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u/bigplayer2382 · 2 pointsr/RepTime

It depends what you want to accomplish really.

Replica: Go with Tag, its known as a nice watch, but they can be found around 1-3k depending on the model on amazon, and are generally the entry level "exotic" watch. Which will fit perfect for you.

Gen: Seiko or Citizen bar none. You can get an excellent piece which will last decades for the same price as a rep (about $300), and look amazing. I have a Citizen AT4007 and a Citizen F900 and I absolutely love them. The F900 was more pricey but was my engagement gift from my wife. Both are Eco drive (solar), both sapphire crystal, so it will never scratch, and both automatically sync up into Towers/GPS every night at midnight so it is just as accurate as your phone. These watches will litterally run for a decade easily. I wore my AT4007 for 5 years, 4 years of which i worked in construction, and the glass is still flawless and I have never had a problem. That to me is one of the best things about my gens, they will always work, always be on time, and always look great. I never worry about having to get maintenance, something breaking, taking it off to go swimming or snorkling ect. It just works.

If you are looking for a nice fancy watch, automatic movement and to kinda stand out, get a rep. But if you want a no-shit everyday watch which looks great, won't have you called out, and is maintenance/worry free, get a gen Seiko or Citizen. I own an Omega CrPO Rep, and I do absolutely love it and love wearing it, but my Citizen F900 is still my work/everyday watch (replaced my AT when I got it). My advice is start with a quartz solar gen, and when you want an automatic then get a fancy rep. No reason you cant have both! :)

u/Augie956 · 11 pointsr/RepTime

Hey RepTime, with my watch cases almost full, I thought it would be a good time to post full collection pics of my watches. The imgur link has full collection pics and up close shots of each watch with full title from the TD. I tried my best with the pics, many of the watches look better in person than what my lack of photo taking skills can display.

Why did I get into replicas?
About 2 years ago, I was in the market for a gen Rolex or Breitling, but then I stumbled upon this subreddit and here we are. I've been collecting for a little more than a year now. Currently at 54 watches with another Tudor on the way.

I've only purchased from Intime and Trustytime. Overall, they are about the same, but Trusty time email response times are faster.
I usually bundle about 4-5 watches per order to save on shipping costs, been only buying from trustytime lately due to their lower shipping costs and promo code coupon. I haven't seen any difference in watch prices between the TDs.
Each order usually takes about a 3-4 weeks from order date to delivery. Haven't had any major issues with either TD, customs or watches arriving DOA.

Experience so far:
I don't have any one favorite watch, I like having variety and sometimes change watches throughout the day.
I have not serviced any watch yet, but each watch gets little and infrequent use.

Also, be great if you guys can recommend what my collection is missing!

Links to watch cases, LED light kits, cleaning cloth, and watch resizing tools:

u/rusty02536 · 1 pointr/RepTime

Vastar 147 PCS Watch Repair Kit Professional Spring Bar Tool Set, Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case

This has everything you need.

The tool with a blue handle will be your best friend. It uses small pins to remove the links

Good luck. It’s very straightforward and lmk when you finish

u/Michaeljl87 · 2 pointsr/RepTime

This is the one I got. It’s not the nicest springs, but they are a really snug fit into my bracelet so I don’t see them flying out. Took a little wiggling to get them to go through the second hole on the bracelet because I don’t think they are perfectly straight. But it comes with many duplicates of each size. So just find the straightest ones and try those.

u/UltraWee · 1 pointr/RepTime

My watch winder arrived this evening.

I’ve never owned more than 1 mechanical watch at a time so this is exciting!

Watching the second hands on each watch as the watch rotates is fascinating. It’s also perfectly silent and I even ran the compass test to make sure it wouldn’t magnetise my watches.


u/jcal782 · 1 pointr/RepTime

Thanks, I'm hoping it just needs to be pressed back on. Here is the strap, it's the "Retro Brown" color in 20mm, definitely recommend:

u/ch0c0l2te · 1 pointr/RepTime

> Toro's boutique PAMs

could you possibly link me where to find this? I don't know what you mean by that; I'd imagine that by Toro you mean ToroBravo?

Besides that, thanks for the tips! I'm thinking about maybe going for a fossil or invicta gen on amazon at this price honestly, this Invicta isn't bad looking and this Fossil intrigues me (as does this one!) how do they stack up against the reps movement-wise? I know they are on the lower end so it's not gonna be like a Rolex or anything, but aren't replicas (at this price point) just as "mediocre" (or however you'd like to say)?

u/RareBeach · 2 pointsr/RepTime

Just curious why you purchased this WW at $180 vs this one (link below) at $120? Also on Amazon. Is there something I am not seeing on the cheaper one? Thanks.

u/MajorWilliams · 1 pointr/RepTime

I have this 24 watch box. It’s very good quality and the pillows are really good. I used to have the one above but the pillows were cheap and frayed quickly.

Glenor Co Watch Box for Men - 24 Slot Flat Luxury Display Case Organizer, Carbon Fiber Design for Mens Jewelry Watches, Men's Storage Holder Boasts Large Glass Top,Metal Buckle & Leather Pillows-Black

u/noob_tube03 · 1 pointr/RepTime

I started with a simple 6 watch tray and it worked well. Now that my collection is a bit bigger, I have a box to hold the random odds and ends (extra straps, collar stays, cuff links, ect), and a winder.


My collection


the winder

The box

u/SpaceForceAwakens · 5 pointsr/RepTime

Which gold Invicta are you copping?

Here are a couple of really good choices, the $55 one is an excellent deal. The Miyota movement within the watch goes for that on its own. Same watch for $25 more, with coke bottle bezel.

I'm a firm believer in Invicta automatic dive watches. Most Invictas are overpriced and ugly, but their sub-wannabes are solid performers, and tough.