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u/seanarturo · 0 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Have you personally talked to your friends and family in the upcoming states about why you support Bernie? The greatest impact you will have is with people who already know and respect you.

Have you talked to your acquaintances personally? It's no longer the time to be timid about speaking politics. As long as you are respectful and calm, you won't damage any relationships. But you will get the word out and possibly gain new supporters.

Have you facebanked your friends of friends? It's super quick, super lazy, and super easy. It's a bare minimum you could be doing.

u/Surferbro921 · 22 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Unity comes when people within the party know their leader cares for them.

Do you honestly think that Hillary (and Bill) Clinton care about you AT ALL?

Reality check: SHE DOESN'T. (AND HE DOESN'T.)

She'll do whatever to make it SEEM like she cares, but SHE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT US (99% of Americans).

She's in this presidential election to win so her rich donors can get their federal appointments on boards and commissions and their interests lobbied and heard in DC, and implement laws that will ONLY benefit them.

Hillary Clinton is a puppet that's being manipulated by corporate interests.
ie. Clinton Cash

If it comes down to Trump and Hillary, I am NOT voting for the lesser of the two evils that are Trump and Hillary.

Progress will only be made with someone like Jill Stein of the Green Party, who shares the most similar values and beliefs as those of Bernie Sanders.

If you are a true Bernie Sanders supporter, you would vote for Green Party's Jill Stein in 2016.

The only reason Bernie endorsed Hillary is to save his political career.
If Bernie had held out until the very end and refused to endorse Hillary at the Democratic National Convention, then establishment Democratic politicians would not like him, and this would further impede his influence and progress in the Senate, where establishment Democrats make up a good amount of the Senate seats.

So the next best thing we can do is to elect progressive leaders to Congress to impede Trump or Hillary from furthering their top 1% interests and fighting for the 99% (the American people).

u/peppermint-kiss · 1 pointr/SandersForPresident

> Christian world view

For most of the history of America, Christianity was intimately tied with expanded social programs to help the needy, and moral issues were mostly left out of politics.

Knowing that they could not compete with Christianity and its support of the New Deal, big business leaders who did not benefit from it began to form think tanks to work up a strategy to counteract it. To clarify, a think tank is an institute that performs research intended to promote a specific world view. Essentially, these business leaders and millionaires paid scientists to figure out the best way to "sell" conservativism to the vast majority of Christian liberals and convince them to vote against their own self-interest (and, I would argue, the teachings of Jesus Christ).

One of the most famous players in this production was Paul Weyrich. His big breakthrough in think tank research was that by tying conservative economic policy with (manufactured) moral imperatives, he could convince people that liberal policy was immoral, which has a much stronger cognitive effect than convincing people that a certain policy is illogical or against their best interest. For example, you might avoid calling your mother a bad word, even if she deserves it, because you find it immoral to disrespect your parents - even though doing so may be very logical and may make you feel very good.

So they set to work on testing and developing moral arguments against liberal economic policy. If you do some reading into the output of those think tanks, I think you may find that many of your viewpoints align very closely with the talking points they spent very good money to scientifically develop and hone to be the most convincing.

They also did another very successful trick, which is to tie social issues that many Christians had strong feelings about - abortion, gay rights, interracial marriage - to their economic policy, despite the fact that they had little to no connection. (Quick - what's the connection between lower taxes and not allowing gay people to marry?)

If you, or anyone else, is interested in reading more, here are some good resources:

  1. The official trailer for the film Common Ground: Christians and the Message of Bernie Sanders

  2. The Gospel of Bernie Tumblr, run by a Liberty University alum. I suggest starting at the bottom of the page to read the oldest posts first.

  3. Here is Bernie's full speech at Jerry Falwell's conservative, evangelical Christian Liberty University.

  4. Read the aforementioned Wikipedia article on Paul Weyrich.

  5. article (Politico): The Real Origins of the Religious Right

  6. article (The Christian Left Blog): The History of the "Christian" Right

  7. podcast (The Best of the Left): History of the Christian Right

  8. book (George Lakoff): Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think
u/SnowPuma · 2 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Definitely not my book, but I can highly recommend the Essential Bernie Saners and His Vision to America to all Bernie supporters. It's an excellent, really well-written book, and it's especially great for people who like having conversations with others about Bernie. Reading this will boost your knowledge and help you discuss Bernie's vision with others.

Best of all, you can pick it up for $10 on Amazon right now.

u/sanderica · 2 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Instead of "impulsively rejecting opposing points of view", I suggest that you take the time to analyze data, math and logic and see whether your arguments are valid. I am NOT trying to say hard work is useless, but only that EVERYONE MUST properly acknowledge the role of luck in life. It is VERY EASY (especially in the face of success) to dismiss luck and appropriate all success to hard work and brains, but that is disingenuous.

You will see many "good humble rich" immediately acknowledge the role of luck in life. See Bill Gates and Buffett mentioning that they have been very lucky in life. Bill Gates does it without math (I think he mentioned that his high school was the only school with an advanced computer when he grew up in Washington State) and Buffett gives example WITH math. I am not "siding with them" at all and I don't subscribe to their philosophies, but suggesting some articles that you can read on this topic.

u/Chartis · 3 pointsr/SandersForPresident

He wishes to help regulate, that's part of his job. He would likely want to pay more taxes as well, but that doesn't mean he's going to donate to the government before legislation is passed. It's reasonable for legislators to patronize companies they wish to regulate. His Senate office isn't involved in the Amazon book deals. Good for him for standing up for what's right even though the company helps him sell books.

Here's what you can do:
Step 1: Go to your local library's contact page (now is a good time).
Step 2: Contact them and ask them to order copies of:

> Where Do We Go From Here ISBN 978-1250163264 [to be released Nov 13^th]
An Outsider in the White House ISBN 978-1784784188
> [Our Revolution]( ISBN 978-1250132925
The Speech: On Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class ISBN 978-1568585536
> * Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution ISBN 978-1250138903

Step 3: Smile that public funds are supporting the political revolution and disseminating our message.
Step 4: Pass on the idea if you think it worthwhile.
Step 5: Lean into standing up, exercising your voice, and fighting for what you believe in.

u/Rvb321 · 2 pointsr/SandersForPresident

I'm a big fan of the economist Richard Wolff and his podcast, Economic Update.

Some organizations to consider joining or supporting are
Democratic Socialists of America and Socialist Alternative.

I also encourage everyone to read Bernie's book, if you haven't already.

I would also highly recommend everyone read A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

Finally, I encourage everyone to watch the Noam Chomsky documentary, Requiem for The American Dream, on Netflix.

u/alexandertwentytwo · 1 pointr/SandersForPresident

I'm being down-voted, but seriously. This isn't just once in a lifetime. We can repeat this. We have to. Electing Bernie once won't do much this first point . We need to sustain. We need a new generation of politicians like Bernie. That is the only way the liberal vision will survive.

George Lakoff has some great ideas on liberal language that people should read! Language is important! I'll post some links to his works. Incorporate them into your daily life. PM me and I might buy you the books. We need an awaking of liberal frames.

Little blue book annotations:

Seriously. The language of the debate is important. I'll be releasing a paper on language of Bernie vs Hillary soon. I'm not respected or good at writing, but I think it has a good few points on the language we use. It's more important that people think.

u/RickShepherd · 14 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Please enjoy some citations:

Second signed agreement between HRC and the DNC promising to rig the election in exchange for funding:

DNC lawyers statement admitting to rigging the primary by asserting they get to do so because they are a private organization:

After providing HRC with advanced information on upcoming debate questions, Donna Brazile admits to being aware of rigging of the primary in interview and in her NYT Best Seller:

Tom Perez admits the primary was rigged:

DNC emails admit to rigging the primary:

77 Billion to One are the odds against a fair 2016 Democratic primary election according to a study done by a body of statisticians, attorneys, and technologists. 100 pages of peer-reviewed statistics determined the Margin Of Error on exit polls far exceeded U.N. maximums. These events occur where voting is electronic, they favor HRC, and impacted no other candidate regardless of party.

Hillary Victory Fund - Money laundering, fraud, and campaign finance violations:

u/kjg28 · 25 pointsr/SandersForPresident

NICE! I registered separately from this event, and got 2 of my friends to register. I also convinced at least 1 already registered dem to vote Bernie. So I turned my one vote into 4! My next step will be to project Bernie Sanders' logo from my Upper East Side balcony onto a nearby building with this:

I plan to make a cardboard cutout of his logo to tape over the light and project it. Will have it up and running during the evenings after this Tuesday and on a fairly busy street in the upper east side! If you live in Manhattan or Pennsylvania and have a balcony consider doing this! I know that at least for Manhattan it is technically completely legal to do this. Will post results to show once I get it done. :)

u/ktchong · 1 pointr/SandersForPresident

Then shop at Target, whose prices are comparable and may even be better than Walmart - and Amazon. The point is: you do not have to pay a $99 membership to shop at Target or Walmart. You do for Amazon Prime. I have noticed that, after paying for the $99 Amazon Prime membership, what Prime members get is the "privilege" of paying Target/Walmart prices for increasing numbers of items that have been arbitrarily moved to behind the Prime paywall.

Let me give you an example: Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar. The 6-bar package is currently $6.79 at Walmart. At Amazon, the exact same package is $10.85. About a month ago, I tried to buy that exact item from Amazon, which was not even possible without a Prime membership. Those genetic soaps in a standard package of six was "Prime membership only". It was even not that I had to buy $35 total worth of stuff to get free shipping for the six bars of soaps. Those six soaps were put behind the Prime paywall: I could not buy it unless I was a Prime member, (which I was not - and still am not. No fucking way in hell I would pay for the insulting Prime.) Amazon recently made it available to everyone only after people had complained about it: "WTF? I have to pay $99 Prime Membership to buy it from Amazon at $10, and the exact same thing is at Walmart at $6. Really? Are you serious?"

And it was not just those six bars of Dove soaps. A lot of merchandises at Amazon are like that. Which has made me angrier and angrier at Amazon. Amazon is ripping off people who have not been paying attention and doing price comparisons.

That is not all. The last time I checked at Costco, the price of 16 bars of Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar was about $8.80. That was 16 bars, not 6. And, Costco membership is only $55 a year, not $99. So what is the fucking point of paying for Amazon Prime? People need to stop paying for Prime and send a message to Amazon that: (a) ripping off people is not acceptable, (b) neither is running negative political propaganda.

u/SeaWaveGreg · 7 pointsr/SandersForPresident

This is awesome. I too, am in the process of making signs. [They look like this right now.](

That's 25 blank signs I ordered from Amazon.

metal stakes

blank signs

I'm working on having some images printed on some. Like this.

u/Compuwiz85 · 4 pointsr/SandersForPresident

There's this book that was written in the 90's about our generation. It's called The 4th Turning. You might be interested in the theory that generational behaviors follow circadian rhythms and that we may in fact BE an echo of the Greatest Generation, or at least in the same position in the cycle. Check it out!

u/pandamander · 3 pointsr/SandersForPresident

The free market is only free if government regulation keeps it a level playing field for all comers. Teddy Roosevelt and FDR both saved capitalism when inequality and rigged monopolist markets risked everything. Bernie will do the same.

See Robert Reich's Saving Capitalism -

u/TonyArnold2 · 13 pointsr/SandersForPresident

For context, the author of this article, Thomas Piketty, is one of the most prominent and influential left-wing economists in the world. His book, Capital in the 21st Century, was extremely well-received.

u/bronzewtf · 2 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Yeah that's what I did with my Bernie bumper stickers. I ordered this one and it's still going strong 2 months later

u/PescespadaIsland · 6 pointsr/SandersForPresident

I read/listened to it. A lot of it is narrated by him and Mark Ruffalo (which is pretty cool too).

u/Sanders4WH · 4 pointsr/SandersForPresident

I would recommend a couple pieces of media to you. One is a movie and one is a book. The movie is 'Inequality for All'. I think you can watch it here:

I also recommend the book 'Saving Capitalism' by Robert Reich. You can get that here:

u/Q-01 · 3 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Hi, u/Jkirk3279,

Thanks for your response. I'm going to try to go point by point and address your concerns.


> You’re demented. You believe these Conspiracy Theories

The fact that the U.S. has shifted toward a financial oligarchy is not a “demented” conspiracy theory. It is the professional opinion of many economists and political scientists. And their conclusions are backed up by data. A recent co-study by political scientists at Princeton and Northwestern University confirmed it:

And here are a few other sources which cover this topic well I think:








    > you ALSO believe that a minority unable to get enough votes to nominate their candidate can "dismantle" the Democratic Party.

    I think I get what you’re saying here (but let me know if I’ve misinterpreted) — How can a group that wasn’t effective or powerful enough to win a convention believe they could be powerful enough to do an even more dramatic and seemingly more difficult task of dismantling a party? If you can’t do the little thing, how can you do the big thing?

    What I’ve suggested is sort of unknown territory, so I can’t say how things would shake out. But I can say two things.

    a) We are not a tiny group. We’re close to half the party. More, if you count Independents. We don’t have to storm the capitol, stage a military coup, or do anything other than simply walk out en masse. If we walk away from the party, it loses half its constituency and either implodes, disbands, and re-forms quickly, or it limps along for a while as a very different party. It loses its reach. It becomes almost purely corporate, and loses much of its claims to authenticity. And given that the party has alienated and made feel unwelcome an entire generation of voters (well, really almost everyone under 40) – who were intended to eventually take the reins – it’s just a waiting game. It’s simple math. If you don’t replenish your numbers, you go extinct.

    b) This campaign has solidified a social network among groups that were not really connecting before. It has excited and engaged a huge number of people who were not participating in the past. It’s set up a social infrastructure that is not going to just disappear. This group, in the past, was a disparate and dejected wash of people. But as an energized and organized group – and one that has a distinct identity (“Not me, us”) – we are a considerable threat. If we aren’t courted HARD and incorporated into the party, we’re going to form our own. And we’ve already got many of the tools and voter data that we need.


    > You didn’t have enough votes to win at the State Convention, you claimed the Democratic Party cheated you

    If you'd like to debate any of the individual points presented above by /u/duder9000 , I'd be happy to discuss. Which of them did you disagree with?


    > and now you’re predicting BOMBINGS.

    I’m not suggesting that someone is going to bomb the convention in November. What I am saying is that if the Party continues to take obvious moves to silence and stop us… riots seem like a predictable eventual result. And at that point, the Party could respond one of two ways — either backing down, opening up the circle, and saying “OK, let’s listen to their concerns and see how we can win them back” (de-escalating) or by digging in and cracking down harder (escalating). If they respond to riots with escalating actions, I’m simply suggesting that the tension and responses would escalate.



    Given that you’ve come to a Sanders-specific sub-reddit, made zero attempts in your post to establish any common ground or connect on any level, but simply to insult me and say, in essence, “You’re so stupid and insane on every level and we won’t ever agree” — I’m just trying to figure out what you’re trying to do?

    Did you come here to insult a group of people thinking that would change their minds? Did you know that you wouldn’t change minds (so didn’t attempt to establish any credibility or kudos or ethos with us), but just decided that you would get some pleasure purely out of the act of hurling insults, regardless of its uselessness? Are you here because you’re being paid as a employee of the Clinton campaign’s Correct the Record group and you’re at work? Are you just a troll? What’s your goal? Why are you here? I know that it's really unlikely that you'll respond sincerely, but, I figure it's at least worth a try.


    Edit: formatting
u/apothanasia · 1 pointr/SandersForPresident

The filibuster book is kind of a ramble, obviously.

Reich's Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few is pretty devastating and echoes many of Bernie's themes. The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future by Joseph Stiglitz is good too. And Tony Judt's Ill Fares the Land.

u/bunnylover726 · 2 pointsr/SandersForPresident

I keep giving away my Bernie books to people who are on the fence then buying new ones. Expensive, but so far effective (The last one I gave was to a lifetime Republican who read it cover to cover actually).

u/eldergias · 11 pointsr/SandersForPresident

I wasn't aware that you could use tax dollars to buy books on Amazon. Could you please tell me how you go about doing that? Or do you have no idea what you are talking about?

u/AuthorOfTheFuture · 3 pointsr/SandersForPresident

In his new book Bernie defines Socialism as

"A central government controls the production and distribution of goods to establish an equitable distribution of labor and property."

u/netizen539 · 1 pointr/SandersForPresident

I think you need to read up on what Bernie is proposing and where his ideas come from. So as long as we're throwing around links to books.