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u/TriumphantGeorge · 2 pointsr/Oneirosophy

Perfect timing!

I've finally got around to playing more seriously with a Dream Yoga type approach (having done lucid dreaming for years), one reasonably independent from any particular traditional worldview hopefully - although various sources can act as inspiration. (The questions raised in Robert Waggoner's great book got me interested again, for instance, along with Rupert Spira and Greg Goode's writings on non-duality, Douglas Harding, and others.)

I've been experimenting with trying to be more direct, and 'overwrite' the sense of boundaries with empty space, to create a direct non-dual, open feeling - a sort of unbroken 'ideational space':

>As stated above, an important part of this practice is to experience yourself as a dream. Imagine yourself as an illusion, as a dream figure, with a body that lacks solidity. Imagine your personality and various identities as projections of mind. Maintain presence, the same lucidity you are trying to cultivate in dream, while sensing yourself as insubstantial and transient, made only of light. This creates a very different relationship with yourself that is comfortable, flexible, and expansive.

>In doing these practices, it is not enough to simply repeat again and again that you are in a dream. The truth of the statement must be felt and experienced beyond the words. Use the imagination, senses, and awareness in fully integrating the practice with felt experience. When you do the practice properly, each time you think that you are in a dream, presence becomes stronger and experience more vivid. If there is not this kind of immediate qualitative change, make certain that the practice has not become only the mechanical repetition of a phrase, which is of little benefit. There is no magic in just thinking a formula; the words should be used to remind yourself to bring greater awareness and calm to the moment. When practicing the recognition, "wake" yourself – by increasing clarity and presence – again and again. until just remembering the thought, "This is a dream," brings a simultaneous strengthening and brightening of awareness

  • The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

    (Thanks to /u/Nefandi for the heads up on this sub's existence.)
u/aconfusedseeker · 8 pointsr/Oneirosophy

>No worries, I'm fine with leaving this discussion in the realm of theory. Don't worry about false hope--Although I would much prefer to be a woman, I can live the rest of my life as a man, if I have to.

Perhaps you don't have to. While oneirosophy itself isn't a magic pill, the goal of it could be considered as such

> I agree; all we can talk about are our own experiences. Could you please share what experiences you've had with changing physical aspects through Oneirosophy?

I've never went far enough to really change that much on the outward level. What I've mainly tried was on the inside - health, to be specific. While maybe not impressive, I've manage to get rid of illnesses very, very fast. Numb pain when it flared up. Cast away fear and anxiety when it choked me. But I've also, due to lack of thought control, managed to bring on myself illness through stray thoughts when I was in my most "unhinged" state.

But I remember a post on here where some gal was able to change outward, physical appearance such that even her family members could not deny that something was going on.

> I've been lurking on this sub for about a month. I know that since this is my first post here, it appears as though my only interest is in a "magic pill". I didn't come to Oneirosophy for a magic sex change--but if this world is a dream, then a sex change is definitely a step I'd like to take on my path to full lucidity. That said, I recognize the irony that this path may take me to the point where gender is irrelevant to me. It's a path I still would like to walk. I appreciate any help you or others offer on this journey.

Then let it begin. Some of my recommended reading aside from posts on oneirosophy:

Refuting the External World (this was my introduction to non-dualism and started me off down this path, heartily recommend spilling the few bucks - other books here might not make sense without this first):

Gateless Gatecrashers:

Gospel of Thomas (gnosticism):

Lester Levenson's short bio-story:

Lester Levenson's Keys to the Ultimate Freedom:

Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle:

Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard:

The Law and the Promise by Neville Goddard:

mindandmagick Mystery School (you can ignore the magick part if you want, he mostly talks about "mind" stuff anyway and that's where his channel and videos really shine - great amount of knowledge here so don't be put off by the tacky visuals sometimes):

Living in the Divine Matrix (quantum physics / mind over matter, also a recommended video by mindandmagick):

Advanced portrait painting through universal line: (acompanying PDF if you can't understand the words:

and just generally this recommended reading list up on the site:

u/Nefandi · 1 pointr/Oneirosophy

This list is great, imo. If people agree, or if no one objects, I can link it in the sidebar too.

I would add two books from a Buddhist background:

Buddhahood without Meditation


The Supreme Source

If anyone can find these books in PDF form, that would be great. I have hard copies of these books for myself, so I am set and I am not asking for myself.

I want to remind people that I am not a Buddhist and I am not dogmatic about Buddhism either. I like these books but I also hope I don't accidentally encourage dogmatism, lol.

I also want to remind people that we aren't about books and no amount of books will ever define who we are as a group or as individuals.

u/guise_of_existence · 1 pointr/Oneirosophy

Trungpa's Tantric Path of Indestructible Wakefulness is great if you want a pretty in depth survery of the whole landscape of Tantrayana.

It's a bit expensive though.