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u/kr1ptojunky · 0 pointsr/SmartCar

I am leasing mine. I drove a '97 Nissan pickup truck for 15 years. I don't drive more that 7K miles a year so I looked for the least expensive car to lease. It became a toss up between the Scion iQ - $99/month $1,919 due at signing and the Smart Car Pure Coupe – $107/month, $2,393 due at signing. I decided on the Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe. I decided on the Smart because:
1. It's made by Mercedes-Benz
2. Gets slightly better gas mileage than the Scion iQ.
3. Has a Mercedes-Benz Mitsubishi Engine

They advertise the Smart gets 36/38 city/hwy but I follow the Tips on Fuelly, feed it 91 octane as the manual recommends and am averaging 39.9 city, I don't drive hwy, don't have to. I got the base model and it came with a radio and A/C.

Being a bit envious of my friends that drive cars with all the latest technological gadgets I purchased a GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Charging , Music Control , and Hands-Free Calling for Smartphones which allows me to listen to Pandora, receive and make phone calls hands free and listen to the navigator on my Android phone all through the radio speakers. The GOgroove FlexSMART has a built in microphone and extra USB port to charge my Android phone while driving and simply plugs into the cigarette lighter. Also installed CarHome Ultra. And Power Widget Lite. So... when I'm ready to go, I turn on the GPS & Bluetooth using Power Widget Lite, start the GOgroove, start CarHome Ultra. Turn on the ignition, CarHome Ultra automatically pairs and connects to the GOGroove, plug the phone into GOgroove's Universal USB port, tap the Pandora button on CarHome Ultra and I am good to go. Sounds like a lot of work, but takes less than 30 seconds. I also have Ultimate Car Dock installed with a shortcut on CarHome Ultra so if I want to text and receive text I simply tap the Ultimate Car Dock shortcut on CarHome Ultra ( You can add shortcuts to apps on CarHome Ultra ) and can send & receive text messages via voice command.

Again, it takes a few seconds to set up before starting to drive but for a total of about $60 for the FM Transmitter and the apps I have all the "techie" bells and whistles (Or almost all of them ) of a $25 - $30K car.

I actually read the manual and also have it in PDF on my PC so I can search through it using key words.

The thing I especially like about Fuelly is you can text Miles or Odometer reading, Price of gas and how many Gallons ( M P G ) when you get car in the car after fueling and it returns your stats via text and updates your Fuelly page. For example, last time I filled up I texted
>1300 3.71 4.173 ( Mileage, Price & Gallons )

and immediately got a text back stating

>Fuel-up Added! MPG: 40.7, AVG MPG: 39.9.

Actual running cost so far after 7 weeks has been an average of $0.091 per mile for gas and my average MPG is 39.9 MPG city. Sure, I'm feeding it 91 octane which is on average about $0.15 to $0.20 more a gallon than regular but the great Avg MPG makes it worth it. Not to mention the fact that it is a lease and the manual recommends using 91 octane or above for maximum fuel efficiency.

My Brother has a VW Diesel and gets 40 MPG and we all know diesel is $0.20 to $0.30 more than premium.

Do I like my Smart Fortwo Coupe after driving a beat up '97 Nissan pickup for 15+ years? Damn right I do. Do I consider it an extension of my personality or drive it for the attention it gets? NFW.

And the comments I get are mixed, I either get " It looks like a death trap and I wouldn't be caught driving a silly little car like that" ( It has 8 air bags and a Tridium frame and was rated as "Good" on Car & Driver as far as safety goes.) or "What a nice little car, is it fun to drive?".

Do I give a flying fart what people think about the fact I am driving one? Not in the least.
IMHO it's an inexpensive and economical way to get around town. And when my lease is up, I fully intend to lease another one. ;-)

u/OnceWasPerfect · 2 pointsr/SmartCar

Not exactly what you are asking, but I got these for my smart. They plug into the stock socket and are a lot brighter and whiter than the stock ones that were in there.

For $20 you might want to try them and see if they are enough for you before putting down a bunch of money and work for HIDs.

u/ebonythunder · 3 pointsr/SmartCar

(I'm at work and am updating this as I get the time. I'll have it fully listed out sometime later today.)

Indigo Thunder

2009 Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe (451) (Photo)

Current Performance:

Air Intake Upgrade - Silicone Intake Hose (Blue) by Smart Madness

175/55R15 Tires all around - Full Sized Rims/Tires on all four wheels from Wal-Mart

Borla 140311 Dual Center Exhaust (Photo) - Amazon

Current Asthetics:

Rims Plastidipped Matte Black (Photo) - Plasti-Dip

Interior Trim Plastidipped Blue (Photo) - Plasti-Dip

Pioneer FH-X700BT Headunit (Photo) - Crutchfield

JL Audio 8W3v3 8" Subwoofer (Photo) - Amazon

Smart Madness Custom Sub Enclosure (Photo) - Smart Madness


MADNESS GOPedal - by Smart Madness

Slightly lowered suspension (I'd like the car to sit just a tiny bit lower.) - by Smart Madness

u/justafaceaccount · 3 pointsr/SmartCar

There is also this thing that I saw someone post in a different group.

It locks the rear hatch open a little for venting purposes, and it helps with proper airflow when driving with the windows open.

u/SonicSpoon · 1 pointr/SmartCar

OK, so is the original bike rack that you are talking about the one in the brochure?

I don't know what the price is on that but I would think you could get a trailer hitch from either Smart Madness or somewhere else for less than $200 and then a bike rack that fits the receiver for around $100.

You might want to look around on SCOA to see if there is anything that might work for you as well. My instinct tells me to stay away from the generic ones that just strap to the rear but I could be wrong.

u/Scoutregister · 1 pointr/SmartCar

12 v to 110 converter in the cigarette lighter and 2 strings of LED lights (low draw) and gorilla tape. When at home I just run them off an extension cord. Ran them out the back under the tailgate and around the car!

u/Gothbot6k · 1 pointr/SmartCar

I don't want to cycle through all of that though just to find a song. I'd rather just talk to my phone and tell it what to play next.

I have one like that, the problem is the quality is too poor.

This is what I currently have:

u/Askbrad1 · 1 pointr/SmartCar

The way it was described to me is this: the smart uses an electronically controlled clutch. In order to determine how far to push the clutch in, the system needs to periodically check the thickness of the clutch plate. It does this by a sensor that sometimes gets drunk. If it misreads the depth, it will put too much or too little force on the plate. If it pushes too hard, the system will go into a safety mode to prevent catastrophic failure. And, by safety mode, I mean it stops working. Even if you are driving.

Normally, the system resets itself every few starts. If it has the odd freak-out, it needs to be done manually.

Get an ODB2 reader. Scanners are super cheap.
ANCEL AD410 Enhanced OBD II Vehicle Code Reader Automotive OBD2 Scanner Auto Check Engine Light Scan Tool