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u/felunk · 2 pointsr/Model3

Yeah nothing out there on that...thought about doing a video but too lazy X).....I used painters tape on bottom of the headlights and over the blinkers. and just sprayed the whole front fascia(using a large piece of cardboard to protect any stray spray from getting on the rest of the car) does kinda puddle up and drip if you put too much in any one area. Worked perfectly everywhere so i'd say you just need a nice thin coat...again not sure how long it'll last, it does seem to wipe off fairly easily as it's not permanent. Also due to all the snow on the road I couldn't use auto drive much so not a big deal...I bought this, and just used the top coat per recommendations: a section of concrete stairs with the base and top coat that worked really well to prevent icing so i'll probably buy some more for that.

u/oupablo · 1 pointr/Model3

I got these. I didn't realize tesla had their own. These are nicer than I expected and I like the console inserts. They fit almost perfectly. There is just small gap between the mat and the side but it's never been an issue with pulling the mat by hitting it with my foot, so overall i'm pretty happy with them.

u/captainredbeard3233 · 2 pointsr/Model3

Mother’s vinyl cleaner is great! Mothers Vinyl, Leather & Rubber (VLR) Care (24 oz.) Bundle with Microfiber Cloth (2 Items)

u/mindofjunaid · 1 pointr/Model3

Better than a Sandisk extreme go 64gb?

And better than a Wd passport?

Ive used both with the same problem occurring shortly after starting driving.

u/supermain · 3 pointsr/Model3

I have these in my model 3 and Forester. Absolutely the best ones i've had. Fit like a glove and easy to clean with no slippage. They also have frunk/trunk mats, but I haven't bought them. I am ghetto and have used cardboard for those two.

u/futuremodelthree · 1 pointr/Model3

Thanks! Yes. I put a carbon fiber wrap on them.

Found here: Amazon link

u/Rhythmmik1 · 2 pointsr/Model3

I got this wireless charge pad a couple weeks ago. Installed super easily and works as expected.

TapTes Model 3 Wireless Charger Dual Qi Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad M3 Car Interior Center Console Accessories for Any Qi Enable Phone, Compatible with Tesla Model 3 - No Software Issue Upgraded

u/TrickyBAM · 2 pointsr/Model3

Go on Amazon and get the cigarette lighter inverter... I have something like this myself.
BYGD 150W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 3 Charger Outlets and Dual 2.4A USB Ports Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter

u/j_breaker · 1 pointr/Model3

Samsung BAR Plus 256GB - 300MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive Titan Gray (MUF-256BE4/AM)

Me and my coworker both ended up with this same one after he sprung for an M3 long range weeks before I picked up my Model 3. I guess it was more than just a coincidence 😅

u/T_double_U · 1 pointr/Model3

If it’s a bad scuff, I tried this stuff and it worked REALLY well.

Colourlock Leather Fresh Dye DIY...

u/HHHmmmm512 · 1 pointr/Model3

That makes sense.

I was actually looking at this

In the heat of Summer, is that ever an issue at all? I live in Texas!

u/ThatOhioGuyFromOhio · 1 pointr/Model3

You need one with a faster read write speed. The first 64GB one that you posted as only a read-write speed of 150 MB/S. I'm not sure about the second one that you posted but probably the read-write speed is not as fast as well. This is what I have and I have no issue ever since I bought it:

SanDisk 500GB Extreme Portable...

u/skallix · 3 pointsr/Model3

The wind noise and the reverse camera delay are my two biggest complaints. Reverse camera delay is software related so that will likely get fixed in the coming months.

I have purchased both this basenor wind reduction kit and this wind guard which seem to help a little but I think most of the noise is coming through the front windshield somehow.

u/MidtownBlue · 1 pointr/Model3

I am not sure what Tesla's specs are (USB2 or USB3), but the one I got (which our Model3 hasn't complained) is a USB3. Heres the link:

Mine is only 128GB, but I got it anyways because I was getting tired of comparing USBs on Amazon and somewhere (either in reviews or some other forum) someone mentioned this one worked for their Tesla.