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u/Erza_the_cat · 2 pointsr/LazyCats

Pop n Play interactive cat toy
It's not so expensive and easy to handle.
Needs 4 big batteries and turns itself off after 15 minutes.

But be aware! The "birdsound" are nothing like birdssounds and go's in to a 15 minute loop.
And the machine makes a lot of sound but if your not bothered by it than it is a good toy.

If there will be a V2.0 in the future that has either better and less frequent birdsounds or the machinery has been updated i would buy it

u/DiscoKittie · 1 pointr/LazyCats

It's true! They have these things at Amazon I just haven't gotten around to getting it yet! :)

u/IfYouWillem · 1 pointr/LazyCats

This is Da Bird (if posting links is allowed here?) Fez plays with it until he's panting and can't move! haha