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u/ky_ginger · 1 pointr/Louisville

I have an old eMachines laptop. It works but does need a new fan. Hard drive has been wiped clean. Comes with power cord. $25.


Hands-free Bluetooth set for your car. Brand new, never opened. Model number is Parrot MKi9200. These sell for between $200-$240 if you buy it from Amazon or anywhere else. This is brand new and still has the plastic wrap on it, I received it as a gift but don't have a use for it. $75.

link to Amazon listing

link to product on manufacturer's page


Several curtain rods:

2 are oil-rubbed bronze in color (aka very dark brown) and fit windows from 22"-48". $10 for both.

1 is a regular bronze-y color and is longer, for windows 48"-86". $8.

1 is oil-rubbed bronze and is also for 48"-86" size windows. $10.

All come with mounting hardware.


Blackout curtains. These are great if you work nights and need to sleep during the day. Standard height and fit windows 60-72"-ish wide (there are two panels). They are a coppery-bronze color. No rips, tears or stains. They were used in a smoke-free, pet-free home. $10.


Neoprene laptop sleeve, fits 13" laptops. Brown with colored polka dots. Brand new, never used- I received as a gift but I already have one. $5.


Table lamp with shade, brushed nickel in color, off-white shade. About 24" high. $8.


Queen-size Tommy Hilfiger sheet set. White background with hula girl print. Comes with fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. No rips, tears or stains. Only used in a smoke-free home but I did have a dog. Love these sheets but they don't fit my new mattress. $10.

u/Purpoise · 3 pointsr/Louisville

I have a small amount of CC debt but I was able to get a consolidation loan, this made my payments more manageable and the pay-off date and overall cost are now way lower than they would have been. This could be done through some third party lender but I would start with where you know first for options. If you have a bank I would start by there, they may even have someone that specializes in this kind of financial assistance. If you have access to a credit union they may even be more help than a bank's financial advisers. You can always call the credit card company directly and discuss debt management options. It may also be helpful to look at some debt relief programs or reference materials. I've always found Dave Ramsey's plans for financial planning to be straight-forward and effective. Here's a link to a Ramsey book that covers debt-relief and saving/investment, his main concept for debt relief is a "snowball" plan - pay off the small stuff first and once paid off use that extra many for the next largest balance and so on.

Good Luck!

u/1ManGnarmy · 1 pointr/Louisville

Are you going for "archival" quality (declicked/popped, normalized, etc) or do you just want "listenable".

My studio can help you out either way. It'd cost about the same as a converter, but would be of considerably better quality than what you'll get with the preamps and converters that you'll find in those USB boxes.

I'd recommend springing for a decent converter if you're planning on doing this any time again in the future. Surprisingly, this ART one does a pretty good job for the price.

u/BoyMeetsWort · 1 pointr/Louisville

Yeah! That was us lol. I love that little gimbal. Its this guy

u/Lewdiville_Tiger · 1 pointr/Louisville

I highly recommend the Motorola Surfboard they have 6121 and they have a 6141. I bought my Motorola Surfboard I would sell you it but we might need it in the future. I believe it is docsis 3.0 I also think the 121 is not what you are looking for either. link

Probably what you want

The website even says it is compatible with TWC, I know because when I had Internet only and got my own modem it was on the approved list. It's really nice I've had very little problems with this.

I only say this because I worked for ISP company that was the modem that gave me the least trouble. The symbols are easy to read. Also know this modem doesn't provide wifi- wireless you would have to get a router to do that or 3rd option that I don't like is modem/wifi combo.

Edit: I think I paid 70ish from local electronic store.

u/BoulderFreeZone · 1 pointr/Louisville

There's a self-serve car wash place at the corner of Brownsboro Rd and Clifton Ave. They have a bunch of coin operated vacuums that do a really good job.

If you're willing to make the investment, Amazon is selling a Mini Shop Vac for about $36 shipped. This thing works great for vacuuming out cars, and also comes in handy when you have liquid spills from plumbing issues and things of the like.

u/C02PP5 · 1 pointr/Louisville

You said Southern Style but I really like Ed Lee's collards + kimchi served at MilkWood which is technically Korean-Southern fusion. I love it so much so that I quit using my grandmother's recipe and adopted his. Recipe here: basically the entire restaurants menu is in this cookbook

u/Sheckted · 3 pointsr/Louisville

Hi there! Former Terminix route manager for Louisville's west end here.

this is the most effective legal way of controlling a roach infestation, from severe to minor. Please do not use repellant based sprays like black flag, ortho home defense etc. Infact, if it uses bifenthrin, deltamethrin, or cyfluthrin, you are wasting your time when it comes to controlling roaches.

Do not boric acid either, messy and useless. Do not "bug bomb" or fogger. If that stuff worked, pest control would not be an industry. Fipronil based bait is the way to go, and there are a number of good tutorials for effective bait application techniques and guidelines on YouTube.

As for pest control services in area, IMO Terminix charges waaaay too much now, and are pretty much the Comcast of pest control. Orkin is the Time Warner. OPC barely trains their techs, and certainly doesn't pay them well, so you can expect that in your service. Smaller outfits can deliver service on par with what you pay, but there is no way to generalize them.

Hope that helps, pm me if you have any questions!

u/dardrone · 5 pointsr/Louisville

Hey I didn't receive your facebook message, so you may have messaged another person with my name. I worked at McCalister's Deli at the time so you'll probably find some pictures on there from my work experience. I think it was a Canon Powershot 630... can't remember the model exactly. Something like this:

I think I may have removed myself from search results on FB. I do indeed work at Genscape as the elusive Nugget_brain points out so that might help you find me. I think you might also be able to send a message on reddit? Your mom is awesome btw.

u/ColumbaMcZ · 4 pointsr/Louisville

Sure!! Thanks for asking. My novel is called Misercordias and it’s available on Amazon. Here’s the link!


u/spid3rfly · 3 pointsr/Louisville

I'm not sure how tech-oriented you are but ditch their equipment. Every time I move, the techs are always confused because I want my own router/modem.

I upgraded a few years ago to this router. I thought it was weird that Asus was making routers but I took the chance. I love it!

A lot of people complain about Insight > TWC > Spectrum > and who knows if it'll change again, but I've honestly never had any serious issues with them aside from middle of the night maintenance.

Not all but I think most of the complaints about their service come from people that rely on their equipment instead of buying their own. Note: I've also seen a post where people have had issues with Spectrum and their own equipment. It could be something on their side with the line. It's not too difficult to make them send someone to check the line and/or replace it. One of my friends needed this very thing and had me call... I called and they had a tech out the next day to check the line signal.

u/enkafan · 6 pointsr/Louisville

Love to see them. Btw, this is a great book on the 1937 flood if anyone is interested in learning more.

u/Kragshal · 1 pointr/Louisville

I have the ASUS RT N66U. The newer version of mine is THIS. I've never had a problem with mine. The range is great and you can have guest networks so people aren't bugging you about your WiFi password, and they aren't on your personal network, so they won't have access to network shares.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Louisville

I own three of these and recommend them. I love that they talk and tell you what they’re alarming over. We’ve had them 2.5 years so far, no issues. It even has a hush mode voice command that works in case cooking sets it off.

I don’t think it’s mandatory to have them.

u/Vailhem · 1 pointr/Louisville

good to see it happen. once you get it into full blown mode, I highly recommend just cruising around to this song on repeat while actually playing out its lyrics in real life... once it really clicks... you'll know that you've arrived.

u/stormcrow2112 · 5 pointsr/Louisville

We got the Motorola MB7420 for the modem and then the Google OnHub Router from TP-Link. We've experienced considerably better WiFi coverage and a better quality of service overall.

u/DidIMiss60b · 2 pointsr/Louisville

If you don't want your phone tied up and have to deal with the hassle of setting it up every time, get this. Footage quality is really nice, and it has more of the bubble shaped coverage lens (I don't know how to describe it).

It's gotten a bit cheaper. Mine records 24/7. Holds about 12 hours worth of video before it starts recording over whatever file is 12 hours old. The built in battery only lasts about 1-2 minutes, to give it time to finalize the file before shutting off if you're in an accident or something. I think I am using a 32gb Micro SDHC card. I suppose you could go up to 64 gb and have double the storage.

Another Louisville Redditor said they had this dash cam, so I gave it a shot, and it definitely checks out.

The longest I have gone without using my car is 4 days, and it still didn't kill my battery. I don't think it pulls very much power; probably as much as a cell phone.

u/n00bvin · 1 pointr/Louisville

It was really fun to interview Tony, who is really on top of things when marketing his book.

I'll give him a shameless plug:

Amazon Affiliate Link

Non-Affiliate Amazon Link

Figured I'd use both links... I'm not trying to spam, but if you want to click and buy through the affiliate link, I'm not going to stop you.

u/cs502 · 20 pointsr/Louisville

Great $50 investment. Mine has been running 24/7 for over 2 years now with no issues.

Here is actual footage.

It records about 12 hours of footage and then starts recording over whatever was recorded 12 hours previously.