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14. CLAWGUARD Protection Tape - Durable Single-Sided Shield Protection Barrier Against Cat, Dog, Bird, Rabbit Scratching and Clawing Furniture, Couch, Window Sill, Car Door, Glass and More!

  • [ KEEP YOUR HOME BEAUTIFUL ] You’re not alone. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits and other pets can cause damage to your home. Unsightly scratch marks, home repairs and lost deposits can be expensive. Now there is a low cost solution to help protect surfaces from sharp nails, slobber, scratching and clawing.
  • [ INSTALLS IN 2 SECONDS } Simply remove the protective liner from one side of the protection tape. Apply your pet protection tape to the desired area and gently press out any bubbles that may be present to ensure a transparent and smooth finish. Each roll has 4in x 10ft of protection.
  • [ CLEAR AND STRONG ] Designed with quality to protect against sharp nails from scratching, clawing and damage caused by the biggest (and smallest) dog, cat, bird, rabbit or other pet. We combined crystal clear, high tech plastic with a customized adhesive to produce a tough and tested barrier designed to match any decor to keep your home interior clean and beautiful. No sticky residue!
  • [ SAFE AND RECYCLABLE ] Made from high quality and recyclable products to protect pet paws from injury. Persistent scratching and clawing can result in Splinters and Paint chips that cause irritation and infection to dog and cat paws and nails. Keep you pets safe where and when needed. Easily cut to size and wipe clean with a damp cloth to revitalize clean fresh look.
  • [ MADE IN USA ] We feel it’s important to support U.S. workers and businesses. Quality manufacturing and QA testing is done to ensure the best stability and reliability of each roll of CLAWGUARD Protection Tape. Clear, waterproof, and slobber proof. Made 100% in the USA.
  • [ APPLICATIONS ] Doors, door frame, window sill, chair legs, furniture, vinyl flooring, baseboards, inside car door, glass and more. Use caution and test in small area before applying to larger area. Do not use on frayed, antique, ripped, weathered or compromised leather.Do not use on DRYWALL, wallpaper, floor or upholstery. Do not use it on antiques, heirlooms, or other irreplaceable items.
  • [ INCLUDES ] 1 Roll of protection barrier tape, 1 Protection Tape holder, Each roll 4 in x 10 ft.
CLAWGUARD Protection Tape - Durable Single-Sided Shield Protection Barrier Against Cat, Dog, Bird, Rabbit Scratching and Clawing Furniture, Couch, Window Sill, Car Door, Glass and More!
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u/DinkaAnimalLover · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Don't give up on him! Give him a chance - he is not trying to be a bad bunny, it's hormones... you can fix this! Let me help with a few suggestions.


Firstly you need to get him neutered! He is reached the age when he is hormonal and he can't help it....Getting him neutered will help this and many other things. It's imperative! I can share info on where to look for a vet and post op care and everything. It really is the absolute best investment you can make into his/her happy and healthy future. :)

In the short term give him a stuffed animals to take some frustration out on.


Secondly a 36 inch space is not enough - he is frustrated with lack of space and acting out, try to expand it with a dog play pan ('ll suggest what you use for flooring below). You need a taller xpen so he can't jump out - 42 inches should be enough and it's under $50. Consider doing something like this and this. They are using a large dog crate (though you could use the one you have) and attached an xpen. The person kindly shared their set up and how they made it in this thread. You can use zipties to attach the xpen to the crate with ease. Or you can use the NIC griids you have to expand the space but just make them taller (again use zipties to attach).


For flooring I got just the thing for you! :)

  1. I highly suggest this indoor/outdoor rug - it is easy to clean, inexpensive, and due to a tight weave hard to chew. A lot of bunny parents on here use it and love it. :)
    1. This one chew and dig-proof, but if needed you can flip it upside-down and it's even more so. .. been tested.
    2. You can also get another one for when you let him out to explore to place over the carpet he loves to chew.
  2. If he loves to dig though don't deny him, provide a good alternative instead on top of the rug below in one spot - these seagrass mats - they are safe and awesome.
  3. Also try placing tiles (scraps are cheap) over spots he loves to chew temporarily, or weighed down boxes even.
  4. Giving toys and things that are actually meant for digging and chewing will prevent the carpet digging (as in more targeted toys) - try to provide a box full for shredded paper to dig like this in or a cat scratcher like this one or something like this.

    No we have come to the last and most important point - bunnies are smart and they need toys to entertain them and stay out of trouble. In the absence of good things to chew they will chew the other things - chewing and digging is their natural instinct, so the solution is not to spot them, but to provide alternatives specifically meant for them to chew and dig and to reinforce them using it. Bunnies are very food-motivated so you can use food to train them to do what you want them to do. :)

  5. I will mention some things to buy and make for toy for your bun below - don't think you need to get everything - start with some basic things and rotate toys to keep him interested. But the most important thing is reinforcing and redirecting. Bunnies unlike cats and dogs don't understand negative reinforcement or discipline at all, it scares them and actually leads to the opposite of desired results. But they do really understand positive reinforcement and build positive associations when you redirect bad behavior and reward good behavior. So you have to actively and diligently train the bunny overtime not to chew and dig the wrong things. Anytime you see digging or chewing, immediately try to offer a toy or some alternative instead and reward with a small treat when it works. This does need to be done very diligently each time you see him do things like that.

    So what to give as toys?

  6. You say he likes to dig on your bed, provide to him a blanket or something you keep on your bed specifically for him - reinforce when he hops that that is his spot, he can dig that special blanket you give him just for him.
    1. Also give him a stuffed animal - so he doesn't feel lonely, that usually helps.
  7. Bunnies like exporting type toys - tunnels, cardboard houses, willow and hay balls, chews, and treat puzzles . The two thread below have examples:
  8. Also a couple suggestions below that are my personal favorites and all buns tend to enjoy:
    1. Treat/pellets ball - feed pellets in it vs a bowl
    2. Nesting cups - hide little treat bits between stacked cups, I have not met a bun who doesn't love these
    3. Plastic slinky - most buns love these
    4. Play house
    5. Dig box
  9. Also try homemade things - the best I found was an empty egg carton stuffed wit favorite greens for him to figure out how to open. :)
    1. Or something like this
    2. Or a homemade castle like this person did - she has instructions on how to make one, send her a message.
  10. Chew toys specifically - there are what you need to get to offer as alternatives to him chewing furniture!
    1. Willow and hay balls are great - good quality ones here
    2. They also have these logs where you can hide treats and pellets for fun - the bun would love to chew those I think and they last too. :)
    3. Great quality toys that are super fragrant and yummy to chew here
    4. And thicker good chew sticks here


      Why neutering is essential:

      It will help with the territorial hormonal behavior you may be seeing for sure but more than anything it will also tremendously improve you boys quality of life... imagine how frustrated you would be if you could not act on your instincts ever, and his are making a lot of little babies and he can never do that.. that is not the best thing for a bun. That in addition to litter habits and long term health (risk of testicular cancer and inflammation) are all reasons why I think neuter is worth it. Keep in mind though that after neuter, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the boys hormones to subside, so the behavior change won't be instant, but it will come.

      Neutering is a simpler and less risky (less costly) procedure than spaying, which is a big plus for boys. rescue! Do not hesitate! It is worth the risk and the cost!

      Take a look at this thread for a great summary of a personal account

      Having said this, picking a GOOD rabbit savvy vet is really key here. I would not go with the cheapest, not most expensive, but really try to get a good experience vet for bunnies and then ask for the cost (btw they offer payment plans).

      Try to google your local rabbit rescues, see what the closest House Rabbit Society chapter is. Dedicated rabbit rescues do a lot of spays and neuters (they never leave the buns unfixed) so they can always recommend a good and well priced vet. Often you can find this info right on their websites (look in different sections there) but if not an email with a question will get you a response. Also here you can also find a list of rabbit savvy vets by state to cross reference the info: