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u/KillResponsibly · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I reaally didn't expect this to blow up while I was asleep. I appreciate everyone with the same sentiments. Alright. I've read your comments. I'm going to address all the common stuff.

If anyone cares about my pc specs and the game settings I used I'll list them at the bottom of this comment <3


  1. "WTF just get better wifi?? You don't have fiber dude? what are you ? Poor?"

    I actually lol'd at these. I have the best wifi where I live at 70mbps download. It's pretty damn expensive, but I use my computer a lot. Homework, games, youtube, etc., so ultimately it's super worth it. I have spectrum and I live on the west coast. This means that the game is constantly at 80 ping. No, I don't use an ethernet cord. Mainly because I haven't found the time to route it through my house, and honestly I'm not really focused on that right now. My wifi works perfectly fine with everything else. But I mean yeah I guess you guys are right, I should just move to a different state./s


  2. "Uhh, your pc has nothing to do with your wifi smh idiot lol"

    That's the joke homie.

    What I'm referring to is the fact that after working $8/hr at a fast-food restaurant as a high school student and building a $1000+ computer solely for this game, shit like this still happens. Why does it happen? Because of bluehole's shitty servers and net-code. Something that is completely out of my control.


  3. "people still play this game?? ? Go play something else"

    I enjoy this game. It's brought many good memories, and it keeps on bringin' 'em. I'm aware of all the downfalls it has. Trust me I'm more than 120% aware. Just because it's not your style, or it's hard, or the randomness gets to you, it doesn't mean it can't be fun for other people. I've got tired of this fucking game too. Many times lol. It's still enjoyable to me however, so I'll still play it.

    My specs & game settings:

    I used this gaming laptop up until roughly 800 hours.

    CPU: Intel i7-8700 - Link (out of stock as of October/6/19)

    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8) DDR4 3000 - Link

    GPU: MSI Geforce 1660ti - Link

    Motherboard: MSI Z-370 Pro - Link

    Monitor: MSI Optix MAG 24" 144hz 1ms - Link

    Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 650w 80+ Gold - Link

    Storage: ADATA 2TB SSD Link

    Fan and cooler are pretty easy to find.

    - Graphic settings
u/Harbonator · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I have a 144hz monitor, and it is great.

I benefit greatly from the extra hz for games like CS but if you already have a 60hz monitor and play games such as PUBG, I don't think the benefits of a 144hz monitor will make a great impact on gameplay.

u/_nosuchuser_ · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

It depends on your future plans really but if you're looking to upgrade, I always recommend 3200 CL14 Samsung B Die like these:

Quick and super tight timings with the default XMP, can go a little higher if you want to mess around. I use these in my own machine with 8700k/1080ti, have built a couple of other gaming machines for friends using them and they'll be going into my sons' new Ryzen build.

Make sure they are installed dual channel and if the mobo won't go to 3200, good excuse for an upgrade to a board (MSI B450 Tomahawk is a good budget choice) that will support the new 3x00 Ryzen - a 3600 Ryzen and this ram will last you for a good long time.

If you don't want to spend that much, I've been using this kit with Ryzen 2600 builds:

Will be a good step up from your 2400 ram. I would though suggest the 3200 CL14, it'll last for longer.

u/jugzeh · 3 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

edit: currently I run 3 screens, I play games on this one:

GSYNC is expensive, if you have that kind of disposable income do it. As far as 144hz goes, there's no going back from that smoothness.

Honestly, right now the sweet spot is 1440p 144hz ... slowly coming down in price. When it comes down in price this is my next purchase

I wouldn't worry about 4k gaming unless it's a really big importance to you. If you need to upgrade now, 144hz is where it's at. If you can spot some extra cash, 1440p 144hz. GSYNC is pretty amazing though, from my understanding it eliminates tearing and gives the smoothest gameplay possible, something that could be helpful for PUBG as it grows. Hope that helps


I'm playing on a 1440p 144Hz BenQ monitor. I have a i5-6600k paired with a GTX970 overclocked and I get constant 80+ FPS. I play the game on 1440p resolution on lowest setting for PUBG, but any other game I also run 1440p, but with the highest setting my GPU can achieve.

It really is worth it to be honest. I can't tell about G-sync as my monitor is Freesync, but rest make my games look awesome. Modded Skyrim on 1440p monitor... think about it.

The best bang for your buck is probably this one:

u/Lift_For_Tomorrow · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Since the Corsair Void's are ~$59.99 I figured I would link the ones I use. I broke a set of Steelseries headphones (don't remember the model but they were $150 at the time) and on a whim went out to Walmart just to get some cheap headphones to replace them until my new ones came in. I bought the G420 Logitech Headphones for $49.99 (currently $39.99 on Amazon and no joke, I feel like they are far superior. I play Counter-Strike as well where sound cues are hands down the most valuable information you can have and I would definitely buy these again.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I returned the replacement set and continue to use these g430's

u/z3rocool · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

The book is pretty good.

The comic follows the book pretty faithfully - to the point where you probably don't need to read the manga if you read the book. I read it back when the manga was still being released in NA and I wanted to know what happened :) It was a hard book to track down back then, I think had to get it special ordered.

Now it's pretty easy, they republished it a few years back when hungergames was all the rage.

u/Cokadoge · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

If you have an OC'd i7 or R5/7 and you're fine at 1080p, a 240 Hz monitor might be good just "for gaming." Considering as of right now nobody can really achieve 160+ FPS in PUBG with any setup, it's not a good fit for it. I'd recommend a 1440p 144 Hz panel as many other people have said. Preferably with G-Sync because you have an Nvidia card. The ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR is pretty good. There's also an Acer Predator XB271HU which is pretty much the same specs.

u/FrankGibsonIV · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I used to game on a shitty old Vizio TV, I feel you!

I have a similar monitor from Asus, a bit pricier but mine is IPS with a higher refresh rate (165hz overclock):

Taking advantage of those potential frame-rates in 1440p is pretty difficult though. I have a pretty nutty rig and I don't spend much time above 140 frames.

It also doesn't have the curve. I like it though. I think there's a FreeSync variant that may be a bit cheaper, since there's no difference between that and Gsync these days. Enjoy the new monitor!

u/Subject9_ · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I run at about 23.5 cm per 180, so that is not too low. I am slightly above the pro CS:GO average.

I would have a hard time with that mouse size though, since it needs to be big enough that you can do the full 180, from wherever you have your mouse on the pad by default, in one movement.

I know it sucks to hear that you have to buy something to help fix your problem, but it really is night and day.

This one is the most popular and recommended.

If you don't go with a mousepad, then you may need to raise your sens. This is a pretty shitty solution though, and will definitely make your aim worse, but will make movement much easier.

u/moodyfloyd · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

they arent necessarily cheap but you could get a 120GB SSD for well under 100. here is the one i got.

i have one SSD to boot the OS and one for games and it is a life changer in terms of being a PC user. it is so much faster than a HDD and i argue the advent of SSD over HDD is the best PC improvement over the past few years.

u/test822 · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I wouldn't trust the latency/quality of wireless

these are probably the best bang-for-your-buck headphones

you can just buy one of these clip-on mics for them

if you want to go even cheaper, these are incredible headphones for the price

I know, I know, they look like shit that comes with a CD player from 1998, but you just gotta trust me, they sound better than my $90 Grado SR80's.

u/ProdigySim · 5 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Is it a great movie? Probably not. But it's a fairly unique one. I think it's worth a watch, particularly if you play Battle Royale games. It's mostly a shock film though (Middle School kids killing each other!).

The novel, on the other hand, was really great through and through. I can only vouch for the original translation, but the updated version sounds good from reviews!

u/FiiSKiiS · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Depends what you want.

Personally, if you don't mind wired and using a secondary mic (you honestly should anyhow, headset mics blow), you can jump away from "gaming" models and get better quality for a better price. I used Audio-Technica ATH-M20x, which you can get for $50 of Amazon. They absolutely killed everything I've tried otherwise, including HyperX Clouds. They also have an extremely long cord.

I wanted a wireless set without breaking the bank and have been impressed with the Rig 800s. I can't recall exactly which version I have on those, but I got them on sale for ~$80 at Best Buy.

I matched them with a Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 for my mic, a USB to XLR cable, and a suspension boom stand, all toogether for under $40. The Behringer reviews as comparable to the Shure SM58, which costs five times as much.

u/ogreyo · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

its lagswitching yeah.

also if you want to get rid of that static sound in your recordings get something like this:

fixed it perfectly for me.

//e: only for the mic ofc

u/RoscoeHancock · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Professional Opinion: Do not buy a 4k monitor for an FPS. Go with a 2k with 144hz. Spend the money, the monitor will outlive your GPU anyways. 4k are not up to par yet until next gen HDMI/Display Port.

It's not cheap, especially to ship to where you are I would imagine. But this monitor has kept me happy since I bought it at launch. I run 3 of them now.

Take the wife out to dinner and get her nails done before you break the news to her though.

Also, I have a very similar rig. Just slightly upgraded mobo, more RAM, and larger case for liquid cooling.

If you want something cheap to play on while you save up (and can use as a secondary monitor if you have desk space), I'd go with the BenQ brand. Cheap and reliable, just geared more toward consoles.

u/bephinomenal · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I use this. Cheap, extremely comfortable and works amazing

u/crscp · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

FIXED! Using my old mouse solved the problem. LMB doesn't really work well anymore, but I guess at least I can play again.

My new mouse that doesn't work:

My old mouse that does work:

I reinstalled all my drivers of course, but I think the mouse is the key part here.

PUBG Corp. pls fix. Thanks.

u/xelested · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

It's not amazing by any means but it will get the job done and leaves you more cash to spend on headphones. After getting some headphones, you could save up and upgrade the mic to something like the Antlion Modmic.

u/siegewolf · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I have this monitor and I would never go back. It's glorious and I will take 144hz over 1440p. My spouse has a 1440p monitor and while it is's not smooth as butter nice

u/Supahvaporeon · 0 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I have a Logitech g430, but any over ear headphones with surround sound work the best.

u/davcho4 · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I would say it's your RAM that is causing the bottleneck. When I had the R5 1600, I remember i did a BIOS reset and forgot to turn on XMP for my 3000Mhz RAM. By default I was playing on 2100Mhz. When I was playing PUBG, I was wondering why my FPS felt so bad, it just didn't feel the same. After turning XMP profile back on, it felt decent again. Having said that, I would suggest upgrade your RAM and CPU (Ryzen is fine, just OC and get fast RAM - very important).

I personally own - and can confirm it is compatible with Ryzen processors. It has been good to me. I'd suggest getting faster RAM than this one.

u/TaylorNox · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Not sure which country you are in but the UK amazon site just sells pubg steam codes directly.

This probably doesnt help you though as i believe gift cards are tied directly to their countries specific amazon site..

u/BleedingPositivity · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Try this headset. My fiancee and I both have one and it's pretty good for the price.

u/remembertosmilebot · 11 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


Never forget to smile again | ^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/Za1no · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I play at 300 dpi and my aiming has improved fold. Half my mousepad turns me around 180 degrees. If you sont have a big mouse pad it won't be possible .

My mouse pad

u/YungGogu · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Is it this one?

Then it´s the same that I have. I had an extremely hard time to hear footsteps with this headset.
Invested about 120 € and got myself said Hyperx Cloud Flight and now I can hear a thousand times better than before. The difference is literally night and day. And no, I´m not getting paid to advertise Hyperx xD

u/kokkatc · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Get these ones. Amazing open back headphones. I have the 250ohm w/ a headphone amp (You'll need a headphone amp if you get the 250ohms. Get the 80ohms if you don't want to invest in a headphone amp).


u/marcicsgo · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS


you dont benefit from it if u dont get 144fps, so at the moment its not worth it if u would only play PUBG.
If u play csgo for example and u get 144fps its a huge difference to a 60hz monitor, its a complete new game!

Just checked the monitor u are considering, i never heard or saw someone using this. It doesnt mean the monitor is bad but I would recommend you this monitor:

its just 20bucks more and many people are using this :)

u/BC_Hawke · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

You can also do your own manual setup. I have the Sennheiser Game One headset and used a $7 USB sound card as a second output and a cheap mixer to adjust volume levels. It's not wireless, but as mentioned above there's some good wireless setups that offer separate volume control.

u/atltobna · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Is that like an amplifier or just a usb audio card?


Edit: How about this?


u/nightspades · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Well the links I sent were from the site you referenced, except for the one from but if you want one cheaper from you can get it

u/DmesticG · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I fixed it buy buying this on amazon.

u/asdfoiuqwer · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Amazon and Greenmangaming will sell you a steam key. No physical product, but you can print it out and throw it in a card for him.

u/toastedstapler · 1 pointr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

my mousepad is plenty big enough

it's more the fact that it's a lot of turning to change aim by >90 degrees, especially when you've gotta try and keep with the enemy's frantic adad-ing around you