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u/queenblackacid · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

I have erythematotelangiectatic rosacea with a papule or two every month. My cheeks are covered in permanent telangiectasias, but I don't mind them because I can cover it with makeup easily. I've had them since I was a kid. Occasionally I get a small papule or two

My nose has worsened over the last 5 years. I have no telangiectasias but my whole nose up to the bridge has diffuse erythema. Above the bridge of my nose has some redness too, leaving the bridge of my nose white... The redness goes away if I press on my nose (it blanches - not permanent). It is difficult to keep makeup on my nose throughout the day without it coming off. This is the most annoying thing about rosacea for me.

My forehead has patches of eczema either side that I've had success treating with elidel (pimecrolimus cream) and a better skincare routine. I have rosacea in the middle of my forehead. Easy to cover with makeup.

I've tried metrogel and finacea, both without effect. Finacea just hurts my skin. I'm taking 50mg doxycycline capsules and I thought they were working, but then I forgot for a while. It's difficult to tell. Rosacea is difficult to control, unfortunately.


I currently use the following of an evening:

  • Mineral oil massage to remove makeup - emulsify and remove in the shower with water.

  • Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex Cleansing Foam - low pH cleansing foam that leaves my skin lovely and clean without over-cleansing.

  • Actives - Elidel for eczema if required.

  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Toner - Not astrigent at all. Super slippery base makes the next steps more effective.

  • Holy Snails Shark Sauce and Snowbang Essence - Small amount, mix together in hand and wipe across face. Contains ceramides to help replenish lipid barrier, niacinamide and n-acetyl glucosamine for anti-inflammatory effects, lots more lovely stuff.

  • Mizon Snail Repair All In One cream - Small amount all over face. It's a very light cream, almost like a gel. It has a lovely texture.

  • Shara Shara Honey Bomb Ampoule - niacinamide, so good. Small amount, all over face.

  • La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ - One pump to cover whole face (400ml bottle has a pump). I love this stuff. Niacinamide (anti-inflammatory), glycerin (humectant), shea butter (emollient), mineral oil & silicone (occlusive emollients).

  • CosRX Ultimate Moisturising Honey Overnight Mask OR Mizon Snail Repair Recovery Gel - Moisturising gel to "set" the layers of moisturiser beneath. I'm still testing out the snail recovery gel, not sure if I like it because it doesn't "set" as well.

    In the morning I gently wash the set slippery layers off with water and apply:

  • Actives - Elidel for eczema if required.

  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Toner

  • Holy Snails Shark Sauce & Snowbang Essence

  • Mizon Snail Repair All In One cream

  • Lipikar Baume AP+ on bad skin days, or CosRX Ultimate Honey Overnight Mask on good days.

  • Shiseido Hada Senka Mineral Water Gel SPF 50+ - I love the finish of this sunscreen. Sunscreen is super, super important, especially with the niacinamide use. Use a sunscreen every single day, even in winter, even if only inside. Every day!

    I take a resveratrol capsule every day to combat sirtuin inhibition caused by niacinamide.

    I've been following this routine for four months and my skin has improved a lot in terms of texture. The flaky patches went away and the eczema almost completely disappeared with occasional maintenance use of elidel and just generally looking after my skin. The rosacea erythema has stayed the same, but I have developed fewer papules. Hopefully, if I can remember to take the doxycycline, the redness of my nose may also improve.
u/f1del1us · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

My skin looks very similar to this. I have had little luck in the last decade getting the redness gone completely, but it is manageable. Reducing the redness by a great factor and then covering up what little remains is my strategy.

Elta MD Foaming Enzyme cleanser. This is great because it requires no physical agitation of your skin. You get it on, you rub it around real quick before it starts foaming, and then you just let it do its thing.

La Roche Posay Rosaliac. This used to be my go to. It is light, absorbs quickly and does not irritate my skin.

I also use this seb derm cream from amazon. It is wonderful for combination skin. Really helps moisturize.


Blue Lizard. I use the sensitive skin. I love it. Mineral sunscreens are less damaging than chemical for my skin. But I only use it when I am spending time outdoors. I work in a kitchen and as such don't spend a ton of time outdoors on work days, so my SPF factor generally just comes from the redness corrector.

Redness Fix/Cover

So I have two parts to this. The first thing I use out of the shower is a small bit of Azelaic Acid. I order the tubes of Finacea from an australian pharmacy since apparently I need a doctor to order it in the US.

The second part is my very favorite product; it is called All Calm. It is AMAZING. It goes on like a very light, almost oily clay. It really brings down the shine of the redness, and absorbs well so that it doesn't look like you have clay on your face. It requires very little, and while it is expensive, it lasts a VERY long time.

Hope any of this helps! I've been dealing with this kind of skin for about a dozen years now and it sucks! Things get better with care though!

u/umabbas · 13 pointsr/Rosacea

Ok, so;

Ivermectin is a relatively new, Nobel winning medicine that can be used to treat a variety of conditions with living organisms, such as mites in the case of type 2 rosacea (papulopustular - the one with pimples, scabs, pustules, white heads and generally really unsightly and painful when left untreated).

In most cases, it's very effective and clears the face within few weeks (I strongly recommend going on a course of helping antibiotics from your doctor for that, as it helps with a 'die off', a slight to bigger but very temporary worsening of the pimples before it gets better. Not all people have that, but it's fairly common.)

For human use, it's usually prescribed as Soolantra; a topical cream. In most of the world where it's available, it's an affordable to cheap and sometimes even fully paid for medicine, and if your doctor doesn't know about it, mentioning it sometimes helps with its prescription.

I don't know where you're based, but if you're in USA, the Soolantra bit can get annoying and superexpensive due to the way that healthcare is set up to milk people instead of help, however I have seen people getting it with some pharmacy help for as low as 50$ a tube.

If that's not an option, either because you truly are in USA and your doc is a jerk, or because like me you live somewhere where it simply isn't imported and known, you can opt for 'horse paste'.

Horse paste is a colloquial term for horse dewormers; a toothpaste-like or gel-like substance meant for horses to ingest, with twice the strength of Soolantra (some people dilute it with moisturisers for usage to tone it down to Soolantra's level, some people use it full; in most cases it's a once a day application on the entirety of the face.)

You can get your hands on a dewormer in most farm stores or on Amazon, one like this for example: - you always want to make sure it's pure Ivermectin and not a mix, and it's for horses as the strength is easy to work with, either in full or halved.

One tube lasted me for about 1-2 weeks when applied daily; I now have a clear face with only occasional pustules so I apply it about once a week at this point.


I am not a doctor.

I use it without problems for nearly a year now.

Horse paste is not tested for human use. It is twice the strength of the tested human dose, and so far nobody reported any problems. One thing some doctors fear with this is developing a resistance, similar to how antibiotic overuse works.

Another thing is the fact that a lot of these come in apple flavour, so there's a concern that storing them too long out once opened diminishes their effectiveness and could even lead to spoiling; in which case I recommend not stockpiling on them but buying them as you go, maybe a month-worth of supply.

The substance is generally safe for topical use as it's super mild - horses are sensitive so they can't ingest just anything.

u/political2002 · 1 pointr/Rosacea

Wow, that is interesting. Well, I hope the Accutane goes well.

Some other tips for you:
- Try taking MSM powder (mixed in with water, work your way up to 15g daily, stop taking at least 8 hours before bed). It really helps me. It shouldn't be an issue with Accutane.
- Take a Zinc supplement if you aren't already (use Labdoor to find a good one).
- Avoid the sun as much as possible. I drive with a visor on. Literally this one:
- Since you're avoiding the sun, you'll need a good vitamin D supplement. I take this with my salads:
- Use this website to make sure whatever moisturizer/skin products you're using are safe by entering the ingredient list in and having it analyze them:
- Use this cleanser; it works wonders for me:

Good luck. :)

u/GetOffMyLawn_ · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

Cortisone is contra-indicated in rosacea, it can make it worse.

OK, you need a gentle skin care routine and a topical and maybe some oral stuff too.

  1. Wash with something mild like Cetaphil lotion, CeraVe moisturizing cleanser, or Eucerin anti-redness cleanser. There are others that are similar. But you want mild. Pat your face dry. Do not use soap!

  2. Apply your topical med. That could be Metrogel but there are others for rosacea.

  3. Apply moisturizer if necessary. Again, something mild, one of the 3 brands above has something rosacea friendly. CeraVe makes a PM moisturizer with niacinamide. Niacinamide can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. A moisturizer with MSM or sulfur can also help your skin. I've been using this with good results. But read the reviews, it doesn't work for everyone.

  4. Sunscreen, preferably a mineral block like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Often baby's sunscreen or kid's sunscreen is mineral based. (I use Banana Boat Babies). Or look in the natural aisle. Unfortunately it can make you look white and pasty.

  5. Oral meds: Either prescription antibiotics (ugh, too many side effects) or prescription vitamins (Nicomide) or high dose niacinamide vitamins. Or, MSM pills.

  6. Wear a hat with a brim and stay out of the sun. has a good article on how to wash your face gently and apply meds and lotions.

    Also, regarding the barrier thing: Some folks here have use Aquaphor on their face and things have healed up nicely. It's mostly petroleum jelly so it creates a protective layer on your face.
u/CutthroatTeaser · 3 pointsr/Rosacea

The vast majority of my rosacea was flushing after exertion as well. The Clinique redness reduction line did nothing for me. One product I found that soothes my skin is Laneige Hydrating Gel. It is unfortunately even more expensive than the Clinique line but works better for me.

One cheap easy item to help temporarily is an ice roller like this one Just leave it in the freezer and grab it when your pink is up. Feels good and helps with redness.

My flushing improved long term after treatment with horse paste a.k.a. ivermectin. Tons of info about this if you just search the subreddit.

u/graceeh67 · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

Almost everything I use now is cheap and over the counter. I totally feel you on this. As much as I'd love to, I simply can't shell out an arm and a leg for a product hoping it will solve my problems. To start with, you should check out the brand called The Ordinary, if you haven't already. Their products are super cheap and highly effective. They exist to "bring to market effective, more familiar technologies at honorable prices."

Here's what I use in my routine that successfully keeps my rosacea at bay:


- Bioclarity face wash - $9.95

- Cos De BAHA azelaic acid serum - $12.75

- The Ordinary's squalene oil - $6.08


- Bioclarity face wash - $9.95

- The Ordinary's squalene oil - $6.08

- Durvet ivermectin paste - $6.59

- Weleda skinfood - $11.39

u/jay_noel87 · 5 pointsr/Rosacea

Two products I can confirm significantly helped my rosacea in a short amount of time are The Ordinary's Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum and Sunday Riley's Good Genes (literally changed my entire face in 2 weeks!) If the pricetag is too high on GG, apparently The Ordinary's 10% lactic acid serum is a dupe - which I've been using the past few days and loving!

If you're looking for more of a routine to use moving forward, I've found Clinique's redness solutions collection has been AMAZING and also great to have (I specifically use the cleanser and moisturizer and will vouch for those two - they have a number of other products but haven't used them).

Another thing someone mentioned is that winter/cold weather is always the worst for rosacea, so definitely pile on the moisturizer (unless you have very oily skin). I highly recommend these moisturizing sheet masks to everyone:

Cheap and moisturizing! They also smell nice. Great to use at night before putting on your moisturizer.

Hope this helps!

u/jessicadiamonds · 5 pointsr/Rosacea

I have type 2, I've heard that is the main kind that Ivermectin is good for, and I don't really have flushing and I don't think this works for that. Both the Ivermectin and Cliradex (tea tree oil extract apparently?) are meant to treat demodex mites, which is obviously just a theory. I'm not a doctor and I know that these things aren't for everyone. There's a good Facebook group called ROSACEA RESCUE that has a lot of people with varying degrees of success.


(the big breakout on my forehead happened between the time I ordered the horse paste and started using it, so that flared before I started using it. It's honestly better than it was at one point)



Wash with CeraVe Moisturizing Cleanser

Sparingly apply Durvet Ivermectin Apple Flavored Gel (called horse paste, but not paste, and it's a bit stick for daytime, so I only put a small amount)

CeraVe Lotion

Honeyskin Face & Body Cream

(Here's where I'd put on SPF, but I'm kind of having a hard time with that one right now. Lately my EltaMD UV Clear 46 has been burning a little, going to wait a bit to add it back in to see if it causes a reaction after I'm feeling solid about my routine)



Wash with CeraVe

Apply Cliradex Foam to my eye area

Use the horse gel all over my face


I've only done this 4 nights/days now, and already my face is much smoother and the inflammation is down quite a bit. It for sure is not painful anymore. I'm cautiously optimistic.

u/christina-rae · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

Welcome! I was diagnosed this past July 2017. I'm also a female and while I'm not quite 27 yet, I will be next week! Lol.

Establishing a skincare regimen for yourself can be tricky. It doesn't have to be fancy or long and extensive. If you can't get yourself to follow it daily, then it's no good. Just start off with the basics and take it slow. Don't try so many new products all at once. Your skin may not like a product and it'll be hard to determine which one it is among the new products. Allow at least 2 weeks in between the addition of a new product.

Safeguard is a bar soap, right? If so, I wouldn't use it to wash my face. Bar soap usually has a high pH (like 8-10) and that disrupts your face's moisture barrier. Ideally, your face wash should have a pH around 5.5 because your skin's pH is 5.5. In the morning, I wash with Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser. In the evening, I wash with Palmer's Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil to remove sunscreen (and makeup if I'm wearing any) followed by Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser again.

Can I ask why you bought Thayers Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Petal and Queene Helene Mint Julep Masque? What do you hope to accomplish with these two products? And fyi, witch hazel can be a trigger for flare-ups, so be careful with that. Let me tell you if you don't already know...there are SO many triggers for rosacea, but they vary from person to person.

Definitely include a sunscreen in your skincare. The sun can be a trigger, but more than that, sunscreen is preventative care for skin cancer, signs of aging, etc. It is recommended that those with rosacea use a physical sunscreen, but some can get away with chemical ones (which can be a trigger). I use Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45/PA+++ or Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream Triple Care SPF 50+/PA+++. Both are Korean brand sunscreens. The Missha one is a chemical sunscreen and it has witch hazel extracts. It doesn't affect me though. The Innisfree one is a physical sunscreen and it has niacinamide which can alleviate rosacea symptoms. Because the Innisfree one is a physical sunscreen, it does have a slight white cast, but it doesn't really bother me.

u/Skinnydogvito · 3 pointsr/Rosacea

I use this one


But I haven't been using it for that long so I can't necessarily recommend it. It came recommended by That site has a good article on probiotics. The top one he recommended more was really expensive. So I thought I'd try this one instead. Plus I wanted pills that were easy to swallow.

I read a study that rosacea sufferers saw improvement with L. paracasei. But overall skin health is improved with other strains. I think the might have a reference to the study.



u/melkphilly · 13 pointsr/Rosacea

I also have this problem with my insurance. I’ve had good work-around luck with DIY azelaic acid (, sulfur masks (, and the vet version of soolantra ( ). This version is sticky like Vaseline. But it’s cheap so you won’t lose much if you don’t like it. After I determined it worked for me I switched to this one which isn’t so sticky (

I use a very gentle cleanser (I like albolene and vanicream) and moisturizer, plus sunscreen during the day.

Just a warning if you try the ivermectin - my skin got a lot worse than I have ever seen it around days 4-10. But then it improved tremendously. I think this is why dermatologists use doxycycline with it in the beginning to reduce the inflammatory reaction to the mite die-off. But stick with it and it’s so so worth it.

Finally, here is my routine:

Cleanse (albolene)
Sulfur mask (10 Min every other night)-then rinse with lukewarm water
Azelaic acid (3 times a week)
Ivermectin (every night right at bedtime)
Vaseline (if I’m really dry)

Cleanse (vanicream)

u/beigemom · 1 pointr/Rosacea

Ask your derm for Soolantra samples, he gave me enough for a month to try (didn't make much difference). But it's a great way to trial it. It's pretty expensive, even with my great insurance it's $50/mo which I think is a lot, esp as my specific condition isn't that bad.

To note, this ingredient is also in a horse cream here . My derm took a look at it and said it wouldn't be harmful to try--he doesn't like when good treatments are too expensive. That it's for horses may be a turnoff to some, but it's just the chemical to treat the same thing (mites). Just FYI.

u/Jamoverton · 3 pointsr/Rosacea

Yes, it's really hard to avoid sun in cars during the summer months. If you're comfortable with looking like a huge dork, there is sun protective clothing that you can wear to cover up your face: Depending on who you're with, this might not be a big deal or it could be super awkward. I have no problem using it in front of my fiancee, who thinks it's hilarious when I put it on, haha. It's also great for when you're just driving alone. It's not a great solution but for me it's worth it during this time of year- I don't bother with it unless it's a really sunny day.

u/Sh4r3L0v3 · 1 pointr/Rosacea

Same. I'm hesitant to try new things because my reactions last for days and cause painful clusters of bumps.

I recently just started using castor oil at night recommended by someone on here. It's a very sticky oil and makes my face look really greasy so I can only use it at night, but it stops the burning itch and there's no skin flakes in the morning. My skin feels really soft and hydrated in the morning too. So far there haven't been any reactions from it and if I'm home during the day I will apply it to my cheeks just to give myself some relief.

It's an all natural vegan oil which is great too. So far it's the only product I would swear by. I've been using it for about 4 months, not every night, just when I really need it. Here's the link if you want to check it out.

u/LoLBROLoL · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

Got it....

I ask because I did take the Amazon Ivermectin orally once to kill the demodex internally as well. Its 100% OK for human consumption. A lot of users have reported doing this for either demodex or scabies. I was desperate and I did it. Im 100% OK and it worked in conjunction with topical application of the same product.

This is the brand I purchased, squeezed a 200lb dose and swallowed it before bed. It tastes like the worst apple chapstick ever. I dont know if its the oral dose or the topical dose that helped but it did....

After I finish the soolantra, i doubt I will purchase it again from the pharmacy. I will continue to purchase the medication linked above as its stronger and much much cheaper.

Good luck, bro!

u/xtimmay · 1 pointr/Rosacea

Wow! Thanks for this great reply. Yeah it looked too good to be true.

If you wouldn't mind, could you take a look at another product?

This one also has a ton of ratings and reviews on Amazon but I couldn't find anything else besides that.

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Leptospermum Scoparium (Manuka Honey) Mel, Butyrospermum Parki (Shea) Butter, Centipeda Cunninghamii (Cehami), Glycerine (vegetable derived), Emulsifying Wax, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Spirucosm (Blue Algae), Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed) Oil, Organic Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Methyl Sufonyl Methane (MSM), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Oat Amino Protein, Frangipani Extract, Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment, Saccharomyces/Magnesium Ferment Hydrolysate, Saccharomyces/Potassium Ferment Hydrolysate, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Tapioca Starch, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Hydroxide, Titanium Dioxide, Carbomer, Glucose, Xanthan Gum, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Sodium Hyaluronate, Geogard Ultra (Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate), Phenoxyethanol

u/iamaravis · 3 pointsr/Rosacea

Yes. Have you tried azelaic acid? I've used Melazepam (available on Amazon), and it worked pretty well. I also have used Paula's Choice azelaic acid booster. It's not as strong, but it also seems to help.

However, nothing makes my skin completely clear, so I just live with varying degrees of broken out.

u/75mjb · 3 pointsr/Rosacea

You can get Soolantra‘ s active ingredient (Ivermectin) over the counter.

Horse paste is usually 1.9% vs Soolantra which is 1%

Duramectin Ivermectin Paste 1.87% for Horses, 0.21 oz

Good discussion on one vs the other:

u/OneEightActual · 1 pointr/Rosacea

I'm a fan of the CeraVe moisturizers after they were recommended by my derm. There's a PM version without sunscreen and an AM version with SPF 30. Buying both seems expensive up front but the bottles last me like 2+ months usually, and it's still cheaper than a lot of alternatives and has widespread retail availability.

u/rosacearesearch · 0 pointsr/Rosacea

Ms JessicaDiamonds,

I am in this thread here:

All I saw is you are using Ivermectin. From what I have learned in Reddit's 'UX' from this thread I didn't figure out what medium you are using Ivermectin with? It could be horse paste or it could be Soolantra. I have 'bothered' to try to figure this out and spent time going through the above thread and couldn't find what Ivermectin treatment you are using. If you look at this thread DABReddit says, "I have type two and use Soolantra and Finacia each once per day" who also mentions Soolantra as I did. Can you see, since I am new to Reddit, and I couldn't find what 'Ivermectin' treatment and concluded it was Soolantra that I am simply trying to help and I am not chastising you, that I am volunteering with links to demodectic rosacea treatments which includes ivermectin and other possible treatments? I am so glad you are having success with your ivermectin treatment. I finally discovered in your first post you are using "Durvet Ivermectin Apple Flavored Gel (called horse paste, but not paste, and it's a bit stick for daytime, so I only put a small amount) and CeraVe Lotion Honeyskin Face & Body Cream." I apologize for missing this earlier. Please indulge me with forgiveness for missing this. I have learned now that you have to carefully look at the poster's name, the date the post is published, and how the replies are also dated differently, and how the 'UX' works. Different from the forum style posting I am familiar with, you know what I mean, the 'UX'. Still haven't figured out what the red and gray arrows do.

u/privatestudy · 1 pointr/Rosacea

Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++ - hands down my favorite sunscreen. I don't have sensitive skin, combo really, and this stuff never makes me feel clogged.

u/SomeKindOfOnionMummy · 3 pointsr/Rosacea

I have an ice roller that really helps with that ice roller

u/Newberrie · 2 pointsr/Rosacea

Check out Melazepam on Amazon. I can't compare, as it's the only one I've used, but it works for me.

Ecological Formulas Melazepam Cream