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u/NormanKnight · 2 pointsr/HomePod

For the past 18 months I've had one of these iHome speakers as my kitchen speaker. This was a $250+ piece of kit at original list price.

My Great Room didn't have a speaker until today, which is where the HomePod has gone. The great room connects to the kitchen in my house's open floor plan.

Even though the iHome was IN the kitchen, the sound from HomePod is better, coming from the next room over. And not just a little better.

More astonishing, one room further over, I can still give HomePod commands in a normal speaking voice while it plays music--fifty feet away.

Also that iHome was a piece of crap when it came to AirPlay. I had to connect it via aux jack to an Airport Express to get it to have a reliable Airplay connection.

u/D_W_Hunter · 1 pointr/HomePod

Until Apple makes a change (if they do, since they say this isn't umcommon), what's the fix? Articles I've seen mention that the tweeter is reflecting off the surface underneath so a cloth surface underneath isn't recommended.

I'm thinking a marble trivet (It's intended for a heat safe surface to put dishes onto when serving)

William Sonoma


Homepod owners: how big is the base? Would a trivet size work (8 x 8) or would you need something larger?

Audiophiles: what's the sound reflectivity of marble vs hardwood?

u/P5YCH0D3 · 1 pointr/HomePod

It’s this one

Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad 5W

It’s a fine charger, it looks good and it works when placed correctly. But a little off and it stop working (for example today, woke up with 10 percent..), and plus it’s only 5 Watts. So it’s lasted me almost 2 years now since the iPhone X, and it doesn’t over heat.

But I’m thinking about changing to this one.
Best cable management that way. But I’ll have to get it first and try it, with it’s placement and see if it heats up.

u/password555555 · 1 pointr/HomePod

the answer on the v385 is that it does not. it seems to be lacking the networking features required. i'm sending it back and have order the 485. will report back on its viability.

the information reported was that the rx-v85 series av receivers would support airplay 2. this is only partly true. i would consider the 385 to be part of the series. i believe the key is that the receiver needs to support MusicCast

485 with MusicCast:

385 without MusicCast:

u/Bakk322 · -14 pointsr/HomePod

Since my other comment got so much downvotes i will post this here for more people to see it!

Vizio soundbar SB3621n-E8M smokes the sound quality of my stereo HomePods when connected to the same Apple TV as my HomePods are! And it’s cheaper than a single HomePod!

Check it out if you care at all about tv audio quality and it will save you money.

u/YetiMachete85 · 16 pointsr/HomePod

Just did this. So worth it.

Bought this case and it worked like a charm:

When you plug your HomePod in at a new location it should automatically update its Wi-Fi based on your phones wifi credentials. I say should because it sometimes takes a little while. Just get your phone on Wi-Fi, plug in the HomePod and leave it be for about 15 minutes.

I use weather, news, music and timers on my HomePod constantly, so it was nice to be able to keep using those features when away from home.

u/FappyTreeFrog · 6 pointsr/HomePod

Yes, search “small table” as well as “wooden stool”, “plant stand”, “accent table”...etc.

I have this visual of someone knocking the HP over by bumping up against it, and then the weight of the HP ripping the power cord and it hitting the floor.

stool sample 😂

another stool




another stand

u/clement_rxx · 1 pointr/HomePod


I bought this Travel router and it works perfectly with my HomePod to create a new WiFi with WPA.

u/payeco · 1 pointr/HomePod

The sub sounds muddy because it's getting the entire frequency range of audio, instead of just low frequency audio that the sub should be getting. You sound bar was filtering these frequencies for you, but since the AirPort Express doesn't do that you'll have to do it yourself.

If you look at the back of the sub where the inputs are you should see a knob to adjust frequency. This is called a low pass filter. You should also see one for gain. You'll have to do some trial and error to set the frequency range and gain to where they sound right to you.

If for some reason your sub doesn't have one built in you can pick up an external one for cheap on Amazon.

u/sprashoo · 5 pointsr/HomePod

Simple solution is to just get one of these:

The HomePod is electrically compatible with Australian mains power. Just needs the plug adapter.

u/kmkoni · 2 pointsr/HomePod

I use an app called Radiofonic, but any internet radio app or even Safari works fine. I’ll let you know when I get a Tutorial together. This is the preamp I’m using: BEHRINGER U-PHONO UFO202

u/inwisso · 1 pointr/HomePod

It’s an adjustable stand for standing and sitting : not sure about the brand I have but Amazon has some thing similar......