to like 60 below zero. I was at the last regular season game of the year last year (Steelers) during a blizzard and my feet were hot all day and all I wore was one regular pair of boot socks. No cardboard either. But if your boot/sock scenario isn't ideal you definitely want to put down a piece of cardboard. It will definitely make a difference on your feet with cold transference.

And then a good pair of gloves. I use a pair of wool mittens that have the flip up parts at the fingers so you can flip them up and use your fingers for things like grabbing money out of your wallet or digging your phone out of your pocket without having to take your gloves all the way off to do it.

u/darthmangini · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

I have read two worth reading from the Favre era, they are old, you could probably by them for $5 including shipping.

Brett Favre For the Record This one was written in ~1997. It focuses heavily on Favre in school/falcons/Packers/rehab/Packers first super bowl. It is interesting read because of what a problem he had with drugs and alcohol early in his career like missing team photos and being hung over for minicamps. One great part is he talks about meeting Steve Young his first year about QB Club gathering and he asked him for an autograph for his daughter Brittney. Young blew him off and wouldnt sign it. The next year Favre was famous and Young came up to him and greeted him like an old pal.

Reggie White in the Trenches This one is pretty inspirational. I still remember Reggie talking about how there is always time to pursue your dreams, it is just realizing it.

u/assh--- · 1 pointr/GreenBayPackers

The one you're looking for is the On Field knit. I was looking for one to wear at the New England game, and came across the one on Amazon that's currently going for $74 ( When I found it, it was $35, but wouldn't have shipped in time for the game. My best advise would be to keep checking that link as it may go down.

The Pro Shop one for $15 is different than the one you want. I have the green and gold On Field knit, along with the $15 version from the Pro Shop. The cheaper one is much thinner, but still a solid cap. Hope that helps!

u/ejunk1991 · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

I like the idea from bujweiser with the brown bag with a note. Depending on your price range you can include anything from gloves (, a hat (, or a jersey. Best players for the jersey would be Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, Deandre Levy, Stephan Tulloch, and Ezekiel Ansah as those are the players that I see as their best and/or best bet to be on the team for at least a few more years.

u/SundayKegger · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

1. Yes.

2. As a new fan you're going to want to get to know the stars of the team. On offense, Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback), Jordy Nelson (Wide-Reciever), Randall Cobb (Wide-Reciever). On defense, Clay Matthews (Outside Linebacker), Julius Peppers (Outside Linebacker), "HaHa" Clinton-Dix (Safety) Mike Daniels (Defensive-End)

3. For tactics as a fresh beginner I'd recommend the book "Take Your Eye Off the Ball" by Pat Kirwan with forewords by Bill Cowher (Former Head-Coach of the Steelers) and Pete Carroll (Current Head-Coach of the Seahawks). It's currently $3 on Amazon used and it provides the perfect foundation of understanding what goes on behind the curtain, sort of speak. Amazon

4. Check out fantasy football. That will really hook you into getting to know these players. Although the season is over you can do mock drafts with actual people over at Fantasy Football Calculator

I'll be releasing a torrent of the Packers entire season sometime this week. Download it and see if football is something you'd like to get more into.

u/Dandw12786 · 3 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

Amazon makes a really great one. I got the 50 mile one and it's pretty great.

u/CyberCrutches · 5 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

First up, you'll need to devote at least 3 full days of watching the following:

And then, you'll need to make your pilgrimage to the Holy Land and see the Cathedral of Lambeau, at least once.

Once you're done with that, come back here for your entrance exam. Good luck and welcome!

u/BaconBlasting · 15 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

"When Pride Still Mattered" is a biography of Vince Lombardi, but it includes a lot of team history and history of the game. It's a great read, I highly recommend it.

u/Dealjobber · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

This is probably the closest to what you're looking for:

Otherwise, They Call it Pro Football. Not Packer's specific, but it's pretty heavy on Lombardi's Packers, and it's the documentary that set off NFL Films. There's no way you can watch this and not be pumped up for the new season.