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u/wavetoyou · 5 pointsr/PSVR

I sold my Launch Bundle a few weeks ago in anticipation of the Skyrim Bundle. A part of me wishes I had kept the old one. I'm gonna do this bit of random thoughts and comparisons in bullet-point form:

  • The 4K HDR passthrough is great. But, I was a fan of the old processor box's sliding cover. I guess it's one less thing that can break or snap, but I liked it. Next to my Pro, the new processor box does fit the motif a tad more, although the rounded edges are not Pro-like at all. Aesthetics on a breakout box are probably the least important factor, but thought I'd jot down everything I noticed.

  • The micro USB Move controllers seem lighter, but I liked the heavy feel of the older ones. A great improvement is that they are now micro USB, as opposed to the pretty much extinct mini USB. The Action buttons are now blacked out, which I like. The controllers also came uncharged, which was incredibly annoying since I was on a time crunch to play before having to head back to work. Anyone else have this issue? Did I buy a returned unit?

  • The new bundle did not come with a charging option for the 2 Move controllers, which I think is a bit cheap on Sony's part. You do get a micro USB cord with the bundle, but it's the one used to connect the processor unit to the console. The PS4 consoles all come with a charging cord, that is true, but this is for sure a way to boost sales for charging peripherals, since charging two Move controllers and at least one DS4 would be rather difficult with one cord. Thankfully, I bought the Sony charging stand last year. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • The headset attaches right to the processor unit, there is no long thick cord in-between. I liked that cord, and the cool connector box with the Playstation shapes on it, but it was annoying to deal with, that's for sure. This is an improvement, but the cord is not nearly as heavy duty as the other. Keep in mind, with the old, thicker, cord, Sony could just send you a replacement...but with the new design, you'd probably have to send your entire headset in, since the cord is attached into the headset and cannot be removed.

  • I'm still not decided on the buttons on the headset itself, as opposed to the little attached remote on the cable. The power button is a small one on the bottom of the eyepiece of the unit, right in the middle...smaller than the other buttons. You have to hold it to turn the headset off. The button to move the eyepiece is now on the top right, as opposed to the bottom right. It'll take getting used to. Volume adjustment button is on the bottom left, and you will need to remember which area on it to press to increase/decrease volume, and I'm pretty sure pushing it in the middle is MUTE, but I have yet to use it. To be honest, I liked the old design, but am assuming that using the new setup in-game will be more efficient. The fact that the old in-ear buds color matched the attached button setup was cool. Speaking of in-ear buds...

  • The new in-ear buds look pretty well designed. While I really liked the color on the old ones, the idea of having these attach to the headset itself, and designed to firmly fit around the back of the neck, is definitely progress. I will say that while playing, the cord would snag onto my shit collar causing a bit of resistance when I was turning my head. If possible, play in a t-shirt.

  • This more about the firmware update, so probably the same for the older headsets as well...I love that the volume now has a numerical value. I found my sweet spot @ 22. Great addition by Sony.

    All of these little tidbits were based on about an hour of gameplay. I did not enjoy Skyrim as much as I thought based on all the praise in here, but I think I'm just annoyed by not having smooth turn. Finger's crossed they add it in an update at some point.
u/moogle_kupo · 1 pointr/PSVR

That case looks great! Looks like a nice solution to have everything contained in 1 spot. I like to make my PSVR mobile, so I can share it as much as possible. I came up with a different but more expensive solution.

Have you ever heard of the Gaems cases? They are cases with a built in 15.5 -19'' screen that you can carry your console and controllers in. They make your PSVR completely mobile and ready to play anywhere.

There are two main versions of the case. The sentry has a 15.5'' screen and gets the job done well. It goes on sale often at Amazon for $179 while the regular price is $199.

The vanguard is more robust and has a 19 inch screen but rarely gets discounted. $349 is a big step up in price and it's main reason for existing was to fit an Xbox one comfortably. Here is everything I use in my set up if you're interested.

Gaems vanguard: 19 inch screen version

Gaems sentry: 15.5 Inch screen:

Psvr travel case: there are cheaper alternatives but I have this one and it's great.

AC 2 to 1 tail plug: this is great because in some rooms you might not have room to plug everything into a single outlet. This gives you 2 outlets with 1 plug. The psvr, ps4, and screen all need to be plugged in so this makes it a bit easier to accomplish.

Extra ac power cord for the ps4: not needed but one less thing to route and hook up at home.

Extra ps4 camera: again not needed but helpful to leave one in the psvr carrying case. They go on sale often at Amazon for $39.99

Gaems PGE battle bag: not needed at all but I love this thing. Designed to fit all the cases and keeps them from getting dinged up. Also has a Very large pouch on the side for more storage. The AIM controller actually fits nicely here.

Also worth picking up would be some kind of car visor or slim cd traveling case to hold 24 or so of your favorite games. You can place it under neath the straps that secure the console just fine.

Lastly, some form of luggage locks. I've never had a problem with the case popping open, but I've also never risked it. I have these combo locks and they work great.

This has really made the vr much easier to lug around for me and awesome way to share it with people.

u/0jaffar0 · 1 pointr/PSVR

I dont have an all in one, but I can highly recommend the following two products.

Despite what some say, this cooling fan makes all the difference.
I have my ps4 inside an entertainment system where it gets little airflow.
this guy is a lifesaver. I have read reviews that said the airflow blows in the wrong direction...this is not true...not on mine anyway. The only issue I have with this stand is that the controllers are charged upside down, meaning you have to be somewhat careful placing them in the cradle perfectly straight, otherwise the male plug would eventually tear up the female plug. Definitely not for use with careless people, or children, but for me its great. Looks much more elegant then all the other options. The fans work excellent, but are quieter then the disk drive.

The move controller charging stand is kept in another room, without the VR stand attached and it looks great this way, but can easily be tucked away somewhere. This charger works absolutely flawless. I know its a steep price, but totally worth it.

u/DannyB9 · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I have also been looking for specific made carry cases, the one coming to the uk officially licensed has not been released yet and no date, it's on the uk PlayStation website, these have been released and in stock in Australia so far, some video reviews on YouTube:

YouTube review:

Others with no release date that I could find are:

PlayStation VR Storage Bag

4Gamers PlayStation VR Hard Case

The only released case is the licensed power a storage case but it is simply a storage case! Won't get the other parts in like all the cables and breakout box.

That's pretty much it for licensed U.K. Products. The one I went for was the official licensed RDS Industries deluxe carry case available in the us, looks amazing quality so I can transport the entire lot to and from work when I stay over, cost me about £77 in total with shipping and vat, seems expensive then again if I'm transporting I would rather keep my £350 headset safe for the sake of £77 Note though read the reviews, it looks a snug fit which is good for safety but you may struggle to get the camera in and any extras! :

Not many more options at the moment other than the generic carry cases that seem to be for anything the fit yet are marketed as if they were made for PSVR when clearly they were not, obviously some will do the job fine depending if you want a perfect fit or just want to keep it safer that in a general bag.

u/amusedt · 1 pointr/PSVR

I upgraded to Pro purely for PSVR, and I'm glad I did. Though Pro is not like jumping the PSVR from PS3-level graphics to PS4-level graphics...but it can do several things potentially, depending upon if/how the devs catered to headset at higher-res or supersample, add or improve anti-aliasing, better lighting, add particle effects, less texture pop-in, less LOD changes and less object pop-in, better draw distance, better texture handling/filtering, etc. Basically, you might get highest-tier PS3 graphics.

Bear in mind, it may not do ALL these things for a given game...the devs might add only, say, better resolution and anti-aliasing, with improved load times. And for some games, Pro will do nothing at all, because the devs did nothing for Pro.

Your reaction depends on how observant you are. People who are keen observers will notice every improvement, and appreciate them. Another person may say it looks terrible (because they're not going to notice or be happy about anything less than a full generation improvement in graphics, or a massive increase in resolution...but the headset resolution is not super high).

Usage tips: If any players wear glasses (depending upon face & glasses shape/size), either be very careful (make sure nothing ever touches plastic PSVR lenses), or add/make/buy mods to your headset (perhaps jweaver100's bumpers, or these lens covers, stack adhesive foam, etc), to keep your glasses from scratching the PSVR lenses (strap in place?). Do not allow sunlight to fall on the VR lenses (lenses will focus the light & burn the OLED screens). Power-up the headset when it's sitting still on a level surface, and do a complete PS4 shutdown daily (both may cure tracking and audio bugs). If you have tracking problems, play in dim light, & check for light sources or reflective/glossy surfaces in the background or on your body. Be aware that motion sickness may happen if you don't take steps to gradually acclimate yourself to VR. For setup, experiment with different camera heights; about 1 foot above eye level is usually best. I use adjustable stand like so (I use cable extender). Others use TVs, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, mic stands, wall/ceiling mounts, 3M Command Strips, etc. Experiment with various ways of wearing the headset. Turn on sidetone volume if you want to hear what's happening in the real-world while in VR. To possibly reduce eyestrain and fix if the VR world feels "wrong-sized", consider adjusting the "Eye distance"/IPD (really it's ICD); go to Settings:Devices:Measure Eye Distance (more important for people with smaller heads). Follow Sony setup tips. Here's a variety of Sony support resources. If you have problems, perhaps try Sony's interactive troubleshooting Q&A

Good YouTube channels for reviews are PSVR Without Parole, Shugghead Gaming, The VR Grid.

Online players: Besides in-game matchmaking, to find players for multiplayer games, check this thread. And on your PS4 join the PSN Community named "PSVR Multiplayer". Some games (like Megalith, Valkyrie, Sparc, Star Trek, etc) also have their own dedicated PSN Communities.

Even more PSVR tips for new owners here

u/jaybratt · 4 pointsr/PSVR

Nice! I started with psvr and played probably near 100 hours. That was back when we only had 16 songs I think and no expert+ for a while so i finally broke down and got a rift to play custom songs. It's a lot of fun but i still find the original soundtrack songs had more fun mapping than a lot of custom songs and I go back to them when I need a good workout. Keep on having fun and you'll be surprised how quickly you're playing harder and harder levels.

Another note I highly recommend these to help improve grip and stability: RDS Industries 2 Pack Action Grips for PlayStation Move Motion Controllers

u/Hammer_525 · 5 pointsr/PSVR

I have this basic case that works great. Easy to carry and fits the shape of the headset perfectly, so it's compact as well.

If you're willing to spend more there's this better carrying case that'll hold the breakout box and more cables along with the headset. I can't give an opinion on it but judging by the reviews it's a great product.

Also I found this backpack that seems to hold everything: the headset, breakout box, cables, camera, Move controllers, and DS4. It's cheaper than the deluxe case, but don't offer the nice made-to-fit molds of the deluxe nor the shape of the first case that fits the headset. Don't seem to be any reviews for it either, just the other varieties of backpack the same company makes for other devices, although those are rated highly.

Seems like all 3 are a great choice, just depends on how much you want to keep together, how much room you'll have on your trips, and what your ideal price is. Hope this helps!

u/Arkaium · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I've seen a bunch but to me, this one from RDS is unquestionably the best:

RDS Industries PlayStation VR (PSVR) Headset and Accessories Deluxe Carrying Case - PlayStation 4

I took this thing down south to visit the folks and ended up demoing VR at two different locations. The amount of protection it offers the lenses is over the top. They fall behind a firm barrier so that you can comfortably toss a power or USB cable into the back half and it works like a charm. The design is also extremely organized. Everything fits, save the camera. But nothing feels crammed in or tangled. Highly recommended.

u/gooeyguts21 · 4 pointsr/PSVR

I have the mantis which are on ear. Because of on ear, they aren't noise canceling. I prefer to have noise canceling so I can get 100% immersed in the game, but there are definitely advantages to on ear. The main advantages for me is I can flip it up and hear my SO if she needs something. They are beneficial in that sense since you're not completely divided from the real world.

This doesn't benefit me because I love horror games, but those who are easily scared will enjoy the mantis because you can still out things outside of the game making it less scary knowing you can hear your family around you.

Easy setup and they are very comfortable. They still produce a solid volume.

u/pocketmnky · 1 pointr/PSVR

I think until Sony releases a more reliable move controller solution (one that doesn't get obscured by your head/body/chair whenever you turn around or reach down) I'm fine with controller support only.

After playing RE7 and overcoming VR sickness from smooth locomotion (RE7 does a great job darkening your peripheral vision when you turn and move quickly so that helps a lot) I'm feeling like more controller based FPS games are possible without the need for janky teleportation mechanisms.

I can almost see a future game that uses both the move controller and the DS4 controller, but not necessarily at the same time; although I can't figure out the logistics of having to set down one controller and pick up the other unless the PS4 is actively tracking the position of both so it can show you where you left them in the real world.

Didn't Sony come out with a nunchuck-like move controller attachment to give you the ability to have a navigation option along with one hand to swing a sword or something? Why can't we do that?

u/gadget_dude · 1 pointr/PSVR

I tend to stick to Nyko charging docks for all our consoles - well designed and reliable. For our PS4 Pro I originally got the Nyko DS4 Charging Block:

When we got the PSVR I added a block for the Move controllers:

They all lock together as one unit with a single power cord. I looked at but didn’t like the tower options. I wanted to keep my headset protected and dust free when I’m not using it so opted for this case:

The case is great - drop the headset and close the cover. No need to unplug anything because it closes nice band snug without bothering with the zipper.

u/Bizket · 1 pointr/PSVR

Yea! I ordered this one as well. Super easy to put together and everything stays in place. When I put my move controllers in, there was a nice 'click', and while they are easy to take back out, they aren't falling out any time soon. The extra USB port and hook for my PS Gold headset was what sold me on it, and I'm glad I bought it.

u/RogueByPoorChoices · 1 pointr/PSVR

You can get an extension cable for the camera :ängerungskabel-für-PS4-Kamera/dp/B00JFX1IHM/ref=mp_s_a_1_1/259-1024947-2280250?ie=UTF8&qid=1542235696&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=ps4+camera+extension+cable&dpPl=1&dpID=41ExHgLG8tL&ref=plSrch

I got mine for £10 this link is more expensive but pretty sure you can find it cheaper if you look around.

Makes it so much easier to find a good spot to play especially when you realise that your psvr can be plugged straight to the PS4 without plugging it to the tv.

u/cozalt · 2 pointsr/PSVR

Congrats on joining the community!

I'm no expert by any means and will just be providing my personal opinion/experience, but to answer your questions:

Question 1: Keep the headset out of direct sunlight, especially the inner lens. Some use the box to keep it stored, I purchased this which works great. Clean the lens with glasses cleaning cloth or lens pen cleaner, such as this.

Question 2: I wear glasses as well. I noticed after months of use a tiny scratch on the lens but it doesn't affect my gameplay at all. There are solutions out there I'm sure, but I have not invested into any. PSVR is considered safe to use with glasses.

Question 3: I don't know the worst game, but I can give you a small list of the ones I've played and would say are worth getting in no particular order:

Resident Evil,
Farpoint (/w Aim Controller),
Playstation VR Worlds,
Robinson: The Journey,
Dirt Rally (/w Steering Wheel),
StarWars Battlefront (for X-wing mission - I found it cheap for $10),
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

It's not hard to find amazing upcoming game, as this sub posts them often. Just to name a few I'm stoked for:

Skyrim VR,
Ace Combat 7,
Doom VR

Hopefully this helps you - goodluck!

Edit: I missed your last question. I linked already to the VR stand. Get a pair of Move controllers and Aim Controller.

u/harrisonisdead · 2 pointsr/PSVR
  1. Keep it in the box, or on a stand. Always have some sort of glasses cleaning cloth to wipe the lenses periodically. It isn't the "fragile" type of expensive, so you should be fine with whatever solution you come up with.

  2. The system helps you figure out the best IPD settings by taking a picture of your face, but some would argue that it should be a little higher or lower.

  3. The Martian VR is the only one I can really think of. EDIT: And Loading Human! That game was the most disappointing game I have ever played.

  4. I personally like getting physical copies of games, but that is just preference in case I want to resell the game. Though it is easier to switch between games if you digitally download them.

  5. A charging VR stand like the Collective Minds one is a good investment as you don't have to keep around the controller chargers or use up USB ports on the system. Speaking of, make sure you have the move controllers. Don't spend a lot on headphones, any pair of headphones should work.
u/Caberon · 1 pointr/PSVR

I actually found this one and after setting it up partially, as my Skyrim PSVR arrives this Wednesday, I think it’s organized and handy.

It charges 2 DS4 controllers, 2 Move controllers and it has a stand for any PS4 with 2 built in fans!

I saw it before Black Friday at $35 on amazon, but price went up to $46. Definitely worth checking out as an alternative for the Creative Minds one.

Skywin PSVR Charging Display Stand - Showcase, Cool, Charge, and Display your PS4 VR - Playstation 4 Vertical Stand, Fan, Controller Charger and Hub

u/willnotforget2 · 6 pointsr/PSVR

I have the collective minds headset and I love it.

If you have the Move controllers, definitely consider picking it up. I think it's totally worth it. Looks beautiful and keeps everything charged well. Quality plastic build.

u/craigc6 · 2 pointsr/PSVR

This is the second of two brands I have bought the first is one others will likely recommend, but I forget the name and it doesn't work on two of the four charging ports. The second has one of the DS4 charging slots blocked by wires, but has four USB inputs on the front which is awesome, not to mention it can hold your PS4 and has a fan to help cool. This is that one...

u/CaCaUa · 1 pointr/PSVR

I thought about getting a full PSVR stand, but then I realized I don't want my headset to get dusty or sunlight. So I got a case for the headset and a charging stand for the move controllers, and I'm super happy with my choice

u/G-Ziss · 4 pointsr/PSVR

If you can afford more than $50, I would recommend the Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR. I own these. The audio quality is top-notch and the ear cushions are very comfortable. The headband hurts the top of my head if I wear them too long, but that may vary from person to person.

If those are too expensive, these Plantronics are a nice alternative and just a little over $50 at the moment. I own these as well, but I got them when they were on clearance at Walmart for around $24. The sound quality is not as good as the Turtle Beach ones, but the headband is more comfortable for me.

u/Lazerack · 1 pointr/PSVR

I have been eying this one. It seems pretty nice and has good reviews. I know you just mentioned a charging stand for the controllers, but the shelf for the VR unit seems like a nice addition to try to keep things tidy.

u/TheUncleShow · 1 pointr/PSVR

actually, easy.
You dont need to see both hands in the game, you can do like in Robinson, just right hand that has 1:1 control and real left hand has movement and buttons and even some waglle gestures
Look at this image, Sony already made such controller, its 20$

u/NewMateo · 5 pointsr/PSVR

I own this one.

I got it as a gift and its probably the best stand Ive ever had. Has a spot to put your headphones too and doesnt take up much room.

Edit: updated it with the amazon link provided below :)

u/mattb20uk · 1 pointr/PSVR

I bought this one

Perfect fit, nice and solid and holds the long lead as well as the headset

u/RisenHentaiDemon · 1 pointr/PSVR

best stand hands down i also recommend if you dont have blacked out windows like i do folding a microfiber cloth and putting it were your face would go to protect the lenses from sunlight

as for a travel case i use this and i think its great

u/Link2999 · 1 pointr/PSVR

I had gotten it price matched to $9.99 yesterday with GameStop at Best Buy so I could get free shipping, $10.99 isn't bad though. It's also on Amazon for $10.99 and isn't an addon item this time around.

u/RevolutionProtocol · 2 pointsr/PSVR

Werewolves Within and Rush of Blood are must have games! you should consider having a protection case for the headseat also, this one is pretty good:


u/alrighthamilton · 2 pointsr/PSVR

Brought mine home with me for the holidays so my family could try it. Carried the ps4 in my backpack and the VR in this. On the way back, I had to carry-on a case of records I had bought which I would never trust to make it through baggage handling. I put the VR, in the case, in my large checked suitcase and did very basic padding, ensuring that it wasn't jutting out from the rest of what was in there and just asking to have all of the bag (and other bags)'s weight converging on that point.

It came through just fine and I was never really that stressed about it. Love that case, because it fits like a glove and feels very protective. I almost want to store it in there regularly, but I also have a black glass head that I like using as a stand.

u/Gluebagger · 1 pointr/PSVR

can you sell some tech you don't use anymore...if you can grab another $68 dollars you can get the moss and astrobot bundle:



best of luck bro! you are never alone on this sub! :)

u/wut_a_noob · 0 pointsr/PSVR

It seems like this stand has some issues. People have said that it doesn't hold the headset right and one user said the DS4 charger malfunctions. For $5 more, I'd recommend buying this one:

It can charge two DS4's and has a hook to hang your headphones on. Mine has been working great for 8 months now and I bought it used.

u/abusuru · 1 pointr/PSVR

I have these and I love them. I use them for all my gaming for over a year now and they're in great shape and the mic always works.