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9. HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps Set of 2 - Black and White Modern Desk Lamps for Bedroom, Dorm, Living Room, Office 20 inch H

  • 【Convenient Pull Chain Switch】There is special design is the pull chain switch on the lamp holder, you can easy to reach it when you in bed and turn them on or off. The classical table lamp will be a great bedside lamps for reading, working and study
  • 【Elegant Modern Lamp Set】The size of black and white table lamp is 20.5 inch H x 5.9 inch W, it’s a perfect size as a bedside lamp for bedroom. The bedside table lamp set with black metal base and white fabric shade will creative a soft light and a feeling of modern to your room. It is will be a nice home decor for you to enjoy high quality lighting
  • 【Safety & Easy To Use】 The cord and plug of the small lamp are UL listed which is no any security risks. Nicely decorate bedroom, living room, den, nursery, meditation room, kitchen or office give you a relaxing mood and create comfortable space for any room
  • 【Suitable for E26 Max 60 bulbs】The bedside table Lamps only equipped with standard E26 light bulbs, Max 60 watts (Without Bulbs). They’re compatible with a variety of incandescent, halogen, LED or CFL light bulbs. Its fabric shade softens the light that provides a flicker-free lighting for reading, studying or working. ❥ (Bulb isn’t included in the package)
  • 【For your dedicated service】 HAITRAL provide satisfactory service:30-day return.Confidence comes from high quality and our constant pursuit of perfection. We believe that you will like our HAITRAL table lamps, but if for some reason you are not satisfied, please let us know, we will help you solve it within 24 hours and make you satisfied. Please add to cart now
HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps Set of 2 - Black and White Modern Desk Lamps for Bedroom, Dorm, Living Room, Office 20 inch H
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u/lapolista · 5 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Oh man I preach Emily Henderson’s book all over the place but I think it could be really helpful for you. It’s very approachable and helps you identify what you like and how to execute it, and I’ve found it to be one of the best design books out there.

I’d also recommend getting on Pinterest and making different boards for different rooms, and starting to pin things you like. You’ll see some patterns start to emerge, and it’s a great resource IMO.

In the meantime, I’d say have them paint everything a light grey or beige just so you get used to living in the space and get to know your own sense of style and what you want. When you’re more aware of what you’d like your space to look like and what you like, then you can repaint. Paint is cheap so it’s not a big loss.

Congratulations on your first house! How exciting!

u/LobotomyCandi · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

EDIT: here is a 'prototype' of how it would look:

I think that it looks a little bland the way it is currently. If you are going for metal decor like the orbs, I would suggest silver to match that curtain rod. Since you do have quite large shelves, you can put quite a few things without it looking cluttered. I noticed that you are using a crystal as a bookend, but I believe it would look better if you neatly stacked the books (bind facing outwards) and display the crystal away from the books.


I think a small boxwood topiary would look great to freshen things up:


Since you like bright colors also, I would suggest something eye-catching rather than the gold orbs. I notice that blue and orange were in your bedding, so how about something like this?


Since you do have some books, instead of stacking them you could use interesting sculpture-esque bookends like these:


Also I feel as though a framed art print or two with a colorful frame (two 4x6 or one 8x10) would also look nice.

u/faerystrangeme · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Haha everyone's suggesting a plant theme and I immediately thought of an ocean theme. I can't tell how green that tile is, but if you go for more 'sea green' and tie in some blue shades, I think you could easily get a boat/anchor printed shower curtain.

Or my mom found some cheerful brightly colored fish decorations for the walls and went for a fun-colored aquatic theme. I think that might work well, too!

Sandy beige towels would blend well (especially if you go with a beach theme), and of course navy or a green to match the tiles would be delightful.

Edit: I hate orange, but if you like it, a bright orange might complement those two colors as well? Or a bright yellow.

Wall turtles:

Simple wall fish:

Ridiculous but fun shower curtain:

u/Julie_Bowperson · 5 pointsr/HomeDecorating

I have a few ideas for you.

  1. In such a small space, I would use floating shelves instead of bedside tables. A wooden shelf with medium/dark stain + 2 dark colored brackets per shelf would only cost around $25-$35 at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

  2. The lamps look too wide for the space, and they make the small tables look even smaller. Trade them in for something skinny and sleek, like this pair for $50.99 from Amazon:

    There are cheaper pairs of lamps on Amazon, but they’re also shorter which would look weird in this space.

  3. The curtains. Long curtains in a small room can be tricky. Especially since your ceiling seems to vault the other direction. Maybe replace the curtains with a neutral/cream colored Roman Shade instead.

  4. Add color with decor and pillows. The green wreath will add a needed splash of color to the wall. I would also add a small vase with an artificial plant to each side table (if you get smaller lamps). Next, opt for a neutral colored comforter or large quilt, and add 4-5 colorful decorative pillows. I love the light grey quilt I have in my guest room. It adds a good amount of texture and coziness to the space, while also matching whatever new pillows I bring home.

    Hope this helps!
u/val319 · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Styles? Colors you like? This is a cool abstract rug. Nourison Prismatic PRS09 Modern/Contemporary Silver/Blue Area Rug 8'6" x 11'6" but there are cool ones under 2 grand. Like this nuLOOM Traditional Waterfall Vintage Abstract Area Rug, 8' x 10', Blue or something like this Safavieh Glacier Collection GLA125B Abstract Blue and Multi Area Rug (8' x 10') or you can go traditional.

u/HelloWorld5609 · 3 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Feeding a power cord through the wall like that is likely an electrical code violation (US code for sure, but depends on the country). You would need to add another outlet behind the TV (extend the bottom outlet) which is the best long term solution, or you could pick up a kit like this. But this kinda looks like an apartment, so that would kinda make these suggestions useless.

u/WheelSnipeC8J · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

Here are photos of the current setup with lighting, without lighting, and another corner where a light could be, although it's adjacent to the TV.

$125 max, preferably below 100
Probably over 72" so I can use it as the main light source
Probably metal

I've been considering just using any fixture, but attach an intense bulb if there's not a fixture that gives good coverage in itself.

Ideal corner 20" W x 40" L max

TV corner 2'x3'

u/jackred1 · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

For the cabinets ill do something like this :

But with a bright color, something risky as its removable, heavy pink, blue either navy or celestial blue, olive green, yellow, because that kitchen color is too bland.

For the countertop ill do something like this:

Is a plywood cover, it will not only proect the kitchen but can be removed as to protect the leash and its cheap to make.

For the backslapsh ill use some sticker, either those that try to look like tile or the more trendy :

Also ill try to keep the door handles and see what they look like with the new upgrades, but if after u make the change the door handles dont cut it , u can also change them easily.

u/WATOCATOWA · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

If you own, I’d order one of the in wall kits from Amazon. They’re super easy to install and they make it look so much nicer!