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u/HurricaneMaanen · 2 pointsr/NovemberBumpers2017

Sure! Not cheap but not like, exorbitant in my opinion.

Women's Compression Pants (Black - XL) Best Full Leggings Tights for Running, Yoga, Gym by CompressionZ

u/kdmartin · 2 pointsr/NovemberBumpers2017

In addition to lotion, I put a scoop of gelatin/collagen in my smoothies and sometimes in my tea. It's tasteless and I'm hoping it will help with skin elasticity from the "inside".

Here is an example:

u/jfritsche · 2 pointsr/NovemberBumpers2017

This is what I got...solely based on the fact that it was available for same-day delivery. LOL The price was right, though, too. It's very comfy and fluffy but firm enough to be supportive.

u/ernieball · 2 pointsr/NovemberBumpers2017

Yeah, baby. You've seen this and this, yes? I bought them for my nephew's 1st birthday and already have them in the cart for this kid :D

u/JessieBooBoo · 1 pointr/NovemberBumpers2017

I got these 25mg tablets from Amazon. Of course now the Dr gave me Diclegis, so I'm not taking them anymore and have nearly the whole bottle left.

u/hoovooloo22 · 5 pointsr/NovemberBumpers2017

I highly recommend the book The Pregnant Athlete. It's very exercise friendly and has practical advice and exercise plans for each trimester.

Personally I think the 25 lb thing is bullshit, especially as my toddler is 25 lbs right now and I am going to keep picking her up throughout my pregnancy. No one bats an eye at pregnant moms lifting up 40 lb wiggly kids.

u/brillyinz · 3 pointsr/NovemberBumpers2017

I'm taking the unisom + b6 combo and it doesn't take the nausea away totally but the one day I skipped it was TERRIBLE, so it's definitely making a difference.

The kind I have now is 100mg but I just got these on amazon, in 25mg. I'm going to try to lower the dose a little, I also read not to exceed 100mg/day.