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u/teal_it_how_it_is · 2 pointsr/RWBY


I know I have been fairly inactive on the subreddit but I am wishing you all well. As for what's new with me:

  • Went to Missouri for the first time the other weekend to meet up with an online friend that is also a writer who is very lovely and talented. I also got to volunteer at a con and meet certain two VAs from RWBY which was a very unique experience. Missouri was a lot of fun too. Got to go to an arcade that had axe-throwing. Oh, and met this voice actor that just released his podcast, Scared Shirtless, which is pretty neat.

  • One of my friend's released his novel Hard Luck Black Coffee ; I have had the honor of reading the original copy and providing my notes for. Really cool guy and the read is page-turner with witty humor. It already has three five-star reviews!

  • One of my animator friends has sent me the rough storyboard for one of my original stories which I am very excited for. It will only be the first few chapters I will publish on Webtoons but I am quite thrilled to finally get the ball rolling.

  • I can't believe the 7th volume of RWBY is coming up fast. I will be very curious how they will portray the "thirsty moms" particularly Willow. I just really hope they do the mothers justice. Either way, should be a good volume.

    If any of y'all need any support I am here!
u/rebkos · -1 pointsr/RWBY

> There was a real and tangible concern that you were one of many americans who simply does not like the military. It's hardly uncommon on the internet, and in similar conversations I've had people flat out tell me that the military is a waste of time and shouldn't be used as a defintion of leadership because they are anti-war.

This pretty much tells me I should drop this conversation entirely with you because you are not being intellectually honest. You are choosing to argue from a preemptive strike perspective with zero tangible evidence, while simply adding shock value of "IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME YOU HATE AMERICA." But as with so many internet discussions... Duty calls....

> > and while I was never personally able to serve in the military due to medical reasons

> Me too. Fuck allergies.

You stated previously you were in ROTC. Did you drop out? Were you in Junior ROTC? By your own statements I am lead to believe you are either a liar or someone otherwise actively misrepresenting themselves in order to cite military leadership doctrine. This is an unacceptable, inappropriate, and overall dishonorable.

> Then I suspect I'm much younger than you and also less well versed because of it.

I would tend to agree with that assessment...

> > I'm getting redundant at this point, but being an "actual leader" is not required to have anything to do with being the one in charge.

> It does in this context because Ruby is the one who was put in charge. She is, in effect, a commissioned officer, because she didn't step up to the task of leadership, she was assigned it. Also, she's not on a sports team, she's in a paramilitary organization/profession of arms. The most immediately annalogous and therefore most appropriate model for that leadership would be an officer.

> > Any Airman can be a leader and can positively influence those around him or her to accomplish the mission.

> But not every Airman is assigned to be leader. Ruby is the designated leader of team Ruby, not the first person to step up to bat in an unorganized setting.

Being an officer or being assigned does not inherently make you a leader, it simply gives you responsibility. How you handle that responsibility is what is relevant. I am arguing leadership theory and what traits make someone a good leader or a bad leader. I am not arguing specifics regarding policy or procedure. I am also not arguing that Ruby is some how the Mary Sue of leadership. What I am arguing is that Ruby exhibits many excellent natural leadership traits.

> > Leaders are not created by the chain of command. Leaders are merely given authority by the chain of command.

> Your right, they're created by training. But Ruby is already trained.

You are wrong. You are hands down, unequivocally, wrong. For someone to be a good leader they do not need any training at all. There are many elements (e.g., charisma, empathy, and attention to detail) that are inherent traits in some individual that make them naturally fall into the role of leader. Can training improve leaders? Absolutely. Should any leader stop learning and go "yep, I have become the greatest leader ever, there is no where to go from here"? Of course not. However leadership, and the potential for leadership can be an innate ability. Further citing the Air University manual: You were chosen to be an officer because you have the
potential qualities of a leader, just as an athlete is “signed” by a big league team and the aviation cadet is selected for flying training because they have certain innate abilities.

Furthermore, Ruby left Signal early and did not finish her training there. If anything she is actively untrained and being forced to learn on the job. Additionally, we have no reason to believe that anyone receives any degree of leadership training at these schools, or what that training consists of. Is "Crucial Conversations" on the Signal reading list? Or is Signal more focused on physical training and combat theory? We know Atlas takes a more militaristic approach with its academies, but what reason do we have to believe Signal does as well?

> > and setting of standards.

> Weiss's entire problem with Ruby were that she was demotivating because her standards were so low. Being late for class on the first day, sleeping in class on the first day, doodling instead of paying attention to the teacher, whispering instead of paying attention to the teacher, the list of ways in which Ruby has low personal standards for herself goes on and on, and Weiss strongly rejected all of them. She was incredibly demotivated by Ruby's "standards" as a leader. Is that good leadership?

Indeed. And when Ozpin pointed out her flaws to her, she immediately recognized that she needed to change and appreciated that she had failed in an aspect of leadership. Again, she is not the Mary Sue of leadership. What makes her stand out as a good leader is the same thing that makes Weiss stand out in her own way; when confronted with a weakness that was detrimental to the team dynamic (poor standard setting and poor followership respectively), they accepted their flaws and worked to try to better themselves for the success of the team.

> This isn't leading from the front, it's being reckless and unaccountable. Ruby has severe accountability issues, she's missing and isolated from her team with them having little to no idea where she is for the majority of the time they do, anything.

This is probably one of the few points I will agree with you on. Ruby's desire to ensure that she is on the front lines often comes into conflict with leading larger groups. However, had Ruby's reaction been to sit down, shut up, and do what the adult said, that would not be a demonstration of exemplary leadership skills either.

> > If we want to take an Air Force approach, Leadership is "the art of influencing and directing people in a way that will win their obedience, confidence, respect, and loyal cooperation, in achieving a common objective."

> And it what way does Ruby exemplify this? On the first day, one of her teammates tried to have her removed from being leader beause of how little confidence she had in her. Blake is constantly being "disloyal". She ran away from the team, twice, and Ruby never did a damn thing to address that. It's Weiss who questions Blake at the end of Volume 1 AND the beginning of volume 2 about her anti-social behaviour, not Ruby. Her teammates aren't inspired by her, they literally call her a kid behind her back in Mt. glen. They don't respect her, because they don't even vote for her to be in the doubles round. Two of them have been decidely unloyal, as a result of her failures as a leader.

She has not won the team's full confidence by Mountain Glenn in Volume 2. Based on their personal history, she's won it from Yang by episode 8 in Volume 1 (the moment where Yang is watching her lead everyone away from the ruins). However, she is quickly winning them over through her regular actions, so by the end of Volume 3 she has won. When Yang is concerned because she can't get in touch with Ruby, Blake reminds her "she's our leader, she can take care of herself" which is more than enough to reassure Yang. When Ruby declares that she is going off to find Pyrrha and Jaune, Weiss immediately joins her; Weiss wants to be by her side. When Ruby declares she has a plan, Weiss says "you always do" and follows unquestioningly. Gone is the demanding Ice Queen who insists she knows better, she's with Ruby 100%.

> You could argue that Pyrrha is a leader on her team because she exemplifies good leadership qualities despite not being the on in charge. You can say that about Weiss and even Ren to a certain extent.

I could and I would. Pyrrha is a leader on her team. Weiss is a leader on her team. Pyrrha and Weiss both help their team leads recognize flaws and grow from them. As stated before, you are not required to be the one in charge to be a good leader. "Learning to follow is the beginning of leadership."

u/Akitoscorpio · 1 pointr/RWBY


Alright, everybody, we got another FF Friday post to enjoy so let's get down to business.

Yes, after many holds, delays, and hair-pulling frustration, AQMW 50 is now live, it went pretty late last night. So it might have been technically today for you. This chapter represents a pretty major turning point in the story and I do hope that you enjoy it.

That being said before I go into the next bit of news, I want to direct your attention to This link right here

Did you all look at it? Okay, let's keep going then.

So you all might remember how I’ve often made references to working on a secret project on the side for quite a while now Which of course is partially why Dust Eater has been on hold for a couple of months now. Well, I’m now officially able to talk about what that project was after talking to a Subreddit mod.

I wrote a book, specifically I wrote an altered version of the AQMW novel called “A Silent Monochrome World” which was, cleaned up (of course not perfectly), expanded on to the point where I added an entirely new chapter for chapter 1 that took place before the start of the fic, Rewrote chapter one of the fic from scratch and hired an artist to do cover art for it. Almost every chapter was improved in some way shape or form, and honestly, considering how many months I spent on it, I can’t even begin to tell you how much pride I have in getting this out finally after a surprising amount of hard work. Because of this, I did add links under the AQMW title for the Ebook and Paperback Amazon pages, and well yeah. There you go!

So yeah, I don’t have a whole heck of a lot else to say this week, As always, thanks for reading and posting and I do hope y'all have a great weekend, and happy reading/writing!


A QUIET AND MONOCHROME WORLD: Most Recent chapters: Chapters 50 - 11/14/2019



DUST EATER: Most Recent chapters: Chapter 56 - 09/03/2019

OVERPOWERED Most Recent chapters: Chapter 2 - 05/22/2019

A QUIET AND MONOCHROME WORLD: BROKEN SHIELD Most Recent chapters: Chapter 2 - 08/14/2019


Death Would've Been Preferable: By SgtChrysalis - Last Chapter Read: 29

Rogues in Remnant By rymac0513 - Last Chapter Read: 1

Summer School: By Paulternative - Last Chapter Read: 5

A Hidden Rwby By FireGire96 - Last Chapter Read: 1 (Caught up)


Running Through The Rain: By SaturnNights - So I guess this story is flagged complete on So I'll give it a quick review. It’s 14.2k words long, across 14 chapters. I honestly thought the story was still ramping up not winding down. The only real “event” that happened here is the writer had them be sad over Pyrrha followed by Sun Punching out Jaune before there all friends out of the blue? The conflict lasted a chapter and was done. I’ll be honest, I can’t recommend this one because of how little happens over the story, and how short it is.

u/Throwitallaway8898 · 4 pointsr/RWBY

The lyrics in the preview snippet on Amazon are pretty explicitly talking about "love" and if it's a platonic love it's a really damn weird platonic love, lol:

>But they watch us, and they know

>And they’re happy as they see our love grow

>We’ll sit for a while, as I drink in your smile

>It feels like a dream that’s come true

>My head starts to buzz and my heart fills with love over you

>Baby can’t you see

>You could be with me

>We could live inside a

As explicit as this is and as hard it is to explain away as anything else, I'm not gonna let myself get my hopes up until there's some real REAL explicit hinting in the show.

u/lone0001 · 1 pointr/RWBY

Amazon UK is quite similar to Amazon US or Canada, you can get free shipping on any 'Prime' item (it will be marked as having 'Prime' shipping) if the order is over £10 for books or over £20 for any other items (blurays and dvds included) and it's the cost of the total order that needs to be over that price (so you could bundle a few things together and get free shipping). You don't need Prime in order to take advantage of this, see this page for more details.

With Amazon Prime you can get free shipping on an order of any amount (again as long as the item(s) are marked as having 'Prime' shipping), there is no minimum amount. You also get access to Amazon Video, a video streaming service similar to Netflix, which already has Volumes 1-3 of RWBY and presumably Volume 4 soon.

There's a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime you can get and if you're currently a student (or have a school-related email address) you could get a 6-month free trial.

For some reason it looks like Volume 4 isn't up on UK Amazon yet but it'll probably be up there pretty soon so just keep checking back. It looks like a listing is up but they aren't taking orders just yet.

Now having said all that, anything ordered from will usually come from some warehouse of theirs in the UK and not overseas/international (unless specifically stated otherwise). Shipping from Amazon (if not free) is usually pretty cheap, anywhere from £5 (or less) to around £12.

If you're fine with ordering directly from RT then that's fine, I just find ordering from there (from Canada) to be rather pricey. It might be a fair bit different ordering from the UK because they have a UK store, they don't have a Canadian store so I have to order internationally from the US store.

PS. This post turned into something much longer than I intended, I just wanted to give as much information as I could. Sorry about that. ;)

u/AbatedDust · 2 pointsr/RWBY

You can check out /r/lfg to try and find groups or tabletop shops near you you can play at. Alternatively, if you don't want to leave the house, /r/roll20 can get you set up playing with other people online.

If you just want to learn more about playing the game in general, Wizards of the Coast has a free 5th edition basics guide for getting started with character creation, adventuring, and combat. Sadly they don't include the druid or ranger class in the basics but you can sail the high seas for the full 5th edition players handbook or buy one off amazon.

If you ever want to try and put together a full character, I'd love to help guide you through the process. Sometimes just making a character can be as fun as playing a session with one.

u/Weerdo5255 · 4 pointsr/RWBY

C1764 Amazon Link.
I have to say thank you to everyone, on /r/HFY and on my Patreon.

I started C1764 here, nearly two years ago. I was encouraged to continue writing it, and I did so.

I've been less active as I've worked on editing this, and my last semester of college as well as attempting to find a job. The weekly chapters for the continuation of C1764 will be starting again soonish. I have to move, and start a new job. Assuming I don't become an overnight success with one published book. (Fingers crossed)

I don't have much of a budget or know how for advertising, so I'd like to ask the hoard of reddit for help if you feel so inclined to spread the book around.

The next novel which will go through it's final editing and continuation will be Life With an Alien Girlfriend. I'll be adding more to it, and possibly changing the name to Diplomatic relations.

u/-Falcyon- · 2 pointsr/RWBY

Sounds pretty cool!

I also have a reading suggestion along the lines of planetary colonization:

Twin-Bred. It's a pretty interesting concept.

u/allenme · 2 pointsr/RWBY

If you want to, there's a bunch of resources out there to learna little more. DnD and Fencing was where I started. /r/wma is a great place for all European Martial Arts, and there's a small pocket of rapier fighters. Martin Fabian's videos on youtube are a great resource, though I use a different master than he does. I study under Giganti's treatises, which you can find on amazon.

u/Zentics · 2 pointsr/RWBY


Color can be a pain, this is actually only my second drawing ever that I was satisfied with how the color came out.

I found that higher quality color pencils make a big difference, the key is finding pencils with a soft core so the color blends better. This is what I used for this drawing. Also an ink pen is good for going over the lines to make the colors more clear.

u/MacGregor_Rose · 1 pointr/RWBY

My only things are give Ruby pants(bell bottoms or boot cut) and give Yang an actual Duster. Like not the modified one but like what you see on Amazon and stuff. And yes more bell bottoms and boot cuts(you can see what kind of clothes I like). The only other thing is give these two each a cowboy hat and boots when we get to Vacuo. It fits with Yang so we'll and Ruby is the kind of person who's get a cowboy hat and boots

u/hauntinghelix · 6 pointsr/RWBY

BTW, all six volumes are on amazon for a pretty damn good price. I've streamed rwby every tike too but I am going to finally buy it. I will be pumped to see it in the best quality.

u/ToaLhikan · 7 pointsr/RWBY

The English edition is available on, but as it was released bit by bit in one of their weekly serials, it's not easy to come by, and costs money for the back issues. Last I heard, the official English translation was due for a physical release sometime in September (I can only speak for American release through Amazon).

However, if you want to get in on the action early without paying money yet, searching "RWBY Manga" will likely get you results on various manga hosting sites, with scanlations done by our very own /u/Cloudssj43 (retired, last I heard). Bear in mind that only the first 10 issues were translated by him, as it was around that time that the official translation was announced, and thus Cloud decided to back out since he deemed that he would no longer be needed in that area.

Brief disclaimers:

  • The Manga is canon, written by Shirow Miwa collaborating with RoosterTeeth via Miles and Kerry.
  • The first 9 Issues--save for the latter half of Issue 1 and all of Issue 2--are slight re-tellings of the Color Trailers (since the trailers didn't get translated for Japanese audiences, this was the solution). Most of it is treading old ground, but there is some new context given that answers some questions that fans have had about the trailers.
  • The rest of the Issues--10 through 15--cover a brand new story set between Volumes 1 and 2, with teams RWBY and JNPR at the forefront.

    Hope this helps, Have Fun!
u/TheLegendOfAdam · 1 pointr/RWBY

Yes. I used a Turcom Drawing Tablet ( and the free program (

u/Id_punch_a_ghost · 5 pointsr/RWBY

I appreciate the kind words! I believe they are originally for jewelry. Here’s a link to the risers if you’re interested!

u/TRMeson · 1 pointr/RWBY

"World of RWBY Companion Book" (aka the lore book) good stuff. Here's the Amazon link.

u/seniormegamarbles · 1 pointr/RWBY

Hmm, I just looked for it, and this came up. It seems like a review for it exists on the site, but when you try to click on the product itself, the page doesn't exist. I believe this is an error on Amazon's part, as I don't believe RT would take the soundtrack off of Amazon. Maybe someone should notify RT?

If I remember correctly, the soundtrack was released on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. It should be there.

u/TellTaleTank · 13 pointsr/RWBY

Yeah, you can find it on Amazon. Young adult novel, official and canon, about Team CFVY in Vacuo one year after the Battle of Beacon.

Edit: found the Amazon listing.

After the Fall (RWBY)

u/Darkdragoon324 · 4 pointsr/RWBY

It's in the summary of the CVFY centric YA novel coming out in 2019.

u/Hyperba21 · 3 pointsr/RWBY

They are on sale right now on Amazon, $28. I consider pre ordering before the price increases.

u/ActualTaxEvader · 9 pointsr/RWBY

Well, US Shonen Jump is just about caught up with the Ultra Jump's chapters and they said 14 would be the end, but then there's a "to be continued" at the end of that, so who knows.

But you can preorder the first volume now. It comes out in August.

u/Atlas1992 · 9 pointsr/RWBY

It's legit, the track listing is here and apparently there is a sample as well, but I can't play that because I don't have a US amazon account.

Not sure what it says that they've got a tease this heavy handed on the soundtrack, but I honestly can't point to a song from the volume it could be, unless it's that track that people were calling 'Home' before now

u/KyouKobayashi · 2 pointsr/RWBY

The Shirow Miwa manga is available physically in English.

The Bunta Kinami manga is supposed to get a physical release in early 2020.

u/Robotech_Master · 4 pointsr/RWBY

We might just find out in a couple or three years. If it's three seasons to a continent, then 10-12 should be in Vacuo—where Team CFVY is currently residing.

u/jokey_boy · 1 pointr/RWBY

Most likely, but the next one might be the final chapter since a manga anthology is supposed to be coming soon. It might be the chapters compiled into tankobon format.

Amazon has the English version listed for an August 2017 release

u/Golbi54 · 5 pointsr/RWBY

Yup this one

And I'm referring to this scene