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u/twotecks · 4 pointsr/Kappa

I have mild experience in this field (organized video game and tabletop game rooms for cons, well connect with local game center people, curated at a Board Game cafe for a bit)

First off the board game part is gonna be hard depending on your patrons. If its mostly people in their 20s then you have a chance at making the board games work. The "default" stuff is usually pretty bad and not good for bar environments. Monopoly? Wack and way too long. Scrabble? Wack as fuck. Of the "default" board games I would say the only one that really works here would be Uno or Jenga.

But I should stress right now its up to you to supply the board games, people aren't gonna bring their own. What the customers are paying for would be the table to play and the game selection. And if the selection is big enough you don't need to worry about queues, people will just play other games. I think the only time where queue's have been an issue for me was at a con when Dark Souls the Board game came out literally the week of and there was only one copy of the game in the game room. But it was never a big deal.

Monopoly is way too long and boring what you should pick up are the casual games for people that play board games if that makes sense. Gonna recommend a few here:

  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Skull
  • Shadowhunters
  • Werewolf
  • Timeline
  • Spyfall
  • Cash N' Guns
  • Monikers

    All of these games work perfectly in the bar kind of casual environment ESPECIALLY Skull cause it was designed to be played in bars. They're all short, very easy to learn, and mad fun. Could also pick up something good thats based on a licensed property like Game of Thrones or Bloodborne for people that want something familiar. Also most of these games allow for a fuck load of people to play so anyone can jump in

    Party games like Channel A, Exploding Kittens, or Cards Against Humanity also work well in a bar but Cards Against Humanity suffers greatly from the game being only as fun as how funny the players are (which they usually aren't).

    Ticket to Ride, Dominion, and Settlers of Catan are also probably the most well known "introductory" board games. I'm not too big on them but they are worth picking up since there was always someone asking to play any version of Catan. I mainly watch Shut up and Sit Down for info on new board games, definitely recommend their channel.

    As far as the video game stuff goes if fighting games are your target then you need to reach out to your local scene. Find out what days they play at other spots and shoot away from those spots. Advertise tournaments if you want but I would stress that you don't make them too serious. What you should do regardless though is advertise to your local FGC on facebook that you're having casual sessions open and whatever day that doesn't clash with their existing local events. I definitely wouldn't make just current fighting games the focus though if you're trying to be a barcade.

    What usually is a good idea is setting up a couple raspberry pi with RetroPie installed for emulation. One of em set to a familiar multiplayer game for everyone like Mario Kart, Mario Party, or whatever. The other Pi would just have bunch arcade games on em ranging from beat em ups like The Simpsons or Turtles in Time to fighting games like Super Turbo, Vampire Savior, whatever. Pi's are cheap as hell and not too hard to set up for emulation. A Pi 3 is about $40 and a Pi 2 is even cheaper. Unless you trying to emulate Dreamcast I think a Pi 2 would be fine. Cana Kits usually include everything you need. A Pi is a VERY good replacement for an multigame arcade cabinet if you're on a budget.

    At the very least I would try to setup something to play Turtles in Time, The Simpsons, X-Men, or the D&D beat em ups. Beat em ups tend to be good to just pick up and play while drinking and usually let you play with a fuck load of people. You don't really need to track people playing them too cause there's gonna be a lot of open player spots and people usually just stop playing a beat em up when they die or get board.

    For the gaming stuff keeping track of "turns" has never been a issue here, usually people just say they have next regardless if its a fighting game, Mario Party, or anything. Unless your customers are very shy you shouldn't have to worry too much about turns. The brackets idea you have just sounds very confusing for people. If you have enough people that they need to be rotated out that often then getting more setups for games should be a priority over something like a bracket. I definitely stress though having setups with games that have 4 or more players to get as many people in as possible especially if you have only one setup. Mario Party, Mario Kart (especially the newest one that lets you have a fuckload), X-Men Arcade, Overcooked 2, stuff like that. Hell even Smash Bros just cause it has 8 players, but I would enforce it as a casual setup.

    RPGs have a place in a board game bar but if you want people to join with randoms then thats a bit difficult. You'll have to reach out to GMs and have some kind of dry erase board where the GMs can advertise they want players and whatever other info they wanna put. If you can reserve an area specifically for RPGs then thats perfect. That area would also work with big box or longer board games like War of the Ring, Tales of Arabian Nights, Arkham Horror, Dark Souls etc. if you wanna have those.

    I rambled on for a bit there but in short you should be fine in terms of managing queues or anything. If there's more setups or more board games you definitely don't need to worry about turns. If you got any questions feel free to ask away
u/poeticpoet · 2 pointsr/Kappa

I personally use a madcatz so

The main brands are madcatz, hori, qanba and razr.

Everyone seems to like those and you can usually customize them to your liking.

Some players like sanwa buttons but others like semitsu and some like ball top but others like bat top and some like heavy sticks but others...most like heavier sticks.

I've never heard anything bad about the brands I've mentioned.

Also, you can always customize the art work for cheap yourself so don't worry about how it looks.

u/kaiiboraka · 1 pointr/Kappa

If you're really interested, then the best possible way to do so is to get Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ($20 on Amazon) & 2.5 (also $20 on amazon) on the PS3. They're HD ports of the Final Mix versions of the games. Buying those two discs will give you 6 out of 7 Kingdom Hearts games. The last one, Kingdom Hearts 3D, will be coming to the PS4 later this year.

Anyway, let me know if you have any other questions about it or anything. GL HF!

u/TouchOfDoom · 3 pointsr/Kappa

Strongly recommend these wipes

They are huge and are great for cleaning sticks.
I recommend you to pull out the buttons so you can clean the dirt that gets around them, and then put them back.

If you want to clean buttons internally, completely pull out the button by pulling the quick disconnects, pull out the cap with a screwdriver, clean the cap and base with wipe, then put a little bit of 3-in-One oil inside the base all around (so the button slides better when it's pressed). Assemble the button again with the cap, finally put it back inside the stick.

u/kapparealrap · -3 pointsr/Kappa

You can get an unlocked, works with every major provider in the US, has better specs than the US version, galaxy 7 for 580 off amazon. I'm pretty sure that's where he got his, if not he's a fucking idiot.

asia version has a much better CPU/it's better at multi tasking. He's using this to stream and he's recording gameplay from a 1 gig ram iphone 5 lol

u/Hori--FTW · 1 pointr/Kappa

Your chances of finding a legit contoller are pretty low. They were made in a very low supply and only in Japan. They sold out quickly and the Chinese bootlegger's jumped on it. So if you find one like this on Ebay, chances are that it's a Chinese bootleg. I should know because I bought one and the D-pad snapped right off after about a month of moderate use. $50 well spent. Sarcasm.

You're best bet is to buy an authentic Saturn controller and then buy an adapter.

I have no idea if there is an adapter for PS3/PS4 but I can verify that this adapter works for PC without issue.

Saturn D-Pad is good but it's little loose. If you've ever held one of those Madcatz controllers it's like that but obviously of a better quality.

The gold standard for fighting game controllers is the Hori:

Specifically this version with the switch for PC. Avoid the Pro version like the plague. I've bought two different Pro's and they both stopped working after less than a year. I've bought this controller over a year ago and have yet to have any issues. Hence my username.

But use what you're comfortable with. Reminder: Smug, I'mStillDaddy and Nuckledu use the standard PS4 controller. I think there's a couple of other pad warriors that hit top 8. I know Luffy uses a controller but I don't know if he's still using a PS1 controller or made the switch to PS4 or Hori.

u/xamdou · 2 pointsr/Kappa

This is what I use

It's probably more on the expensive side, but 180/2 = 90 days supply

Cheaper ones that are just as good:

Better mineral content

Better vitamin content

Minerals are important for muscle function and can be hard to get with most diets

Vitamins are easily obtained by eating fruit and vegetables

Funding this sort of diet isn't as expensive as most people think

You can get chicken or beef from somewhere between $1-$2/pound

I'd say at least 100g of meat is adequate for a meal so, 1 pound of meat gives you roughly 4 meals

Bananas are like $0.50/pound

Broccoli is cheap - I usually buy a bag of precut florets for like $5 and it often goes bad before I can finish it

Rice is crazy cheap ($1.69 for a box of boil-in-bag Kroger rice and I think you get 4 bags? 0.42 per meal)

Almonds are adequately priced, usually more expensive than peanuts but less than cashews (I find 15g of almonds to be good for a meal and stores usually sell them by the pound)

So, using Kroger prices, it'll cost you $2 for 1lb of meat, $7 for 1lb of almonds, $1.69 for a box of rice, $5 for broccoli = $15.69 at least for (granted these are approximations, and that it's usually more cost-effective to buy more than just 1lb of meat when you shop):

4 meals with meat and rice, 11 with broccoli, and 30 with almonds

Compare that to getting McDonald's every day with at least $5 for a meal

u/Rctfan · 9 pointsr/Kappa

Alright, I just got done exporting the PDF and printing it to make sure I didn't fuck the scale up. The download link is right here. You're going to need two hole saw drill bits, A 15/16ths drill bit for the 24mm holes, a 1-3/16ths for the 30mm holes, and the mandrel for holding it. Try not to buy them on Amazon unless you have to since they are like 5 dollars apiece or less in your local hardware store. I made the pilot holes with a drill bit that was roughly half the size of the bit on the mandrel, but honestly any size works as long as you are careful. The parts you need really don't cost that much even for high quality Semitsu parts so if you want to go super poverty, you could even use American parts if that's your thing.

EDIT: Oh and the dimensions on the page are for checking the scale with a ruler to make sure it's printing right if that wasn't clear.

u/ZimZader · 1 pointr/Kappa

I don't know why you are buying two but I would suggest getting a quality stick for both even if it costs a little extra. A Madcatz TE stick is probably the best way to go for your first stick. You don't want your first experience to be with a piece of trash.

I personally prefer Hori for the bulkier feel (I really love my Hori one.)

If you are going to go to local tournaments then you should probably get a Qanba since they are dual modded straight out of the box. They are like a higher quality TE IMO.

There will probably be some mad deals around Evo. I would wait until then.

u/SkillCappa · -3 pointsr/Kappa

Bring your anime figures, hug pillows, and posters into work and see how long you last. I mean, if you even have an office or cubicle at your job. If you work service, do whatever, they don't give a shit about you so it's a moot point.

I could hang up a poster of Goku and keep my job. There is a better chance of Marvel reviving than me lasting a week with this hanging up. To be fair I probably wouldn't be fired, just talked to and told to remove it.

u/UnsettledSoul · 17 pointsr/Kappa

Hey r/kappa! Since I was not chosen for the winter komike, that means I'll have more time to focus on improving my fundamentals, as well as doing more fighting game related NSFW art. Hopefully I'll be able to post here more often from now on!

I have also been reading quite a lot recently. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari has been as inspirational as lord Daigo's book to me. Highly Recommended.

u/Hobo-With-A-Shotgun · 2 pointsr/Kappa

I bought this 3 months ago and it's really comfy, the recliner feature is also super nice for playing games that use a PS4 pad. Get a footrest as well and you're set.

u/ecchisoba · 1 pointr/Kappa

didnt really play that much of SC after II, but i do diggin' the tracks though, as for Tekken they have a bunch but latest on series i saw over there was Tekken 5 DR

they also have a ton of different piano and orchestra of KH and FF, i cant really remember if i saw any Chrono Trigger, but i do definitely saw for Jet Set Radio and Rez

u/mastergwaha · 1 pointr/Kappa

i got this one:

great price. no modifications necessary to put in sanwa if you want, i haven't this is great budget.

i purchased the older mayflash and put put in custom pcb and added sanwa stuff. this is good enough that i forgot about even buying parts haha, try it , there is also a version with easy change out art for 20$ more i think.

u/CuriousSkeptick · 1 pointr/Kappa

Thou art capable still of receiving the LORD'S blessing and enlightenment through His words: