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u/PM_ME_YOUR_ART_PLZ · 2 pointsr/Seiko

I found this watch on Amazon almost by accident. I've always loved dials that have a subtle texture but never knew that Seiko has one of their own watches with this design. It comes stock with a jubilee inspired bracelet, but it's the same quality as all of the extremely cheap 5 series bracelets with folded links and almost impressively difficult adjustment pins. I happen to also have an SKX013 which I recently purchased a new bracelet for so I knew I would have to try out a better quality jubilee on my new little SNK357. I used the original end link which almost perfectly matches up to the jubilee from the SKX and in my opinion makes this a perfect watch for the amazing price of less than $100. I can't stop looking at the dial, it's so much nicer than I had imagined. I'm over the moon with this watch and I can honestly say I may never get rid of it.


Here is the amazon link if anyone is interested in checking it out themselves -

u/jturgeon228 · 1 pointr/Seiko

A brand spanking new srp315 can be had for $170. This has a rubber strap though, which I thoroughly enjoy as it is as a very good strap that has a buckle that locks in on little strap grooves, and is rather supple. As a general rule, rubber straps will be cheaper than ss bracelets. is a good place to start:

Seiko Men's SRP315 "Classic" Stainless Steel Automatic Divers Watch

If you frequent you can purchase lightly used monsters from users/sellers for the price I mentioned. Be sure to get the newer srp models, as they are more accurate and allow for manual winding and hacking. Sales on that site are generally safe and pleasant, as most users are honest and most sellers have good reputations, while admins are very strict with their rules (people get banned all day err day!).

u/J_F_Sebastian · 4 pointsr/Seiko

Got this on eBay recently for about US$40 shipped. Unlike modern day digitals designed to have the same "retro" look/feel (e.g. this Casio), this thing has a case made completely from stainless steel instead of silver-painted plastic, so it's far less likely to just fall apart after a few years. Also unlike modern Casios (including the G-shocks, which are the only ones I would trust to last a long time), the harder to use recessed pusher at the top left is only used to adjust the time, not to do every day things like reset the stopwatch, which should be quick and easy. 70s/80s digital watches really are better built and better thought out than most of today's.

The crystal is in pretty good condition for a 30+ year old watch (older than me!). Unfortunately the bracelet it came with is a horrible painted plastic thing that doesn't fit properly and rattles around a lot, so it's going to have to be replaced. Tracking down the original bracelet for this would probably be more effort than the watch itself was worth, so I'll probably just try to find a generic bracelet that has the correct taper to match the casing, or maybe even a black NATO or similar?

It's not as pretty as all the lovely divers that get posted here, but it's a lot more practical for me as a daily wear-to-work watch, since I never have to worry about forgetting to adjust the calendar for new months, and it comes with a chronograph and countdown timer, both of which I'll use often. I also really like that it shows the month and the date on the front screen, in that order - as an Australian living in the US who is trying to avoid rewiring his brain too much, I like that when I'm filling out forms I can just read the date off of my watch in the American order without having to think about it.

u/DeathCommrade · 6 pointsr/Seiko

You can't beat the SNK809, always a great starter watch in the seiko automatic world. 21 Joule movement for only ~50 dollars is such a good deal. It's also more versatile than many watches and considered a more military/sportier option that could be dressed up with a leather or nato strap if absolutely necessary. I own this watch and recommend without hesitation.

A more dressier watch to consider would be the SNKL23. Has some great reviews on youtube for being a great starter dress watch. I don't own myself but have seen multiple people proclaim its greatness.

Happy hunting!

u/xhantos · 1 pointr/Seiko

Your information is correct. SBDY029 is the JDM model number for the STO3GWS (Save the Ocean 3 Special Edition, Great White Shark) Samurai. SRPD23K is the international/global model number. The only difference between these models is that JDM version has 'made in japan' text on the dial and case back. But Japanese Seiko site clearly has the wrong picture/render for the watch. The picture at Sakura Watches site is the same, which I'd assume they used the one from the official Seiko site. But just to be sure I'd email and ask them before any purchase. These at Amazon JP and US have the correct picture Shopping in Japan will resume operations August 20, has a photo and explicit description Also Gnomon has good pictures

u/ddrescueb2048 · 2 pointsr/Seiko

Your problem could be a number of things which a timegrapher would really help you track down; It's definitely a must. It is possible, although unlikely, that your movement is running in beat with a good amplitude and it just needs the regulator moved a bit to slow the rate. It is more likely that the amplitude is low for a number of possible reasons and a little more data about what the watch is doing would give you a fighting chance of troubleshooting. You should pick up a copy of Practical Watch Repairing in the meantime. It is definitely practical and sounds like it would really help you sort out this movement.

u/lulu_l · 1 pointr/Seiko

I'd look on (or the app) for a blue Orient ray 2. You might fiind one bellow $100. Or you could stretch a bit and buy one new for about $130.. It's very versatile. You can wear it with a sui or casualy or even sporty.. It's a much better watch than any seiko 5 but if you must have a seiko than my pick would be the snkl41 or the black snkl43. It's elegant enough am can be dressed up or down easily. I also like its case with both brushed and polished surfaces..

Edit: there is also the snk381 that has numerals..
There are also some orients from the tristar line (with blue dials and bracelets)

u/big-red-dad · 2 pointsr/Seiko

It wasn't too difficult. The biggest hurdle was overcoming my anxiety around destroying the whole watch. But I watched a few Youtube videos before doing it, to get an idea of how to go about it. I'm happy to answer questions about the process if anyone wants to message me.

Overall costs:

I got a $40-ish crystal from
And a $15-ish Ohuhu watch press kit:

Based in my interactions with local watch/jewelry shops, my guess is that a crystal replacement would have been $50 to $100. The $15 watch press (and the experience gained from using it) seemed like a better deal.

Edit: forgot to mention: the bezel was easy to pop off with a case knife, but you could really use any firm knife to do it. Again, Youtube has great video examples.

u/EZ-Bake · 2 pointsr/Seiko

If you want a Chronograph, then I agree 100% - this is a great choice. It's also available in a Black Bezel

There is also an older version of their non-solar Quartz diver with a Chronograph called the SNAE25 (I don't know that I would buy this one on Amazon as it doesn't come with warranty).

If you can give up the Chronograph, then you have the Monster and Classic Divers to look at.

Good luck!

u/cbw313248 · 1 pointr/Seiko

That's the SSG009. It's beautiful, but I actually prefer the one to it's left more, the SSG019. Both part of the Coutura line so they're radio sync and super accurate. Not to mention they're freaking gorgeous in person.

u/SR414 · 1 pointr/Seiko

I have an SSB321 and am pretty happy with it. Picked it up a month or so ago, it was on sale and I stacked a bunch of coupons and discounts to get it under $90 USD. I like it. I have a few other Seiko watches as well.

u/csulildude · 1 pointr/Seiko

As you are the expert I am curious as to what mod you think would look similar. I don't know much but my though would be taking this watch and changing out some of the hands and bezel with orange. If that is possible or you have other thoughts feel free to pm me and we can discuss price.

u/IgniFerroque · 1 pointr/Seiko

I recommend using camelcamelcamel or something similar to track prices on amazon:

u/mating_toe_nail · 2 pointsr/Seiko

It's probably the jubilee bracelet that comes on SXK007's. I believe the part number is 44G1JZ and it sells for $30 new on Amazon:


Edit: I take that back. The SKX is 22mm and the sarb is 20mm. I'll leave the link up for posterity. I'm sure there is some 20mm Seiko equivalent to that.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Seiko

As a physically active SKX007 and SKX173 owner, I'm wondering about how many of these watches will live to see 40 years.

u/dreamsofpinkflamingo · 2 pointsr/Seiko

Seiko makes a solar powered quartz diver with chrono that has a simlar look but not the same colour. Have a look at ssc017

u/data_wrangler · 1 pointr/Seiko

I believe that would be the 173 -- Amazon link