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1. Talented Kitchen 14 Glass Spice Jars w/2 Types of Preprinted Spice Labels. Commercial Grade, Complete Set: 14 Square Empty Jars 4oz, Pour/Sift & Coarse Shakers, Airtight Cap, Chalkboard & Clear Label

Talented Kitchen 14 Glass Spice Jars w/2 Types of Preprinted Spice Labels. Commercial Grade, Complete Set: 14 Square Empty Jars 4oz, Pour/Sift & Coarse Shakers, Airtight Cap, Chalkboard & Clear Label
  • Square Spice Jars with Labels: Our all-in-one spice organization set comes with 14 empty square glass spice jars, 14 airtight silver metal caps, 7 coarse shakers, 14 sift-and-pour shakers, 1 small silicone funnel, 1 magnetic cooking conversion chart, and 269 minimalist spice labels, including 144 round chalkboard labels and 125 clear rectangular spice labels
  • Refillable: The 4 oz spice jars with lids can be refilled with the collapsible silicone funnel; hand wash or place into the dishwasher and dry thoroughly before relabeling; the seasoning stickers include over 120 commonly used spices such as salt, allspice, basil, cajun, cardamon, cayenne, chili powder, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, curry, garlic powder, lemon pepper, nutmeg, onion powder, oregano, pepper flakes, rosemary, seasoned salt, thyme, turmeric, black pepper, and ginger
  • Stay Fresh: The screw-on silver metal lids have a liner for a secure, airtight seal; add spice gradually with the small sift holes, or dispense more seasoning at a time with the pour option; it's easy to customize your kitchen and keep ingredients fresh with easy-to-use spice jar set with labels
  • 2 Label Styles: Customize the 4-oz seasoning jars with 2 types of minimalist spice labels; the 144-count 1.5-inch round chalkboard style labels with 128 spice names, 8 blanks, and 8 numbers; 125 count 1.5 x 0.5-inch rectangular decals with black text on a transparent background that comes with 121 spice names, and 4 blanks
  • Measurement Conversion Chart: You'll also receive a 5x7-inch kitchen measurement conversion chart magnet that includes the most common metric and imperial conversions; place the conversion chart for cooking on your refrigerator or any flat magnetic surface; includes weight conversions to ounces, pounds, and grams; liquid volume conversions to fluid ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, and liter units; temperature conversion in Celsius and Fahrenheit
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u/itwasntnotme · 6 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

I'm happy to provide the links, please see below. I have been casually browsing for the perfect spice jar for a along time and I'm very satisfied with these. They are glass instead of plastic, have shaker tops which are easily removable, have a wide mouth to fit a measuring spoon into, have an airtight gasket, and most importantly they are the perfect size for the space.


Since I had to buy a total of 49 4oz square glass spice jars complete with labels and shaker tops, I bought 3 orders of 12qty and 1 order of 14 qty which are 99.9% identical.

The links are below.

u/chantillylace9 · 3 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

Thank you! I got it from amazon...

They have quite a few of the same types on amazon, but this seemed to have the best reviews.

You stick cardboard inserts (which comes with it) in the bottom to make it take shape. No spots were big enough for swimsuits which is why I bought it, but luckily it worked so well for socks and underwear that I was able to repurpose it.

Right now I’m transforming dollar tree storage bins (that are pink and blue) to gold and metallic with spray paint. Once I’m done I’ll post it. The silver makes it look like metal and definitely transforms the $1 storage bins.

I’ll use those in my bathroom closet (those will be copper because thats the theme color in my master bath), and in the linen closet, laundry room, under the kitchen sink, and in kitchen pantry I’ll use the metallic paint to make the bins look like they are made out of metal. That seemed to be the best color to carry throughout the house. Nothing else seemed right.

I’m also adding chalk board tags to make them look even more fancy.

u/hlbyers92 · 3 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

I was using my own dividers from another binder, I’m an adult college student. I completely agree with you. I usually slip them into the upper cabinet doors to hold them up, if they don’t fit I just tape them. These are what I used if you want to give them a try.

Edit: spelling 😊

Once we identify all of our absolute favorite recipes I will have them laminated just to be sure they will stand the test of time.

u/sahhay · 15 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

We got these awesome DVD holders.

Looks like books on the shelf and takes up waaaay less space 😊

u/MoonlightGroove · 1 pointr/OrganizationPorn

I am in the short camp and definitely do this. However, this stool often saves me. I love it. Had it for over ten years probably and it’s paid for itself 1,000 times over. Still as sturdy as ever, easy to clean, and folds perfectly into that little space between the fridge and the cabinet next to it.

I believe I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond but I don’t think they carry it anymore. Posting in case any other shorties out there need a something like this.

u/ROFLance · 3 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

Magnetic spice jars!

They're amazing. Just stick em on the side of your refrigerator.

They come with tons of labels for the spices too. I got a pack of 12 as a gift and they've been awesome. I'm going to get more.

u/sweetdee510 · 4 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

I'm not sure if this is the same exact set of containers, but I found something similar on Amazon and it has pretty good reviews:

Sorbus Fridge Bins and Freezer Bins Refrigerator Organizer Stackable Food Storage Containers BPA-Free Drawer Organizers for Refrigerator Freezer and Pantry

Honestly I didn't even know refrigerator containers existed. How practical, I always seem to struggle to keep my fridge organized.

u/emkay95 · 7 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

They are from amazon! Seem like GREAT quality

2PCS Multifunction Acrylic Shelf Dividers,Closets Shelf and Closet Separator for Wood Closet,Only Need to Slide to Adjust The Appropriate Distance

u/SkincareQuestions10 · 4 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

I recommend Sensoril. It's correlated with up to like a 30% increase in word recall in people with bipolar disorder, but I can personally vouch for the immensely positive impact it has on my attention. Take 2 each night. Careful, it causes drowsiness for the first 10 days.

u/sandyblue22 · 2 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

Amazon! They're awesome- they're a sturdy cloth like material.

Here's the link:

Sorbus Storage Box Woven Basket Bin Container Tote Cube Organizer Set Stackable Storage Basket Woven Strap Shelf Organizer Built-in Carry Handles (Gray)

u/hoetheory · 3 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

Nice! Another option is inexpensive Tupperware. It’s just a little sturdier and will last longer, plus they’re easier to clean

u/Girlinnjtraffic · 2 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

I bought them off Amazon. SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome
Good Luck.

u/RyanS64 · 7 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

Seville Classics Mobile 3-Bag Heavy-Duty Laundry Hamper Sorter Cart/w Folding Table

I’m pretty sure it’s this one

u/stereofailureohno · 1 pointr/OrganizationPorn

It all came together in a set (here) including 360 label stickers.

I only had to make one (the Lite Salt, bottom left in the after photo), I found some white out and a small paint brush around the house that worked perfectly.

u/rawrfuntime · 2 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

Sure! I got it off amazon here:

Dazone DIY Mounted 6 Shelf Nail Polish Wall Rack Organizer Holds 120 Bottles Nail Polish or Essential Oils (Black)

u/datfreshbetch · 4 pointsr/OrganizationPorn

I got mine from Amazon. Many sellers have them but this is the link for mine 24 Glass Spice Jars with 360 Spice Jar Labels and Funnel Complete Set by SWOMMOLY. 24 Square Glass Jars 4OZ, Airtight Cap, Pour/sift Shaker Lid