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u/HiHaterslol · 3 pointsr/SF4

This sexy bitch right here, but I for sure didn't pay $160 for it. I'm sure I bought it for $120 on amazon in March.

Don't see a lot of people using it, but I really love it. The stick and buttons are about double the distance apart from each other compared to other sticks, and that's really helpful for me because I have big clunky hands.

I also ordered one of these when they were on sale, but I haven't received it yet. These are probably the most used sticks ever. Also super comfortable, but I still like the RAP better.

u/get_smarter · 2 pointsr/SF4

I just watched "More Than A Game" and got pretty interested in Street Fighter. I do not actively play any fighting games but I've played a lot of Starcraft 2 so I understand what its like to get better and play on a ranked ladder.

Street Fighter seems like a very technical game but I'm wondering if there is space for me to play competitively even though I'm starting from zero skill.

If someone were asking the same question about Starcraft 2 I would tell them "Absolutely! After practicing for a bit and learning the basics you can move from Bronze to Gold with solid fundamentals.". Can the same be said for Street Fighter?

Finally, I have a PS3 and 360 but I primarily do my gaming on PC. Is there a preferred platform? I do not have any friends who play on any platform so that isn't an issue.

I do have the controller that came with this bundle:

u/Goins2754 · 1 pointr/SF4

Pad recommendations?

I've tried the MadCatz fight pad when I was on PS3 and didn't really like the D-pad. I tried the XBox 360 Versus controller now that I'm on PC and I don't like the joystick on that one, either. I tried the Logitech F310, but I prefer having all 6 face buttons.

The only pad I really like is the Sabrent 12-button controller, but man is the construction on that thing trash! I've gone through two of them in about two months! I can't buy a controller every month. LOL.

I'm looking for a good 6-face button controller for PC. Any help would be much appreciated.

u/-Rhombus- · 1 pointr/SF4

I'm not a pad player but I recently have been trying to play Sonic 3 on steam and no xbox/PS controller had the D-pad response I wanted. I found one of these in my closet. The D-pad on this (personally) outshines any of the other pads i've played on. They're comfortable, the pad is amazing and its got a 6 button layout. They come in a variety of colors/characters. Part 2 of this--its a PS2 pad. Not really helpful on current console without an adapter. I picked up a few different ones from amazon and, since I'm a tad OCD about the lag, did a quick in game test. This one from may flash was leaps and bounds better than anything else and worked flawlessly for Sonic and my side scrollers, and i went into the lab to test some combos in USF4 to make sure it was the real deal. Not bad for about $30 total spent.

Runner up to me, would be the Mad Catz SFxT pads. They're pretty solid, but the d-pad itself feels a little too squishy to me. It just doesn't return to neutral fast enough, but a solid choice.

On a side note: sanwa is apparently making a pad that will be coming out with the bundle of Guilty Gear later this year. Maybe someone will want to sell just the controller? Thats a stretch though.

u/Sciar · 1 pointr/SF4

I'm not sure about what you're looking for but I just got that TE within the last week. I know you can get them in stock from Madcatz since that's what I just ordered (Although shipping times take a bit of time, use coupon code CROSSCOUNTER or SRKDOTCOM to save another 10% on their products.

Madcatz official store

Or if you want the RAP I got mine off of Amazon and they're in stock of both models PS3 and Xbox. Free shipping and <$150 price tags.

Other places that seem to be sold out but are worth checking out from time to time.

Canada Joysticks

As I said in the show though, FS's/arcade stick/joysticks aren't necessary. I'll get some footage of the controller player out there to show that it truly is possible.

u/Novelty_Frog · 1 pointr/SF4

If you plan on continuing playing fighters with a keyboard, you might as well get one that doesn't hinder or impede your play. Microsoft's Sidewinder X4 goes on sale on Newegg somewhat often at $40 w/ free shipping, and if you're serious about quality then step up to mechanical keyboards which often support NKRO. I just purchased a Ducky Zero with brown switches and it's fantastic, very glad I chose the keyboard rather than a fightstick.

u/N0fe · 2 pointsr/SF4

Is it an older TE stick? I only recall older Xbox sticks having issues, the generation 1 sticks. I had a PS3 stick before, and got it to work on PC after a lot of headaches. To make mine work, I had to buy a PCI to USB 2.0 card with a VIA chipset on it. I didn't think Xbox sticks were affected by this problem, but I hope this information helps you. The pci cards themselves are fairly cheap, and you should be able to pick one up online.

Here's one for illustration's sake: notice the VIA branding on the chip.

Best of luck.

u/xeolleth · 2 pointsr/SF4

If it hasn't got a brand name, it's not worth it.

I managed to get this for £74 inc P&P and as you can see it's usually around £120.

All in all you can find a good deal if you look hard enough. The Madcatz ones are fantastic quality for the value. They are also bigger than the "newbie" ones so making it more comfortable to play on, whether on table top or lap.

u/analbumcover · 3 pointsr/SF4

Looks like Amazon has it for $16 + shipping

Here it is on Newegg for $16.99 + free shipping

To be honest, that's probably as cheap as it gets for a brand new Xbox360 copy with no crazy sales going on. I would say it's a pretty good deal for sure.

u/huenchu · 2 pointsr/SF4

well i'd recomend you, since you want something under 100€, to go and buy a hori Real arcade Pro from amazon spain or amazon uk it's the stick I have now, it works flawlessly and it's perfect for a long term usage (sanwa FTW). my experience with a cheap stick (tatsunoko vs capcom fightstick for wii) was not good because Standard editions don't have good parts so these don't last long and a year later you end up buying another one...and that's not good (for me at least). if you want something cheaper you can get a brawl stick or mayflash stick (I don't really recomend these but there are really good players that use them :P). at the end it depends on how much you take care of your stick (my wii stick still works with a re-soldered cable and a few new buttons, but my bluetooth adapter doesn't so I bought a wired stick for pc :P)

u/zid · 1 pointr/SF4

It isn't specifically 'Intel' chipset that matters, it's UHCI support. Which older Intel chipsets (ICH series) support, along with some via chips, etc.

My friend had no UHCI support so I picked out a plug-in card from amazon for him for a few dollars.

Anything with a VIA VT62xx (VT6202 / VT6212) chip should work. Something like this

u/wisdom_and_frivolity · 0 pointsr/SF4

I played on a fightpad before and honestly you can't get any worse than an x360 pad so you might as well get the madcatz fightpad. It's not great in ANY respect, but it's better than the 360 d-pad.

The problem here is, the fightpad is going to break. No question. I haven't seen a single company make a quality fightpad that can withstand even moderate gaming.

With that in mind, I recommend This fightpad and just buy 5 of them. One will last you 3-6 months, but that's 3 months of excellent control due to the microswitches in the directional inputs.

Madcatz fightpad is too expensive.

u/Holtreich · 1 pointr/SF4

The Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA KAI is usually pretty cheap. I own one myself and have seen many tournament players using them in videos. I believe it's all Sanwa parts, just like the Mad Catz TE (which I also own.)

I've started to prefer it over my TE stick, mostly because the foam on the bottom is much more comfortable for people like myself who play with the stick on our laps.

Xbox 360 version on Amazon:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/SF4

Does he have the SSF4 Update Kit DLC?

Out of curiosity, why didn't he just buy AE? The price difference between Super and AE isn't bad on 360. Super does have better box art IMO, because Dudley, but that's not reason enough to pass on the superior version for a few more bucks.

u/Triox · 3 pointsr/SF4

On console:

What are you wanting to do? Record a match and commentate it later? Or Commentate while the match is being played?

At a bare minimum you are going to need a capture device. The most common device is the Hauppauge HD-PVR. It records up to 1080i through component. There is also the Blackmagic Intensity that GeForce linked which records in 1080p. You are going to need one of these in order to record anything from your console to your computer.

After you get the video file of the match, just grab a mic and get an audio editing program (I recommend Audacity) and record your commentary while watching the video. Then load the video and audio in a video editing program and sync them up manually. Be sure to turn down the audio of match video, or else you probably won't hear your commentary unless you are screaming.

As far as downloading off youtube: I don't think there is a standard etiquette. My guess, if you are going to use someone else's match video, I would at a minimum credit them. If you really want to "do it right" I would message the person on youtube first and ask them if it's ok. If you take someone's match video for commentary, and the person messages you saying that they want you to take it down, then I would oblige.

u/sh1k1 · 1 pointr/SF4

I use one of these and have been extremely happy with it ever since I got both of mine. Have had them for a little over half a year now, I think, no issues at all with either so far. I even use one of them to play on my friends' PS3 by setting it to DInput mode — the only drawback is the obvious lack of a PS Home button.

Other than that, happy as a clam with 'em.

u/hdrive1335 · 5 pointsr/SF4

Hori VX-SA Kai is what I currently use. It is an excellent stick that comes in a square gate (as with most). Retails for $130-140 USD although sales happen quite often.

Pros include coming stock with full high quality Sanwa parts, as well as a large area to play on. Also comes with a rubbery bottom that reduces the chance that your stick will move while you use it. The cord is VERY long, and is plug and play compatible with the PC as well as the Xbox 360.

The only con I have for the stick is that the buttons are VERY sensitive. It registers a button press as soon as the button is depressed (1/5th of the way down) and while others may prefer these very sensitive buttons I would prefer if they would activate a little further down the button press, personally speaking.

u/rawbertson · 1 pointr/SF4

this is the cheapest good stick right now that would require no modding

there is an identical one for xbox / pc for the same price on amazon

you can buy the brawlstick but then you also have to buy the buttons and take it apart, you will save a bit of money, probably $30. i personally cant be bothered to take something like that apart but it really isnt that much work. I believe the base is a little smaller as well which i am not super keen on but i dont think it bothers most people.

one more disadvantage to the brawlstick is that it doesn't have a slant on it, i personally can't stand playing on something that doesn't have a slant at the bottom it kills my wrist. make sure if you are getting a madcatz stick it has the slant at the bottom like the one i posted.

this is what i use, i like it better than madcatz sticks, its way lighter and has a neat little compartment to store your cord (some madcatz have these as well i believe)

i will let you in on a little secret, 1 advantage to having a stick with 3P / 3K buttons is you can set them to no option and fake tech throws having the player beside you believe that you are mashing something out when in fact you are just holding block. it can also trick people into thinking you are going to quick-rise.

u/moo422 · 1 pointr/SF4

I picked on up at an EB Games -- PDP MVC3 Fightpad Pro ($20 for a returned unit). I think the XBOX/Microsoft store also carried them, at around $35 each, wired.

So it's not a d-pad -- it actually has actuators to sense when the analog-like stick has gone past certain activation points (with a click) -- it's actually digital inputs.

I prefer dpads, having played on SNES controllers back on the day -- things like dashing (F,F) motions are harder on this pad, and would be easier on a dpad.

u/FDFreaK · 2 pointsr/SF4

While I can't vouch for the quality of either stick, the Qanba Q1 also looks like a fair option for a good entry-level stick. However, for less money than it would cost to buy replacement Sanwa parts, you could get a MadCatz TE which is pretty much the gold standard of fight sticks.

u/hi_blue · 5 pointsr/SF4

Here is a shopping list for people who want to do this kind of modification. It is fairly cheap to do, to be honest. Aside from the sanwa buttons, all of this stuff you can get at a local home improvement store for next to nothing. I spent a grand total of 30 bucks on this project. I recommend it for anyone who already has a sanwa arcade stick. If you're starting with nothing, just buy it from since it will be cheaper. They charge 160 for the final stick.


u/DaymanMaster0fKarate · 2 pointsr/SF4

Don't spend your money on that.

If you play on PC or PS3 get this, it's $40 right now. thats the best stick you can get that's not Sanwa or Semitsu parts.

Otherwise get this pad.

u/Topqt · 0 pointsr/SF4

Yeah the stick you linked is good. You can get an octo gate for an extra $9 or so here

TBH you should just learn to play on a square though.

A few people have said, that you can get that stick for $79 shipped from madcatz during tournaments. That is kind of true, they usually offer $50 off (retail on their site is $129), however, they have been out of the stick for 360 for almost 3 weeks already, and you can see on amazon's site, they estimate 3-5 weeks before they get anymore.

u/atmosbreak · 2 pointsr/SF4

Real Arcade Pro VX SA

These are the sticks I have. About the same look as the 3rd one you linked but only 120$ instead. It works great on PC and 360.

u/TheySeMeTrolling · 1 pointr/SF4

hello ! im looking into getting a stick , and im not sure if this two are the same , because of the price difference:

i have a ps3 but i mostly play on PC , i heard the ps3 FightStick PRO does work on PC but some people have had issues with it ? another stick i was looking into is this one:

but i have the same doubts about PC compatibility.
thanks for the help!.

u/Shallnazar · 1 pointr/SF4

Mkay. I, against a few peoples opinions, ordered this stick simply because it was one of the cheapest ones I found. Since I ordered it just prior to the weekend it hasnt fully processed yet. Do you think that, for someone who has an interest in learning/getting better that it would be worth it to instead get the Arcade Fightstick Pro from MadCatz? I just wasnt too sure initially if I wanted to shell out that much for the pad, but now I feel like I might want to if the one Ive ordered wont be as effective.

u/TheDonofDay · 1 pointr/SF4

Cool, I'll look into that first before I make a decision. As an alternative, would this Hori stick be a good option as opposed to a pad or controller?

u/Plagman · 1 pointr/SF4

Get a stick while you're at it?

The last part I linked lets the stick be restricted to an octogon shape rather than the square gate that vanilla MadCatz sticks ship with. It's night and day for SPDs, but might feel off if you're already well used to doing SRKs with a square gate, etc. Just linking in case you're interested; I would personally never use it since I'm a charge fiend.

u/STierGamefreak · 1 pointr/SF4

You can use a wireless 360 controller with the PC but you need the controller adapter for it:

The First Attack videos are a good way to learn the game:

(A good video to start with:

u/triobot · 0 pointsr/SF4

And we have found your problem.

> no wireless receiver on cpu

Because Microsoft love the money, they require you to have a wireless receiver for the xbox wireless controller.

Because plug-&-play would be too easy for the user.

Next time you have problems, describe your hardware and software situation better, instead of letting the community wild guessing your setup.

u/daiax · 1 pointr/SF4

hori SCV stick with all sanwa parts is still on sale for 100$, it was 89.99$ a week ago or something, but I can't seem to find a link to that one. This one and the SFxTekken madcatz stick constantly go on sale for around 90-100$ and are top notch quality.

u/Rata-tat-tat · 1 pointr/SF4

I'm looking at picking up my first arcade stick and after searching I am looking at these 3:


    I play on PC so I like the third one most for compatibility reasons, but I am not 100% sure which has the highest quality parts or even if they're all the same. I have an intel chipset so a PS3 stick SHOULD work without problems and if the PS3 sticks I linked are higher quality then I will nut up and go for one of them.
u/kupaa · 2 pointsr/SF4

You could get a Soul Calibur stick for $70 or a SFxT stick for $80.

Having a stick is not necessary to play Street Fighter. You could also get a fightpad for $15.

u/Golbat · 1 pointr/SF4

Yeah, I bought this PCI card that was supposed to fix the issue, but it didn't.

u/Effex · 1 pointr/SF4

I got this a few days ago and I am very, very satisfied with my purchase.

These are an absolute steal for $100 (even more so if you can find it locally for cheaper as I did) because they use the same components as they do in the TE sticks, which are upwards of $200 on some of them.

The button layout took no more than 15 minutes to get used to, so don't be put off by it if you were used to the American style layout.