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u/rockus · 3 pointsr/Kerala

I have been waiting for this for a long time!

The list is small as of now, but some really good stuff in here.

C V Ramanpillai novels are free for now. Marthanda Varma and Ramaraja Bahadur. These classics from way back. I wanted to get my hands on these for sometime. Should give an insight to the old Travancore. There are some poetry classics also free, if that tickles your belly.

Aarachar by KR Meera is highly rated and I have been hesitant to pull the trigger on the paperback for sometime.

For someone starting with reading Malayalam, Premalekhanam by Basheer is highly recommended. Simple and sweet. If you like something simple and sad, check out Balyakalasakhi.

Malayattoor Ramakrishnan is another writer I would recommend. His Yakshi is a brilliant novel.

If mythology interests you, Ini Njan Urangatte by PK Balakrishnan is a must read. Humanizes Mahabharata and centres around Karnan.

If something modern interests you, check out Aadujeevitham by Benyamin. Outstanding work. Lots more to list from authors like Madhavikutty..

u/Escudo777 · 10 pointsr/Kerala

Safest and most peaceful solution will be something like this
If you involve the Police and remain anonymous,it might disrupt the communal harmony of your place. I used to study with headphones or earplugs due to "upadeshis" yelling until midnight.

u/Catholic_Joe · 6 pointsr/Kerala

First of all, a round of applause to you guys.

അനിയൻമാർ പൊളിച്ചു !! I've been trying to get myself to start an explainer podcast- connecting film theory, literature, and ideologies - How-to-think as an alternative to what to think centered podcast.But I chickened out,.

So Kudos men!!

A few suggestions - 1)try not to talk over each other.

2)If you manage to put out atleast 30 hours, you could prolly invest on this mic is too good for its price if you are recording from a single room. I use it to record everything - vocals, guitars percussion, what not..

3)Name - give it a malayalam name - something from your local language- I am assuming you guys are trichur/ekm based on the lingo.

4)Time stamps !! in youtube!!

u/Registered-Nurse · 1 pointr/Kerala

Unscented vangichoode? I never liked Stayfree..oru cheap feeling aa.

Pinne ivide Always infinity ennoru sambhavam undu. Enne athinte spokesperson aakkiyal avarkku iniyum kashundakkam. Ithrayum nalloru pad ente jeevithathil use cheythittilla. Mattu pads aanel blood okke pad inte top il angu chill cheyyum. Ithu pad sherikkum absorb cheyyum. I love it :D and it's so lightweight too. I can mail you some if you want lol

u/rodomontadefarrago · 7 pointsr/Kerala

Prof. George Menachery is one of the most prolific writers on Christianity in Kerala, so his books are a good start. His newest book, 'Facets of India's Christian Legacy' is free on Kindle (Edit: UK Store).

u/_-reddit- · 2 pointsr/Kerala

AmazonBasics 6-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set

Yes, Black & decker, Braun, cusinart are all good brands.

u/kira94 · 2 pointsr/Kerala

If the monitor doesn't have an HDMI port you can get one of these.

Cons- you'll have to connect external speakers or headphones for Audio.
Can't think of anything else.

If you're​ gonna buy a monitor check this out. I've been using it for about 4 months and love it.

u/SecondHandSlows · 2 pointsr/Kerala

I found some plantain chips at Trader Joe’s. I know that Trader Joe’s is probably not in Europe or near you. However, if you can find something similar, they taste a lot like the chips we get in Kerala. Maybe go to a health food store (which is where I first found these) and ask for plantain chips since banana chips tend to be the sweet things you described.

Maybe try Aldis since they are owned by the same company.

u/Moopan · 2 pointsr/Kerala

Hey Steve,

read this book.
Funnily after reading that book and now reading this article, I feel like I know each of the names mentioned.

u/ChinnaThambii · 3 pointsr/Kerala

Not sure if this is available in India or If you know someone coming from US, ask them to get this for you Yi Dash Cam. I am using their Smart Dash cam and have found it useful many a times.

u/Minnumol · 5 pointsr/Kerala


I love medimix soaps. If anyone wants to buy the soap online,

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/Kerala

I would suggest you read The ivory throne by Manu.S.Pillai. It might be an interesting book for you Catherine.

u/lostinsamaya · 6 pointsr/Kerala

The Ivory Throne : Chronicles of the House of Travancore

This is by Manu S. Pillai.

He recently did an AMA recently here as well