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u/MajorEyeRoll · 2 pointsr/SerialThunderDome

I've been reading The Islanders series to make the teenage girl that lives in my brain happy.

And also The Demon in the Freezer to keep the science nerdy, mystery lover in me happy.

u/kitten70 · 2 pointsr/SerialThunderDome

Well, I got this

I can't even. What? I don't even own a Kindle for starters. And I don't know what part of me reading mystery & history screams "loves steamy romance novels!"

u/alientic · 2 pointsr/SerialThunderDome

I need that in my life. And the goat cookie cutter that's related to it. Someone please go and get me a whole bunch of goat related things, okay thanks.

Edit: Omg, I need this more

u/Mewnicorns · 2 pointsr/SerialThunderDome

Treat yo self, Alien!

I got this too.

u/Nowinaminute · 2 pointsr/SerialThunderDome

The worst thing the personal alarms do is shriek really really loudly, but I think that is reassuring if you want to just scare someone off. These sort of things are given out by the charity Victim Support to people who fear attack - you just pull out a pin like a grenade and WHA WHA WHA....!