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u/DWShimoda · 1 pointr/MGTOW

>Wow, first I'd like to say I can't believe a stranger would take the time to write all that.

We can't solve your problems for you; but we DO care... best we can do is give you advice and encouragement.
But also know that it isn't "flippant" advice: many of us here HAVE in fact been where you are now, we've "been there, done that" -- we've hit rock bottom, whether after a divorce or other life catastrophe -- we've been in and through that "valley" you are in (if you're of a poetic or biblical bent, you could even call it "the valley of the SHADOW of 'death'" because it sure as fuck feels like that at the time) -- and most importantly we learned how to, and even that we COULD... rise & live again, like a phoenix from the ashes.

This too shall pass.
That's a blessing AND a curse. (Neither GOOD times, nor BAD times really last.)

But when it comes to the bad times, well... it's only you that can leave that valley, we can't do it for you... no matter how much we might want to.

> You definitely had some great words of wisdom in there. I have recently been reading Jordan Peterson's book The 12 rules of life.

Don't get too caught up in Jordan Peterson... the guy is NOT a "model" for anyone wanting a happy life.

Much of the basic advice in the 12 rules is fairly decent, but it could have been just a short essay (which in fact it originally was).

>Like your advice it definitely makes a lot of sense. It just seems so far off and unattainable sometimes.

The ball-bounce scene... seriously.*
I've lived that (including the previous "self-pity scenes"**) many different times in my life.

Sometimes it's chiefly a manner of just getting started, putting things in motion, establishing a routine of continuing that motion; and yeah it can begin with something as simple as that: clean yourself up, clean your room, clean your car... Finnegan begin again.

When we just start working at something -- chip away a little at a time, and then continue -- well it can be amazing both how quickly time can pass, and yet just how much progress one can make in fairly short order. That then becomes it's own sort of positive feedback/encouragement -- it creates momentum, a sort of inertia-driven "object in motion" -- which empowers us to move on to the next step/stage/level, a higher speed, greater power.

And again much like that "ball bounce" scene and subsequent actions he takes, well... the hardest part of everything if just GETTING the motion started -- takes more energy, more "torque" to start a vehicle moving than it does to make it move faster once its in motion.

Point of that is MOVEMENT -- just starting something -- even if it is just literally "bouncing a frigging ball"; or cleaning... it starts that process going.

Don't know how much of a book reader you are, but I personally get a lot of therapeutic "help" from reading fiction -- particularly certain kinds of fiction -- so if you ARE a book-reader, then can I suggest a couple of books? Relatively simple/short: Books like "The Haymeadow", or Hatchet (and the rest of the "Brian" series)... they're basically all "young adult/bildungsroman" books: IOW about teen guys who face disaster (after catastrophic disaster), and yet even with basically ZERO life-experience -- and critically NO assistance from anyone -- manage to see it through and triumph. (To be sure, we're not "teens" any more and past mid-life -- we don't necessarily have that same feeling of "energy" and resilience, or even "will to live"; but we DO have experience, we know we already HAVE triumphed in the past... and we CAN do so again; we CAN rise again.)

Alternately, if you're NOT a book reader, but more of a movie-buff; well then can I suggest "Life As a House" -- and maybe even Disney/Pixar's "UP" film -- both of which contain struggle & sadness, yet also triumph, and purpose in life... even in the face of tragedy.


* And while I'm generally not a "listen to music while doing things guy"... in certain instances, having some upbeat musical "beat" actually playing in the background (for real) CAN be a big help to get you moving; play that ball bounce clip again... turn the sound on & off and see what a difference the music makes to your "feeling/sense of motion/action."

** I wish I could find/link to a clip of the scene that comes just before the ball bounce -- where he is "wallowing" in self-pity for days, weeks... even months... after his relationship break up and quitting his job... shuffling around, going out to the store in a bathrobe, eating junk food, making a mess of his entire apartment, etc -- but alas the clip doesn't seem to be online, the best that I can find is a still shot of him on the street in a bathrobe.

EDIT: aha! found the "drowning in self-pity party" clip!

u/JohnPettimore · 1 pointr/MGTOW

I think you guys are being simplistic. Imagine a Venn diagram. One circle is labeled "Altruism" and the other is labeled "Self-Interest." They almost totally overlap. People almost always act in what they believe is their self-interest, especially women. However, they are never, ever straightforward or honest about it, which is what you collectively both seem to expect and are disappointed in not seeing. But affection and friendship are very closely connected with perceptions of potential benefit.

What you're looking for is some kind of pure, abstract loyalty and love. It doesn't exist. I have thought about this a lot, and I believe longing for this is a kind of regression to the love that you experienced, ideally, when you were a small child, but those days are long over. Nobody, ever, doesn't operate out of a high percentage of self-interest. I haven't met too many saints. Thinking otherwise is literally a childish fantasy.

That being said, I also think that if you can provide, or make people believe you can provide, something they want, they will genuinely care about you. Again, especially true for women, who will genuinely and deeply love a man because he can provide for them and/or keep them safe.

This is as real and meaningful as love gets. It's at least partially conditional, as are a lot of friendships. And I'm fine with that. I really am. If a woman believes that you're the provider of comfort and security, you can pretty much do anything you want, within certain limits, and not only will she not mind, she'll find it alluring. But if you can't do that, it doesn't matter what else you bring to the party.

And the one thing you never, ever do is talk about this stuff. It's closely connected to a lot of very important, unspoken rules about human interaction that govern everything, but that nobody talks about. The right response to disloyalty isn't confrontation or discussion, it's distance. Have a lot to offer, be aware of it, use it, but never talk about it.

This book taught me a lot:

u/jamesthewise · 1 pointr/MGTOW

So the two books I read that helped me TREMENDOUSLY understand options are:

These two books alone should get you comfortable enough to trade profitably or at least to simulate it and make sure first.

McMillans is a HUGE actual textbook used in University. It's not PERFECT but very close. Treat it as your options Bible.

The starter book will get you familiar with all basic concepts, jargon and associated entry level knowledge.

Options trading is the opposite of day trading although they can be day traded successfully in my experience. Options is better performed, however, as a Swing Trade assuming your Technical Analysis plays out.

If you aren't very familiar with Technical Analysis then I'd suggest watching Mitch Ray's instructional videos on youtube for a basic grasp.

Also here is the BIBLE of swing trading Technical Analysis, it is another textbook but well worth the time and cash investment. Bulkowski is basically god.

Before making ANY trade I HIGHLY recommend reading Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas :

He also has it in free audio book on Youtube if you can do audio books. I listened at the gym which worked but really just needed to read.

There's many more resources, books, etc. but this should get your rabbit hole started.

For basic market info as a newbie i recommend

I believe they also have a free simulator. Not sure if options are available on there.

u/ThisAdorableSOB · 3 pointsr/MGTOW

No More Mr Nice Guy was the book I was referring to - hopefully other commenters can offer more examples.

I've been reading A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy & Enchiridion by Epicurus for some easy-to-digest MGTOW philosophy which has crossed nicely into the mainstream. For fiction I'd hugely recommend Whatever by Michel Houellebecq & Lights Out in Wonderland by DBC Pierre (one of my all-time favourites.)

To be fair, Bukowski can be read to help with the "Don't Give A Fuck" attitude that can help build your confidence. He tends to see women without the rose-tinted glasses, to put it delicately. He's written lots of poetry but his novels are the best. Bluebird is one of my favourite poems by him. Post Office is one of his great novels.

That's all I can think of for now.

u/pimpstag · 2 pointsr/MGTOW

Military sounds good - I for one am a 2D artist and that fulfills all my needs. Of course, to each his own and you'll have to find yours. Some men love fishing, travelling the country etc. But I've found that the most meaningful things are creative: writing, music, building stuff, public speaking even making Youtube videos.

Also check out Aaron Clarey - and To me at least he's been an amazing influence. Good luck!

u/Batman_MGTOW · 12 pointsr/MGTOW

Get a job, save as much money as you can, maybe even invest, and then when you turn 18, move in an apartment.

If you want advice you can read this book:

You can find the book for free on this page along with other books from the same author, I recommend you also read "Bachelor Pad Economics", "Enjoy the Decline", "Worthless" and "Reconaissance Men":

Once you get out of your current hostile environment and work on improving your life, everything will get better and you will finally be able to enjoy life to the fullest, until then brace yourself and learn as much as you can and work to save up some money so you can leave when you are allowed to.

u/Keeping_itreal · 1 pointr/MGTOW

There is no need to despair.

Look up surrogacy in Nepal and Cambodia. I was exited about India because it is cheaper, among other reasons, but I've been told that single men are not allowed to, by law. Mexico and Ukraine are shit when it comes to surrogacy, so don't go there.

My research so far indicates that it will cost you about $40,000-$50,000 dollars. I haven't done that much so there may be a way for you to go a little lower.

This may seem like a lot of money but you are young, and you are MGTOW. This means that you have basically zero expenses for the foreseeable future, in comparison to your non-mgtow buddies. Put $220 in a savings account each month for the next twenty years and affording the surrogacy will be a piece of cake. Here is a good place to start.

Work hard, get a great job and you will get the family you wanted, without the threat of divorce rape/alimony/child support. But don't kill yourself over it. Even if you fail, kids are not all that great. You won't be missing much.

On the other hand, should you succeed, here is something to make raising it a whole lot easier and more compatible with MGTOW.

u/Ludakrit · 35 pointsr/MGTOW

IMO; The fastest IT career to get into is in Linux Administration. I don't know how your job scene is over there in the UK, but from my experience in the US it's pretty happening.

You can get started in under 3 months with under a grand and get a job making 50-60k starting.

Here's how:

  1. Pick up this book;

  2. Do all of the exercises, labs, etc...

  3. Go through each portion of each test on

  4. Make a drill setup for each major area. Perform each drill at least 5x a day till you have the commands in your muscle memory. Now, turn over your drill list and attempt the task from scratch. Repeat until you can confidently execute each task from memory. Read 5 man pages per day, minimum.

  5. Go get your RHCSA. Cost to take the test is ~400 USD, dunno what the exchange info is like. After you pass your RHCSA, then take RHCSE.

  6. Go get a job at a webhosting company or a data center.

  7. Keep learning. Learn to write scripts in Bash. After Bash pick up Python. Decide if you want to pivot into the security field, or if you wanna go deeper into Sysadmin. If you want to do security look into Cybrary for general learning security stuff.

  8. Once you have a grip grab your nuts and get your OSCP cert. This is big boy level shit. This is spending 16+ hours on a live lab pen test certification. This is one of the most respected certs in the industry. You get that bad boy and you are going to be getting 100k+ hiring offers off twitter and linkedin regularly.

    If you wanna stay an admin go down the architect route with Redhat.

    Knock knock Neo.
u/Anonymoose_wrex · 3 pointsr/MGTOW

Yep, I am definitely an introvert as well.

I found this book very insightful and taught me introversion has it's own strengths that are currently devalued/undervalued in our societies:

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Also, I just avoid crowds at this point. I simply came to terms with my introversion and that large crowds were not where I felt comfortable. Just the mere presence of too many people is oppressive. Unlike some other people in the world I chose to leave the party instead of demanding the party make me feel safe and comfortable.

For example; you go to a bar or restaurant and they were playing the music a little too loud. So, the guests talk a little louder to talk over the music and the table next to them talks a little louder to hear over the music and the other table, and so on, and so on. Eventually it feels like the entire place is yelling at each other just because they all want to be heard and I am over in the corner thinking "This is way too fucking loud..."

Now, make all that talking into emotion/ego driven posturing and shit testing common to mating rituals today and that is a bit of what it is like to be an empath at a party. There is a whole second layer of noise we have to deal with.

u/nihilismMattersTmro · 5 pointsr/MGTOW

what you are experiencing is very real. it is discussed in

I really good book I'm reading, advertised by tom leykis and I know some readers here have talked about it.

Living the single life is fun AF, but we are in the minority and it is really easy to isolate yourself from normal people. Painful and sad. You can go tell your best friend who's married all about the excitement you're having any given day. and he'll think it's cool, and might be jealous, but you have to keep making new friends to try and keep up with you. which is increasingly difficult at advancing ages.

I still wouldn't trade it for married life unless I actually found a unicorn... which really, isn't gon happen

u/thrownaway_MGTOW · 4 pointsr/MGTOW

As I noted in a comment in another thread...


>What lies at the intersection of /r/financialindependence and /r/mgtow?

A nifty little book called "Bachelor Pad Economics" that I recently ran across -- and there's also a (cheaper) ebook version -- seems to sum it all up (i.e. MGTOW + Financial Independence, etc.). He pretty much outlines (after the fact) what I followed for a plan in the 90's and 00's.

BTW I'm like Mr. Magwitch, basically frugal and (more or less) "retired" in my early 40's; debt free with house paid off, investments that (in part because I was no longer doing a commute/day-job) I was able to pull from the stock market at the 2007/2008 "peak" and then bought back in at basically the bottom -- and which generate more than enough to pay my minimal living costs (no wife, no EX-wife, no kids, & free from wife & kid-led consumer/status trap = cheap living).

Moreover, that was achieved after only about a dozen years of working & saving (and 8 years paying off the house, buying the vehicles, building the workshop addition, etc) -- that dozen years prior (early 30's) I was deep in debt due to a failed business (went out a bit too far on that limb, had to climb my way back out), and without a proverbial pot to piss in (not even a functional vehicle for about a year).

Note that I said "more or less retired" because I do still engage in some occasional consulting contracts, as well as "working" on hobbies and various volunteer things -- but basically I'm doing those things because I want to (I really only take consult contracts that I think are "interesting" or unique in some way and where I expect to have fun as well as make some extra cash) -- I am NOT doing any of those things to eat or have a roof over my head...

And I am definitely not feeding any brats (much less some F's crotch spawn).


BTW Forgive the repost of above the comment, but why rewrite the same thing again? Figured I'd post this as a separate thread to get the book some more exposure. (And no... I am not the author and don't make a penny from this recommendation, not even Amazon link-based stuff.)

u/manifold1 · 1 pointr/MGTOW

Fun facts : The very number of X chromosome IS one of the reasons of the inferiority of women's intelligence. Men are intellectually superior to women for many biological reasons, and single X chromosome is one of them. For a detailed explanation of this, read this book:

Smart and SeXy


u/lovedinoden · 3 pointsr/MGTOW

Dude... thanks!

I just got it-- it's free with a amazon e-reader 3-month free trial

u/User-31f64a4e · 38 pointsr/MGTOW

Of course. This is exactly as described by Vox Day in his book

  • Social Justice Warriors always lie
  • Social Justice Warriors always project
  • Social Justice Warriors always double down
u/lonewolf-chicago · 1 pointr/MGTOW


I purchased the book and it was delivered yesterday. I began reading this book last night for about 4 hours. Thank You!! What a great recommendation.

The 2nd chapter about negative visualization was quite validating. I've done this and beaten myself up for it for years. It turns out that the reason I did it (what I thought was a mental weakness) was justified in this book. Thinking of worst case scenarios takes the sting away if that or another negative thing happens. I've thought this and my daughter instinctively does it (with a little influence from me, I'm sure) and with great benefit.

Also just in the second chapter how it can allow you to appreciate life more than the person that NEVER thinks anything negative will ever happen... and then they are devastated.

Great read so far. For those that get the book... the intro and 1st chapter are painful - Philosophical History, but the rest of the book is written just as one would expect.

Thanks again! Chapter 3 and 4 coming up tonight.

u/Grant1412 · 4 pointsr/MGTOW

I don't know, I'm pretty average, but I could do something like what he's done with his dating only younger ladies. But it could potentially have something to do with where I live.

Having said that, I wouldn't do it because I don't trust myself not to catch the feels. ...Plus, I've read The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women. To anybody thinking they'd like to date a young lass, read that book and then tell us if you still feel like it.

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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/MGTOW

>Women vary less in intelligence and are more middle road typically

This is true AND average IQ is also higher among men(8-9 points). This book explains everything about it(the origin of IQ differences between sexes, and the IQ differences itself, on and on and on), with more than 300 citations of peer-reviewed journal articles.


u/TheExSexOffender · 2 pointsr/MGTOW

> Esther Vilar in "The Manipulated Man"

That book is almost 180 bucks on Amazon. I have it on my list, but I just can't see spending that kind of money for a book at the moment.

That's how important and controlled that book is in today's world. When I saw that price and how restricted/hard to get it was, that immediately setoff some massive Red Alerts.

It's easier for me to get Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf than it is a copy of that book.

Let that sink in.

u/TempleOfIron · 28 pointsr/MGTOW

AWALT. They all have their avenues of validation. Check out this book it's an eye opener. Best way to prevent that from happening is to not have a girlfriend or wife in the first place.

u/Alephone1 · 3 pointsr/MGTOW

Think about it. If you hate men where else can you get you're revenge and be practically untouchable.

It's the same with all social justice warriors. Check out Vox Days SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down.

They want you disemployed if not dead. Communists at heart. It always ends this way with them.

u/mishegoss_ · 5 pointsr/MGTOW

Start here. It's a good start.

EDIT: here's one review:
Every young man needs to read this book. All the advice one needs to know when moving out of the parent’s house: college, dating, budgeting, spending, financial planning, and being a success in Obama’s Socialist America.

The reader will experience shock and dismay at what has become of our economy and the ‘modern woman.’ This isn’t your Dad’s, or Grandfather’s America, sonny. Those days of finding a quality woman, raising a family, having a successful career with just one or two employers is just about impossible. Pursuing those endeavors will most often result in failure and financial ruin.

This is 512 pages of advice. Most are lessons the author has learned the hard way. Young men: read this so you can navigate the terrain of the new, transformed, America. Read it to learn from someone else’s mistakes!

u/Docbear64 · 1 pointr/MGTOW

As for Women who support or at least understand MGTOW I'd assume the two would be

Esther Vilar of The Manipulated man :

and Dr. Helen Smith Of Men on Strike :

It's going to be harder to find sources that rationally argue against MGTOW because the typical arguments against MGTOW tend to attack mens sexuality , sexual abilities( incel / virgin ) , or tend to call men who do not subscribe to traditional male gender roles cowards and similar emasculating claims to evoke an emotional response .

The most common arguments against MGTOW are probably going to be listed as arguments in support of men marrying .