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u/hugitoutguys · 16 pointsr/ScarySigns

If you’re working with young or special needs kids I’ve found this book to be an awesome resource for teaching about lockdown safety. I can be a superhero during a lockdown

u/Phanastacoria · 28 pointsr/ScarySigns

I live in Arizona and can confirm that a lot of people disregard those signs.

It's dark, but our local subreddit a year or so back even had a poll on where we thought the first dead tourists of the season would be from.

If anyone's interested in reading more on the topic, this book is a really good read. I convinced my mom to get it for me when I was a kid, and while it was a bit of a morbid read for someone so young, it really teaches you not to underestimate the desert.

u/Starsmasher · 1 pointr/ScarySigns

I had thought about making some out of paper bags but I ended up buying them off of amazon. One of my sisters just crumpled up some paper bags and hung them with yarn. She said that worked for her

This is the one I got off amazon

u/RobertWarrenGilmore · 6 pointsr/ScarySigns

It must be nice to have naturally moist fingers. For the rest of us, the only way to turn pages without licking our fingers is to get them moist some other way. That's why they make those tins of page-turning balm.

u/rainbowbrite07 · 71 pointsr/ScarySigns

When I was a cashier we used this Sortkwik stuff. I would never have dreamed of licking my fingers, they were so dirty.