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u/tripreed · 2 pointsr/Shotguns

I use these SureFire ones https://www.amazon.com/SureFire-Defenders-Filtered-Earplugs-Reusable/dp/B011B34AUU (they actually have a couple of different models). I find them to not make everything as muffled as the disposable foam ones, but work pretty decently when shooting. Especially with the relatively low number of shots you'll be taking while upland hunting, they might be a good option for you. I would like a pair of electronic earbuds myself, though, just don't want to fork over the dough.

u/paperwaller · 1 pointr/Shotguns

Is that grip tape at least? If it isn't get some grip tape at just about any store. It works amazingly well. I know someone that bought one of those little fiber optic sights with magnets on it that were technically suppose to go on a barrel with a vent rib. Kinda like this. He ended up using some JB weld (or some other similar 2 part epoxy) and it seemed to be holding up just fine on his single 12. He had his for a truck gun/range toy type thing. That's not the ideal way to do it obviously but he was very careful so it looked clean. Since it was just a beater truck gun for coyotes and such on his property he figured it would work. He said it wasn't worth paying a gun smith what he paid for it (or more) to attach a bead. Maybe something like this could be adapted too. I thought it would give him issues but it hasn't budged. He said he prepped the tiny little surface under the sight first with some really course grit sandpaper to give the epoxy a better hold. Cleaned it with alcohol then a tiny dab making sure not to use too much so it didn't ooze out. A bit of a jerry rig but worth a shot if it's just a beater gun.

u/haydle · 1 pointr/Shotguns

ooo those might be the ticket. The Truck Vault ones are a little pricey but the Troy ones look pretty good. I was initially looking at this but none of the reviews are from people who have put it in a vehicle.

u/Mike2541 · 2 pointsr/Shotguns

My favorite lube/cleaner


This isn't a bad little cleaning kit, I keep it in my shotgun bag. Same kit multiple names it's sold under.



I also have a boresnake.


By no means is this what you have to have. If you look around the Ballistol is highly liked for firearms, it has always worked wonders for me. I always clean my guns everytime I shoot them, personal preference.

u/factorV · 3 pointsr/Shotguns

How about this, a few conveniently placed strips of grip tape. they make clear tape so as not to uglify the wood, or even some brown to blend in.


This is some clear i found, I have not used this just showing that it exists.

I know this is likely not the most favorable route for wood furniture but just throwing it out there. I put it on the forend of my Remington and I really like having it there. As stated before though I didn't use the same stuff I linked to you.

u/cjerrington · 0 pointsr/Shotguns

I found this slug on Amazon where you don't have to screw holes into your stock. Best thing too is I can move it to another 870 or 1100.

Outdoor Connection Total Shotgun Padded Sling with Remington 12-Gauge Mag Cap, Max 4

u/[deleted] · -1 pointsr/Shotguns

Honestly, I'm sure people will tear me apart for this, but I just went on amazon and searched gun lights until i found one that was both affordable and had good reviews. Think it was a pistol light. But the thing illuminates whatever is in front of it when it is dark, so IDK what more you can ask of a light.

Edit: This is the one I purchased. Fits all my needs and is very inexpensive.

u/ducksarewet · 2 pointsr/Shotguns

I have the same combo set but I only keep the 28" on it. I use this:

because I mostly waterfowl hunt, and it floats/has an ammo pocket. Its a bit long so the nose bend if you set it down on that end, but the gun fits snug side to side and is guickly pulled out when I get to a spot.

You should never store your gun in a case like this though. THey can't breath, so moisture builds up and causes rust. I store mine in a sock like this:


u/ciridan · 3 pointsr/Shotguns

Glad to help. You can usually pick them up for $200 with Ghost Ring sights. I added this mount, this light, and this shell holder. I've put 200ish rounds through it with not a single issue.

Currently for a SHTF scenario I'm using this guide by Creek Stewart to add additional components to make it a more inclusive package.

u/SoldiersofGod · 1 pointr/Shotguns

Sexy gun, but please remove the pistol grips. Get yourself a hogue buttstock !

u/noiserr · 1 pointr/Shotguns

Actually after some detective work I was able to find it. The problem was in terminology I used to search for this part.

Winchester calls them Weaver Style Bases http://www.winchesterguns.com/products/accessories/scope-mounts/shotgun-weaver-style-bases.html

With some more searching I found a listing on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Weaver-Multi-Slot-Base-System-Winchester/dp/B001G5PLMK/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8

According to reviews it fits the SXP Defender, so I ordered one and will see if it works.

edit: mounted it and it fits perfectly