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u/HWSpeedRacer · 1 pointr/HotWheels

Thanks! I did not do this very scientifically or correctly but this is what I did :)

- I used a dremel with the metal brush like these - Amazon link - It works really well but I keep loosing parts of it, I know something is wrong but I wear glasses so worst case you step on one later

- The Dupli-color auto paint drys really fast so I was only waiting a min or two but I was also doing thin coats, sprayed about a foot away. Maybe 4 coats like that. I will note that when I was trying the Rust-oleum paint/primer ($3.50 at Walmart) I was waiting closer to 30min at least. With the Dupli-color I was able to have thin coats a lot easier. Clear coat I was giving more time to, I would touch the back and when it was not tacky do another layer until I was happy with it.

You should give it a shot! The auto paint cost more $9.50ish at Advance Auto Parts but I found really easy to use and pretty forgiving. I just painted out side, used a TP roll to hold the car and then put my hand in a bag :)

u/Matthewsagamer · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

3 main cases at 3 different(ish) prices. But cool that you're gonna free them, just gotta watch out for the distractions! Can't tell you the number of times I've pulled cars out at started playing with them on my bed when I'm supposed to be doing homework, oops, lol.

First case I'd recommend are actually meant for sewing stuff, but fits most cars perfectly, with exceptions for long cars of course. Super cheap at ~$10, and holds 48 cars, Joann's fabrics has the cheapest but it's also at Michael's (they have a bunch of online coupons you can use with it too) or Amazon. I have 8 of them, work amazingly. You can hang them from the walls with a little DIY rigging system, I can link a pic I have if you want, but this holds the mainlines I want displayed.

Second case is liscenced by Hot Wheels, holds 48 cars and is $50 on Amazon only, but it comes with a premium exclusive car, the Silverado was last years and the Datsun 510 is the newest one. Could stand on a desk or hang from a wall, but definitely a higher grade, I put all my premiums in here.

Lastly, a super high quality company Carney Plastics, have excellent high-quality, very versatile in customization, but can be a bit pricey. I've heard nothing but positive things, and plan to get one in the future.

Hope this helps you out!

u/msz3 · 6 pointsr/HotWheels

Hey all, I just started collecting a few months ago after missing hot wheels as a kid. My collection is small, (and all black lol) and I wanted a nice display case to show it off, but didn’t want to spend a lot — thought I would share with everybody how I did it.

First I got this Display Case from Michaels. Use their 40% off coupon and you can get it for $35. It holds 24 cars at an angle.

I bought the LEDs off Amazon for $9 — it's just a simple 3xAA Battery Powered String Light. I chose this because you can trim the length of the lights down to only what you need, and it's easily concealable as the wires are very thin.

Wiring was simple. You can easily remove the back panel on the case. I just used some black electrical tape and zig-zagged the lights from top to bottom and cut off the excess. I also left a little extra so I could run them out the back and create a backlight for the case. I'll probably paint the battery housing black to hide it more, and maybe move it to the bottom or back if I mount the case on a wall.

Last, I used some mounting putty to secure all my cars in place.

All in all, it took $45 and 45 minutes to get it all setup. I think it turned out pretty nice, hope you guys like it too!

u/diecastphotography · 4 pointsr/HotWheels

A silver sharpie would work in a pinch but the results would be silver, not chrome. The majority of 'chrome' paint will give the same result. With that being said, there is something that may work better. I say 'may' because I've yet to try one myself.

People have been using these recently with pretty decent results. Note, there are different sizes. The link will take you to the 4mm wide tip marker.

Molotow Liquid Chrome

The markers aren't very cheap - you may find it easier on the pocket book just to pick up one that's in better condition on eBay. Unless of course it has sentimental value. That can't be repurchased.


Rivited on eBay

Including shipping, here's one that's about the same as the cost of the marker.

u/ThaddeusJP · 22 pointsr/HotWheels

Ok, wow, looks like a legit 1969 Beach Bomb. Congrats and go thank your Grandmother.

  1. I would recommend getting this (if you're gonna sell it or keep it, just to protect it): Its a plastic bubble protector for the card.

  2. Try to keep the peg punch out in there as it adds value ("unpunched")

  3. If you're going to sell it, Ebay is your best bet.

u/Hot_Wheels_guy · 1 pointr/HotWheels

(or search "Creative Options organizer" on Amazon)

Free shipping for orders over $25. So $27 for 3, with free shipping. That's an amazing deal. Ebay doesn't come close to that price. If you manage to find them at a retail store they're $12+.

> Just curious what everyone uses to store loose cars.

I've got like 10 of these things, and you won't find a serious collector without at least that many.

Or, if you're a worldclass cheapskate like me, you could go an even cheaper route and buy 2"x4" ziplock bags by the hundreds. Bag the cars and throw them in a box.

Thanks for reminding me about hotcases, though. I've been meaning to get foam cases for some of my more serious cars.

u/DrDevil87 · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

These are the ones I took.

I went with the same company (Sterling) for the smaller protectors for my pre-2018 Car cultures (the "normal" smaller cards) and my mainlines.

They make great products, the cards don't get damaged or bent by the casing.

Now if they could make a few for the Team Transport I'd be set.

Me thinks they should send me love since I'm basically acting like a sales rep right now 😂😂😂

u/Araphen57 · 3 pointsr/HotWheels

Also glad I could help with the images!
For the cases they're on Amazon and seem pretty popular amongst collectors.

Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

u/hidden9999 · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

These work really well for that, be careful in the panel lines. I have found that the paint tends to be thinner in those area so the acetone will eat through the paint really quickly. I know you're across the pond but I'm pretty sure you can find these in your area.

u/Gauche_Emu · 6 pointsr/HotWheels

I like the Creative Options Thread Organizer. They are marketed to craft stores but these cases hold 48 cars. Each side has a double-sized slot which will hold the bigger ones like Hiway Hauler. The price on Amazon jumps between $7 and $11.

u/frozenlores · 3 pointsr/HotWheels

There is cases like this Creative Options Case for loose cars - keeps them separated so they're not scratching each other. The same as a Plano (some number I forget).. but they work great, double sided and you can keep a lot of cars in there.

u/moaltar · 1 pointr/HotWheels

Here are the links for the supplies that I used. Batteries, Switches, and LED's.

And here is a pic of the diagram layout that I used. LEDs have a positive and negative side, so when you connect two together in a circuit , make sure you connect the negative to the positive side. I dont remember if the switch is on the positive or negative side, but I dont think it matters for this setup.

Had the cut the car up quite a bit to get it all to fit. I used a soldering iron too. Makes sticking the wires to the switch and battery much easier.

u/Mind_Of_A_Gemini · 0 pointsr/HotWheels

The new Hot Wheels display that came out is the best bang for the buck in my opinion. There's currently 2 left in-stock for $49.97. It can be displayed on a table, or mounted on the wall



u/Indianslash101 · 0 pointsr/HotWheels

This is what I (and most collectors) use, you can fit about 48 cars per case. Hiway hauler is a little smaller then each compartment

Creative Options Thread Organizer

here's one of mine for example

u/SneakyPetesMyName · 1 pointr/HotWheels

First I center punch the rivets on the bottom with one of these-

Bastex Steel Automatic Center Punch For Stable Hole Drill Indentation. with Adjustable Tension, Push-to-strike Function.

Then I will use a 1/4” drill bit to take the head of the rivets off so the body and base can be separated. Just be slow and careful at this point so you don’t damage the base. Sometimes you may need to use a smaller bit on this part so just check and see what works best for the application.

Then I drill down about 3/16” into the rivet with one of these drills and then tap the hole with the tap-

Du-Bro 360 2-56 Tap And Drill Set

Then I install one of these to make sure it fits correctly and holds everything together properly after all the work is done. You could also do a 2-56x3/16” screw if you want one a little bit longer-

2-56 x 1/8" Button Head Socket Cap Screws, Allen Socket Drive, Stainless Steel 18-8, Full Thread, Bright Finish, Machine Thread, Quantity 100 By Fastenere

I think that’s about it. Send me a DM if you have any other questions.

u/Yowomboo · 1 pointr/HotWheels

A great storage option, and cheap, that used to be for cars but got re-branded.

If you've got some extra cash and really want your loose vehicles stored soundly, then check out hot cases. They've got nice stackable cases that they sell foam inserts for.

*Edit: Fixed link.

u/mr-miller · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

Not sure if this is the exact same one, but this link might help.



Edit: It's currently unavailable =(

u/topboydiecast · 1 pointr/HotWheels

Hot Wheels Aero Lift Vehicle

on backorder but make sure you buy from amazon and not a third party

u/ragingduck · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

If you time it right the same cases from Amazon Prime go on sale for $6.75 once and awhile. Ordered 2 last month, but it looks like prices went up again.

u/Jamie_H · 3 pointsr/HotWheels

Thread organizers from amazon.

Most cars fit just fine. Those that don't can still fit since there's a double wide slot on each side. Some cars are low enough that fitting two in one slot works as well.

u/skeptoid79 · 3 pointsr/HotWheels

same price on amazon as well right now if you're buying something from them and want to add one or two to your order.

u/GZ-Onan · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

Drill out original rivets, which I assume you did in order to take it apart. Drill pilot holes for tap, be careful not to go too far. Use tap tool to cut threads, make sure to use lube (wd40 works). If you’re unfamiliar with tapping maybe look up a vid on you tube.

Button head screws -
Tap and drill bit

u/LH508 · 3 pointsr/HotWheels

If you're looking for organization, try a pegboard with pegs. You could also try a display case. I got mine off of Amazon for about $38 plus $14 shipping. The quality isn't amazing, but it looks nice. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links, but here is the display case I have.

u/canuslide · 1 pointr/HotWheels

Mascar Pro Hotwheels Matchbox 1/64 Scale Display case Black with Clear Snap-On Dust Cover for up to 52 Cars

u/Red_S4_Guy · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

How many cars are you looking to display?

Hotwheels has it's own 50(Actually 48) car case that has clear doors. Amazon

For Reference

u/alex_mk3 · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

Thank you. I do photography. One of my other hobbies/side gig to fund my endless hobbies.

Case for Hot Wheels is this one.

LEGO cases are costum made from shadowboxes. Here is a close up on those.

u/Conkyseviltwin · 2 pointsr/HotWheels

Thanks! "Way she goes bud". Here's a link. Little spendy at $50 to display 48 cars but the car that comes with resells on eBay for $20 to $30 so... Hot Wheels Display Case

u/HalfCasual · 4 pointsr/HotWheels

$50 was the retail price on Amazon, but now they have dropped to $43.03

Check it

u/baxtor07 · 5 pointsr/HotWheels
  • Step 2: Find one with better card and no soft corners or creases
  • Step 3: Open bad card version; play with loose car
  • Step 4: Buy housing for loose car
  • Step 5: Car is lonely, buy more friends (two of each will do)...