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9Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender PoliticsLoving Men, Respecting Women:...1
10Udderly Smooth Body Cream 12 oz (Pack of 6)Udderly Smooth Body Cream 12 ...1
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16Feeling Good: The New Mood TherapyFeeling Good: The New Mood Th...1
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19APA Handbook of Men and Masculinities (APA Handbooks in Psychology)APA Handbook of Men and Mascu...1
20TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax, 3 OunceTIGI Bed Head for Men Matte S...1

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u/SquareBottle · 5 pointsr/OneY

I definitely prefer boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs over boxers! Here are the things I find better:

  • The fabric stays out of the way
  • Everything stays in place
  • No wedgies or weird bunching
  • No muffin forming over my pants
  • No accidental "noose" formation
  • No need to awkwardly try to fix my underwear
  • Slimmer, more flattering profile
  • Makes me feel a little sexier (and it's nice to return the favor for women, who often wear sexier underwear for us)
  • Nothing bounces or flops around
  • Never feel worried or self-conscious about random or non-random erections
  • Shorts and pants glide over the fabric better during movement because it's smoother
  • No chafing
  • Not in middle school anymore, so it's actually kind of nice just to feel liberated from the weird social pressure to wear boxers (this was a thing where I grew up and is the reason it took me so long to even try boxer briefs and briefs)
  • The gentle compression just plain feels nice

    Obviously nobody can promise that you'll feel the same way! It's not like boxers are "wrong," and it's entirely possible that you never experienced some or all of the issues I had with them. If you want to wear boxers, then cool, wear boxers.

    But yeah, when I finally tried a pair of boxer briefs, it was like an epiphany. None of the bad things I'd been taught to expect (too tight, too constrictive, wedgies, look dumb, etc) actually happened, and the boxer briefs (and trunks and briefs) were actually better than boxers in a lot of those regards. I could hardly wait to finish phasing out all my boxers.

    The only reason I waited so long was because at my school growing up, all the boys socially policed each others underwear. It was homophobic and stupid. After I finished all my required P.E. classes and didn't have to deal with the school locker rooms anymore, I still waited a long time to try something other than boxers.

    Hilariously, the only reason I eventually tried at all was because my favorite character from my favorite show happened to usually wear black compression shorts. That indirectly gave me a kind of "permission" to even consider the idea, and eventually led to me giving boxer briefs a try. Man, I wish I hadn't waited so long. There was a huge difference in comfort for me, and I immediately realized how stupid it was that we'd all cared so much about what others thought about our underwear. It made me mad, and that's why I looked into this topic as much as I have and why I'm bothering to write all this.

    I can't imagine going back to boxers and I still have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about all the years of peer pressure during K-12. Maybe it's weird to care so much, but whatever. Maybe you can relate to the peer pressure to wear boxers back in K-12, maybe not. That's my story.

    Anyway, here are some suggestions to help make sure that you'll have a good experience when you give it a try. And this way, if you don't like them, then you can be more confident that it's not because you just happened to pick a bad pair to try.

    Recommended Pairs

  • Mosmann Nero Boxer Briefs: My current favorite. I absolutely love these. You can get these in multipacks, but it gets expensive fast.
  • Original Penguin Boxer Briefs: Easily the best affordable multipack. Even better than most pairs that cost three times as much.
  • 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch No Show Briefs: Incredibly comfortable briefs that fit me just right. Probably my current favorite briefs.
  • Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Hip Briefs: Also great, and from a brand that you probably already trust.

    Good Online Stores

  • Freshpair: Large selection across all price points, but not curated very well. (Better curation than Amazon though.)
  • Underwear Expert: Smaller selection in the mid-to-high price range, but highly curated. Note that you don't need to sign up for their subscription service in order to buy from them.

    Other Tips

  • When the description talks about "support," they mean a few different things. They're talking about lifting your junk into a comfortable position, keeping it all in that position without bouncing or flopping around, and keeping erections under control (so that you don't ever feel self-conscious).
  • When the description says there is a "pouch," that means that the front is shaped specifically to hold your junk to increase comfort and support, and also to round out the bulge for aesthetic reasons. Your junk will come slightly forward (where everything naturally "wants to be") instead of being pushed down and back.
  • To cater to different preferences, pouches range from smoothed to rounded to pronounced to daring to scandalous. Most of what's out there is on the modest half of the spectrum.
  • Although most people prefer some amount of pouch, there are still plenty of people who prefer no pouch at all or don't care enough to pay more (since designs with pouches tend to cost a bit more). There's not really a name for this, so I'll just call it flat/pouchless. There's no cupping because that front is just flat, so everything just kinda ends up pushed down and your junk can move around a bit more because nothing really cupping it to hold it in one place. This style won't eliminate bulge, and in fact isn't really aiming to control your bulge at all. Instead, your thighs will stretch the center fabric taut, which is what hides and makes a big empty space for your bits. It's kind of like a flat-roofed tent.
  • This might seem like a big leap, but if you end up liking form-fitting underwear, then you should try form-fitting swimwear at least once in your life. Jammers and swim briefs were another revelation for me that I didn't try until college. Go to your local indoor pool during lap swim hours, and do a few laps in your regular baggy swimsuit. Then, try a lap in a pair of jammers or swim briefs. It's crazy different. The jammer should feel a lot better, and the swim briefs should feel dramatically better. At least, that was my experience.

    I can't believe I just wrote more than 7,200 characters about all this, but whatever. I hope you find it useful.

    Edit: /u/RoundCustard, I also wrote all this for your benefit.
u/cum_penibus · 10 pointsr/OneY

I think he's almost got it. Women do have more sexual market value but it's not because they're inherently more attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and men whether gay or straight have a lot more beauty in their eyes:

> [...] the combined flesh lust toward men of all the women in America is sufficient to sustain only one magazine, directed at women, featuring erotic pictures of men. Despite its fame, Playgirl is a small-scale publication boasting fewer subscribers than such narrow-audience magazines as Mother Earth News and Workbench. What's more, fully half its subscribers are men.

> The heterosexuality of women could not possibly be as socially suppressed as is the homosexuality of men; yet gay men find enough beauty in the flesh of men to allow gay erotica to flourish. And the heterosexual desires of men have made erotic imagery of women into a multibillion-dollar industry. But the heterosexual desires of women would seem to be only half sufficient to keep one low-circulation magazine afloat.

  • Tim Golditch

    Also men are randier than women. These perfectly natural phenomena conspire to give women massive leverage over men in the sexual realm. It's nothing to do with women's bodies being curvy.
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/OneY


It would help to know what kind of boot is required by his job, I don't really know what "roofing friendly" means. If he just needs a vibram sole, that's one thing, but his workplace might require more. Steeltoe? 12" Ankle height?

All weather is a given, so you should focus on what kind of weather is dominant in your area. Buying water proof boots when it rains 15 times a year is a huge waste and going to be hard on your feet, especially if you live in a hot area. Gortex is great if he is working in Seattle, but it would be fucking awful in Arizona.

As for fit, he's going to need to go and try on some boots. Find a boot store in your area. For heavy duty work boots. most of the standard brands are fine, it really depends on what fits: Danner, Wesco, Redwing, etc. However, a lot of guys/gals are wearing more comfortable hiking boots on the grade and that tends to work just fine as well. Again, it depends on his job requirements.

Foot care:

What's going on with his feet is not "normal." Well, it is normal insofar as most people develop these sorts of problems at some point, but I don't care what he's doing: Your feet should not be a bloody mess after work. He could have some sort of fungus or athletes foot that is causing problems. He should probably go to a doctor and they can tell him what to do.

If is feet are really dry, the foot soak is just going to dry them out even more, which will cause more cracking and bleeding. My feet used to crack pretty badly, and this stuff helped a lot:

The most important thing for super dry feet, I've found, is to make sure your feet are CLEAN before you go to bed. Any dirt/grit will dry them out overnight and cause more cracking. I get a wet rag before bed and scrub my feet really well, and then apply udder butter. It prevents cracking. However: This wont be enough if he has some other issue, which sounds 100% likely.

u/jolly_mcfats · 25 pointsr/OneY

Yes, although you may come to view that sensation as potentially dangerous to the relationship, at least I do. That's not to say that those feelings are bad, it's just that when you experience them, you may be learning more about yourself than the other person.

If you have ever crushed on a friend that you have known for a while, you have a great laboratory for looking at this- you can superimpose your current vision of them with your prior vision of them, and learn a great deal about what you emphasize when you crush on someone, and learn a bit about who and what you want to be yourself in doing so.

That head-over-heels feeling is wonderful, and nourishing- but it's important not to let it distract you from the complete humanity of the other person, and lead you to unrealistic expectations or standards for them. You need to interact with the actual person, rather than the idealized version that you are projecting onto them. I think it also tends to be unsustainable, and a great relationship will mature into something less intense, but possibly more profound.

I found Jung's notion of anima- particularly as described by Robert Johnson to be compelling thought on the subject. Also the notion of Limerence as described by Dorothy Tennov. These are great sources for navigating beginning relationships, but also exceedingly useful when you want to process- but not act on- attraction.

u/maxd · 2 pointsr/OneY

Hey friend. You aren't going to ever get a super close shave with an electric razor, but get yourself some pre-shave oil and it'll make things better.

Here's the one I used to use, although there are many better ones out there I'm sure. You should really look at proper shaving, it's awesome. :)

u/badkarma5833 · 1 pointr/OneY

The only reason why I asked about the blood sugar is because my Fasting Glucose always came back normal but my GP randomly threw on a A1C test when I first asked for a T level test and it was 6.0 (pre-diabetic) which was surprising for me since I have always been generally healhty and in shape. At this time I was about 20-25 pounds overweight but I wouldnt think thats enough to trigger pre-diabetes. I have kept my sugar inline ever since. A1C is always below 6. It may be unrelated to the while T issue stuff but im keeping an eye on how my glucose reacts if my T levels go back to normal.

I do highly encourage you to get back into working out. If you can go for strength training and lift weights and minimize cardio and go on a low carb high protein diet go for it.
Great Guide for Strength Training

Also recommend Beach Body Products like P90X and Body Beast.

Il def keep you informed. Il go for some more blood work probably around the end of December or early Jan as these things take time I suppose. Feel free to PM me as well im on reddit often.

u/demented_pants · 12 pointsr/OneY

XX here, but I think I have some awesome relevant info for you.

What I did when I found out my partner was having issues with the condoms I keep around by default was go over to Amazon and buy a bunch of various sample packs in different sizes - you can search specifically for larger sized ones. Then you get to do SCIENCE, and it worked out to being pretty cheap per condom, even after shipping.


u/Robert_anton_wilson · 2 pointsr/OneY

Hi Scott!

Thanks for posting this here. I thought the article touched on a lot of points nobody really talks about.

Do you think self esteem necessarily needs to come from skills or attributes? Cooking, athletics, other mental tasks etc seem like skills.

I'm reading 'Feeling Good: the mood therapy by David D Burns' where he talks about self esteem emanating not from skills but from self acceptance.

Thanks again for sharing!

u/kraemahz · 2 pointsr/OneY

The Internet means that you can take on any casual style that you can pull off at your job. There are plenty of styles out there that can suit your personality.

Here are a couple pieces started wearing recently:

u/anon2929 · 5 pointsr/OneY

There is a lot of research going on with organizations and journals dedicated to the subject.
American Psychological Association: Division 51 Society for Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity. This is probably your best resource. They have a page dedicated Research Briefs. Their Div 51 Journal - Psychology of Men & Masculinity will provide a thorough review of research published in the area.
There is also the Men and Masculinities Journal, the
Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality, and the
Journal of Men's Studies. I'm sure that I am missing some but these are the ones that I know of. You could probably also find a text book that covers a lot of these ideas. I think the standard is APA Handbook of Men and Masculinities, Handbook of Studies on Men and Masculinities, and Masculinities 2nd Edition.

If you find anything you think interesting please post it over to /r/manfeelings. I'm collecting interesting articles and pieces over there.

u/whtthfff · 5 pointsr/OneY

Yeah man definitely go to some actual salons if you want a good haircut. But I don't think most of them are really "for women" at all anyway. Basically with one exception, every hair place I've been to clearly catered to male customers as well as female. I used to feel a little self conscious when I first stopped going to crap cheap places, but it's never been an issue so I just stopped feeling weird about it.

Also if you are looking for hair styling suggestions, bed head matte separation wax is the best I've every found, and I've tried a LOT of different ones. Like it says though it's a matte finish, won't work if you want a shine.

u/dakewla · 1 pointr/OneY

I did but I am excited about a new purchase that came in the mail a couple days ago. This and this.

These two items are fantastic and highly recommended. (also a shout-out to r/wicked_edge for leading me to them.)

u/pilibitti · 7 pointsr/OneY

Hi there!

>I don't think it's depression. I've had moments of extreme loneliness, but It's never been crippling. I can function just fine.

Honestly, you sound pretty depressed. You don't need to be crippled by it to be depressed. For some people it is mild, and stays that way (or goes away). For some, it becomes worse over time. But the way you describe screams depression to me.

As a practical guide, look into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a start. You don't require a therapist for it (although it would be nice but I know you won't (or can't) be going that route as a start). So I suggest you this book. I witnessed it helping tremendously to many people first hand (if you do your CBT homework as presented in the book). Research it first and see what you are getting into. This is not an ad, if you want I can send you a digital copy (pirated) or you can find it online. I just want you to consider it. Best of luck.

u/Husher · 3 pointsr/OneY

I'd like to recommend the Give n Go boxer briefs by Exofficio. They're super comfy, let you breath, hold up to multiple washing and during a trip to Disneyworld in Orlando with 1000% humidity, my balls did not sweat.

I have slowly replaced all of my underwear with this brand. They're totally worth it.

u/tgjer · 3 pointsr/OneY

If you want to try a cheaper model at first, this one looks good. + 100 blades and a brush and soap for a total of $47, with free shipping.

u/Not_Jane_Gumb · 1 pointr/OneY

Well, your mind doesn't exist until it experiences thought, so you can retrain those desires by allowing certain thoughts to thrive and debunking the ones that make you unhappy. That is the basis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If you are interested, this is a very good introduction to that technique.

u/fuerve · 0 pointsr/OneY

I took a shot on Dreamcatcher boxer-briefs and I love them.