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Nice to see the new community for Make: Electronics. Charles Platt really did a awesome job of teaching electronics to beginners in a way that got their hands dirty quickly with some fun projects. Do yourself a favor and get the 2nd edition of the book as the projects were redone from readers input and the 2nd edition book now includes Arduino based projects so it is perfect IMO as you get to learn the basic circuits and foundation principals first which in turn leads you into microcontroller use and automation. I got the Make Electronics 2nd ed book and these electronic kits that have the components for each experiment in the book for my wife that I never thought was going to have a interest in electronics and she loved it. Right from the beginning when she was told to put a 9v battery on her tongue and wanted me to watch lol. It was perfect for her as she would of never spent the time to order all of the electronic parts to follow along with the projects if she didn't have the component kit. I just ordered another set for my nephew for x-mas as he just turned 12 and wants to learn robotics eventually so IMO this would be the perfect start for him to understand electronics and have a idea what is going on first.