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u/tyler2k · 3 pointsr/Tekken

Depends what you're in the market for, cost wise. I currently have an HRAP 3 SA and a TE Round 2 but I've used pretty much everything out there by osmosis (being a part of the FGC and all).

Let me do a break down of all brands (and sticks of theirs I'd recommend) by increasing cost:

Qanba's inexpensive line is really good but overall I'm not a fan of the Q2s, stick to the Q1/4s or Eightarc Fusion line.

$79 - Qanba Q1
$149 - Qanba Q4 (price direct from Eightarc)
$184 - Eightarc Fusion - Dual mod (price direct from Eightarc)

Hori is a great brand because they tend to take more risks, unfortunately they're also one of the more expensive brands.

$149 - HRAP V4SA (looks like a refresh of their incredible V3SA line for PS4)
[$199 - Hori Fighting Edge] (

It's possible to find the HRAP 3 SAs still, like I have, but they're really old school in their size. Namely it's a pretty bulky stick and it's not really designed to played on a normal sized person's lap (usually on the ground, OG status, or on a table). The HRAP V3SA is really good, but with the price of the V4SA, I'd pre-order that instead. In my experience, stay away from the N3-SA, good reviews but I've personally heard nothing but headache.

Madcatz is a mixed bag, I haven't tried their latest TE2s but the line before the TE2 wasn't super great, but maybe it's because I'm used to heavier sticks.

$99 - Fightstick Pro (just be aware this is plastic body)
$?? - TE Round 2

That's pretty much it for the Madcatz camp, the TE Round 2 is really their only stick currently worth mentioning and it looks like it's hard to find nowadays. If you could find one in good shape for about $100, it'd probably be worth picking up.

Also obviously these are the bigger names out there. My friend has a custom stick and I've used a couple that work fine. Just be aware that custom sticks come with custom costs, but the good news is that you'd be able to fully pick your components.

Looking at all the brands together, I'd recommend (by increasing cost):

$79 - Qanba Q1
$99 - Fightstick Pro (just be aware this is plastic body)
$149 - HRAP V4SA (looks like a refresh of their incredible V3SA line for PS4)
$184 - Eightarc Fusion - Dual mod (price direct from Eightarc)

Hope this helps

u/MeleeTheMalay · 2 pointsr/Tekken

I don't live in the UK but a quick search turned this up:

A RAP 4 Kai for 88.92 pounds including free shipping to UK. Wouldn't this be better? Literally a better stick for the same price.

Also my thoughts are that unless you're looking for some very specific modifications that even better off-the-shelf sticks (Rap 4 Kai, Razer Panthera, Qanba Obsidian etc) don't come with, modding a stick overall doesn't seem to be worth it. Most of the money you save from the initial price difference is re-invested into the modding process, and what little left of the remaining savings doesn't seem to be worth the extra effort and time needed to learn and complete the modding process. Not to mention the fact that cheaper fightsticks often feature lower quality casings as well.

Think about it this way: good fightsticks are already so expensive for the average gamer so like any other manufacturer of products, they'd want to strike a good balance between profits for themselves and affordability for consumers in other to increase the Return-On-Investment for their IP (which is essentially coming up with the design of the fightsticks).

If it was economically feasible to sell it for that much cheaper, they'd have done it already.

u/RU_Student · 1 pointr/Tekken

I'm only at vindicator with alisa but I'll throw in some suggestions - Take them with a grain of salt:

In your first match I noticed that you did b4,3 at the wall, ff1+2,2 or f4,3,4 are solid replacements that do more damage and are less linear

I saw you do ws1,2, then 4 - be careful with that as people duck it very often and are usually blocking already by that point. At higher ranks you will get launched for it if the other person notices a pattern. Only the ws1,2 is guaranteed.

Awesome use of iWr2, and nice job floating chloe out of cali roll with ws1,2 I actually didn't know you could do that. I usually use b2,4. (this also works against Eddie and his relax stance)

A safer combo on counterhit 4 is (micro dash), b1, ws1,2 b2, 4. The d3 one I say you using is fairly linear and can whiff

I noticed that you didnt use the f3,2 1+2 2 (then optional DES close with 1+2), Thats a great combo for keepout and punishing

Also learn KBD, Alisa absolutely needs it, she is a poke heavy character and you have to be able to space yourself from your opponent well. She crumbles at range 0 imo. When I learned KBD I practiced it after the round was over just to ingrain the motion.

I saw in someone elses post that you have trouble doing it on your pad, I've used this one : [Hori Fighting Commander] ( and it felt much better for backdashing than a DS4 (for reference I'm 6'3 so I have big hands too)

Thats all I can think of for now, I'm planning on posting some of my matches up this week too, I play Alisa pretty differently so maybe you'll find something useful or just watch me get bodied. Also that chloe was obnoxious lol.

u/pantherbrujah · 1 pointr/Tekken

Hey there I wrote the guide on /r/fightsticks
> I want it to be a pretty cheap one like the Mayflash F300

  • Best I can recommend at that price would be a Qanba Drone

    > Also I saw these octagonal restrictor gates and just wanted to ask what are they?

  • Old American Arcades often used an 8 way gate that allowed rolled corners. Japanese arcades use a square one that makes the corners hard instead of rolled. USe whatever you like, however I personally learned square since it is much more common and makes playing on a random cabinet way easier.
u/CH4NCO · 3 pointsr/Tekken

Awesome thanks for all the responds guys!
im probably going to try it on PC and see how it plays maybe end up getting it for both.
looking into getting that new Tekken 7 Hori fightstick. i really like the black one thats meant for PS4 but since dont have a PS4 im kinda stuck getting the white one unless i only play on PC or just get a brooks super converter. i also noticed that the PS4 tekken fightstick has a few more features like Turbo that the xbox one version does not.

take a look if your dare...very

u/max1c · 1 pointr/Tekken

I'm not going to recommend playing Tekken on a keyboard as IMO that's a terrible idea but if you want a good Keyboard get WASD:

Here is another decent mechanical keyboard for a very reasonable price:

Since your budget is limited I would get this for Tekken specifically:

I'd also like to note that there are a ton of mechanical keyboard clones now on the market and it can be super confusing to pick a good one. I would suggest you look at Cherry MX switches only. In addition there are different Cherry switches so I'd suggest doing some research. This will help:

u/Loogoo · -1 pointsr/Tekken

Honestly, if this is your first stick, you aren't sure if you'll like it yet. Don't spend a shit ton of money. I got this
People say that you need a controller plugged in all the time if you play on console but because tekken has legacy support I've never had to do that. Nor have I had to on SFV or dragon ball fighterz. Once I realized I wanted it to definitely use a fighting stick I swapped out the buttons and stick for qanba parts that work just fine. In fact its amazing and overall I spent as much as a normal qanba.

u/HudasOneThree · 1 pointr/Tekken

Gotta look at it in a business sense. So the companies of course will make products for the bigger market so it will sell easier, which someone mentioned Sony have more fighting games than M$ does. That said, having those sticks exclusive doesn't mean much considering not everyone are fans of those designs. And if you are a tourney traveler and you also play on many systems, it may be in your best interest to put a Brooks all-in-one board.

The HORI RAP N is actually offered for the Xbone. It is just sold as a theme for T7. Razer may have given Sony the Panthera but Xbox always had the trusty Atrox.

You should have been around during the PS3/X360 days. Situation was hella reversed. Many of the FGs ran better on the X360 so they ran tourneys on them. Meaning you needed your sticks to be compatible for that. Or in some cases people just used a Brooks board anyway.

u/C4RB0N · 1 pointr/Tekken

I went all out and got the new Hori Tekken 7 stick. Never had a fight stick before but it seems like this is a decent choice. Supposedly the black one with the Mishima artwork will work on PC as well, I just like this one better.

Until my stick arrives I'll be using the less than ideal 360 controller.

u/Creezie · 1 pointr/Tekken

If you try one and find it more comfortable and/or fun, then why not?

I played on pad but had to get new controller after 4 months since the dpad got so loose that I got misinputs. I could've got one of these though But didn't want to risk messing up when changing it.

I got some extra money and bought one of the cheaper but good sticks, Hori RAP 4. I enjoy stick much more than pad now.

u/shitpostingerryday · 2 pointsr/Tekken

What platform are you on.

If you're on PC - you have a ton of options that are cheap + good largely because the used market for like Xbox360/ps3 branded sticks from top manufacturers has a literal ton of available sticks for cheap. Like you can literally pick up a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV stick for like $30, and I think most of these will just work on PC OTB, or at most requiring just software dl (e.g. Joytokey / x360ce) etc.

If you're on PS4/XB1 your options are a bit more limited. The F300 option noted below is ok, but you'll need to swap the stick/buttons/harness which is like ~$35 + the stick itself which ranges from $25-$55 depending on if you get it new/used. DIY will only really save you $$ here if you get a used f300, otherwise the price for a new F300-Elite (which uses the JLF + sanwa buttons) is basically only $5-$10 higher (~$90). (

You could also just build one yourself which isn't that hard honestly. If you build the case yourself out of an old cigar box, this is more problematic tho with PS4/XB1 as the encoder/pcb price is $$$ compared to PC. Check /r/fightsticks for details. One of the cool things about DIY is you can play around with a bunch of different sticks. I for example am much more used to using Happ Competition sticks so I got a couple of those (which are cheap comparatively at ~$10), plus a bunch of others I've collected over the years.

u/No_Pepper · 2 pointsr/Tekken

NP and good luck! If your heart is dead set on that design, $400 isn't a terrible deal considering a broken TE2+ goes for at least $200 (for some goddamn reason), the EZ mod/Brook UFB combo is another $140, and you'll be lucky to ever find red side panels to begin with, let alone pay less than $70-$100 for them.

Otherwise, you can save $150-200 or so and get a HORI pad that's just as good, if not better. They even make a Tekken 7 version if you can find it.

u/jackjackjackncoke · 2 pointsr/Tekken

if you find the idea of playing on arcade stick appealing or think it'd be more fun, rather than just doing it because you think it'll make you better or whatever, then I do think they're worth looking into. to me, they feel much more natural for fighting games, but generally it's just a preference and there's nothing about them that will inherently make you a better player, albeit I think it's fair to say there are advantages to playing on stick and even some disadvantages.

>good but cheap arcade stick

kind of a contradiction when it comes to arcade sticks. as with most things, you get what you pay for and an cheaper arcade stick will not have great parts.

some of the more notable cheaper sticks I can think of are the Qanba Drone and the Qanba Q1. The problem with these cheaper sticks is almost always going to be the quality of the buttons and joystick. I'd say the golden standard for arcade parts is Sanwa Denshi and typically a stick that comes with Sanwa nowadays is closer to the $200 mark. With the Drone in particular, the main criticisms I hear are loud buttons and cheap feeling joystick and annoying hang-ups with replacing the joystick. To me, these are terrible cons, in particular the joystick and problems that come with replacing it. The Q1 seems more mod friendly but you're still left with stock parts, which are never really fantastic.

The next step up would be something like the Hori RAP 4 Kai at $150. Hori started putting their own HAYABUSA joystick/buttons in their sticks a while ago and, from what I've heard, they're quality parts. I personally have an older Hori RAP VX Sa Kai but it has Sanwa parts so I can't personally comment on the quality of HAYABUSA.

There are cheaper/more expensive options than all of these of course but I think these are all decent options for beginners, though I think I'd have trouble wholeheartedly recommending a Drone to anyone, based off what I've heard at least. I think the Kai is a good balance between not too expensive and quality, imo.

Also, don't rule out something like ebay or craigslist. You might be able to find a good deal on a TE2 or something nice on there.

u/teapot_RGB_color · 1 pointr/Tekken

I feel like I have a lot of muscle memory on controller from other games as well.. so it's a bit rough transitioning to stick. Never played any arcade, but (same as you) played on controller since PS1.

I bought a Hori Rap4 Kai I don't know if it's a good stick or not for tekken, but I saw it was generally favorable reviews, so maybe someone else can answer that.

One thing I will say though, I bought the Tekken 6 bundle that came with a cheaper stick. And I won't do that ever again, that stick was not good quality.

u/Torragg · 1 pointr/Tekken

150 Arcade stick... yeah right

Apparently that thing is pretty good though and is pretty much the same price as an Xbox or PS controller.

u/adamswagem · 1 pointr/Tekken

at that point then yes you totally can go for the stick. its just if you really like the way your wrists and hands are holding a controller, it may take some time to adjust your hands to get used to a stick, more so than getting used to a separate controller.

and money wise, a hori pad is like $40 i think? compared to some sticks which can be upwards of $100

that said, i use a hori rap 4

u/olbaze · 3 pointsr/Tekken

>are they really worth it

Depends on what you want. It's not going to make you a better player. If you are having some discomfort using a pad or a keyboard, it might help with that. For example, I got sore thumbs playing with a pad and switching over to a fightstick helped with that.

>how long does it take to adjust?

A number I see said often is about a month. It takes time, and the directional inputs are a completely different experience, both in terms of execution and timing. So if you're the type that gets mad when you drop an iWR or EWGF, well better get used to it.

>link the one you have

This, but modded with higher quality joystick and buttons. Got it because it was the cheapest option I had for a stick that came with art swapping capability out of the box.

>the best one out there ?

There isn't one. Most sticks above 100$ use identical parts (Sanwa Denshi), with the only difference being the case they are in. Popular brands of non-custom sticks are Qanba, Hori, Mad Catz and Razer.

u/whinemore · 7 pointsr/Tekken

I don't know about "very cheap" but for under 100 this is as good as it gets

It's around 89 bucks and moddable, a good introduction to fightsticks as the base parts are not bad for the price at all.

u/thinksammich_ · 2 pointsr/Tekken

Have you ever had a stick? I have a Razer Panthera sitting on my desk collecting dust. It was great for SV5, but for Tekken I feel like the Hori Fighting Commander is superior.

u/Libelldra98 · 1 pointr/Tekken

That's not the same stick my dude.. i mean this one

A few friends (that play with stick aswell) actually recommended me this stick for my 100€ budget. My budget is pretty limited due to the fact that im a student.

u/20footdunk · 2 pointsr/Tekken

Where'd you get the mask from? I also have a T2 King cosplay in my closet but I wasn't happy with the mask I got off of amazon. Since I wear glasses I don't want the headpiece to fit super tight.

[edit] also grats on getting tweeted by Harada!

u/Crissaegrim_ · 1 pointr/Tekken

In your case, I'd go for a budget one, it's called Qanba Drone, it's not the best, but for $79, it gets the job done

I used to be a pad player since Tekken 5, I only used stick when I played on arcade, I bought Qanba Drone when T7:FR was released on PC, it takes time to get used to sticks especially if you've been using controller for a long time, there are moves that's easier to do on sticks

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Tekken

Ty for detailed response. I found something like this

It has ips panel, 2k resolution and 32" widescreen with 75hz refresh rate.

I am using 21,5" benq monitor atm. This will be a big jump for me in terms of screen size. I am sitting pretty close to the monitor, don't know if it would irritate me when playing long sessions.

I am also checking your suggested models.

u/KillerandUndertaker · 1 pointr/Tekken

I picked up this monitor last year it seems pretty good.

u/Sankohuy · 1 pointr/Tekken

You can get the new DS4, which supports Bluetooth.
Or you can also buy the Hori Fighting Commander, it's also pretty good.

For the DS4 I use InputMapper as I can't get Steam to work with it. For the Fighting Commander, if you get the Xbox version, it should be plug and play.

u/tmntfever · 1 pointr/Tekken

DS4 buttons are just too small and spaced too closed together for my taste. Also, the lack of a handle on the right side makes it feel way more comfortable. There is also this version of the HFC, which I find less comfortable due to the lack of a handle on the left side.

Edit: A plus to the HFC is that it's also hardwired, so you won't have to worry about turning off the controller at tournaments. Just plug and play, and when you're done, just pull and go.

u/RememberMemoire · 2 pointsr/Tekken

I don't have much expercience with fight sticks either but I have bought this one just for Tekken 7 (and because playing with a pad for a while hurts my hands a lot). The fight stick got a really good reputation and it's also compatible with PC if you plan to get T7 on Steam. I also made this thread a few weeks ago where I asked for fighting stick recommendations. Hopefully it will help you with your decision :)

u/TheForlornGamer · 5 pointsr/Tekken

Just get the Fighting Commander. It's like a couple more dollars expensive than this one but it's much bigger and has a better D-pad altogether. They even have one for Xbox, too.

u/iLuxy · 1 pointr/Tekken

save the money, it's going to feel like shit, and have shit parts.

No one here is going to recommend you spend it, save for a few more weeks or whatever and then look for one.

thats the cheapest you will get with anywhere near passable quality, even then i DO NOT recommend it to anyone.

edit: you can try craigs list I got my hori rap v hyabusa, for 100, cost 200 off amazon, got hori rap 4 offers for like 80, costs 150 off amazon.

u/F3STUS · 1 pointr/Tekken

I also switched from pad to stick recently and I can say it's been an enjoyable challenge, the first day was definitely the hardest but it's so addictive.

As my first stick I picked up

I got this one because I didn't want to make too big of an investment in case I didn't like it. The stick is also easily moddable.

u/xComett · 18 pointsr/Tekken
u/TekkWing · 15 pointsr/Tekken

Seriously! I didn't actually see it advertised anywhere, and had to search for Tekken last night and it was surprisingly 50% off! I've been really interested in DBFighterz but couldn't justify dropping $60+ the price of a stick on a game I might not enjoy, as I haven't played a fighting game in probably 5 years, and don't own a gamepad currently.

Bought this half awake at 1am on Steam 50% off, went on Amazon and found This Qanba Carbon Stick with "free overnight" (technically same day) delivery, and just got it about 30 minutes ago! All things considered, $85 is not a bad entry price for what is arguably the most solid/consistent PC fighting game right now, from what i've read.

u/Supascopa · 1 pointr/Tekken

I realize that I need to go up to $199 + for a great stick that will last me.

I stumbled upon this in a thread here:

It might be a little on the small side, but as an entry point, budget stick, doesn't this look OK?

u/Chemist_God · 2 pointsr/Tekken

You're going to be upset when you get it and it's the size of a Lunchable snack pack and your hands barley sit on the case and it slides around from being so light.

Those 2 sticks parts will end up messing up as quick as a few weeks and you'll be spending more money replacing them than spending few extra bucks to get a nice size stick with quality parts.

You'll be stuck with good parts after you spend $60 to replace them in a tiny stick case.

You'll see how awful it is, then you will go to youtube and look at madcatz tournament edition 2 sticks and see how big they are on peoples laps and wish you bought a standard size stick.

read reviews at the bottom, he had to replace his joystick and buttons on it.

u/FaeeLOL · 1 pointr/Tekken

I have this one

And yes its set on PC/360. My PC does recognize that something was plugged in but the controller itself just does not work with the same drivers that 360 controller does, even when it should. It just says that a driver wasn't found.

u/bubblebuddy44 · 1 pointr/Tekken

I'd rather get one cheap, and make it better over time. is this one good for a beginner or complete crap?

u/MrUseL3tter · 1 pointr/Tekken

This one. My only gripe right now is I can't configure it with WinKawaks.

u/abnerayag · 2 pointsr/Tekken

shell out a bit more for an hrap v4 kai which will work on pc/ps4
(around 140usd on amazon)

u/billysauce · 1 pointr/Tekken

I am getting the new HORI fight commander for PC

I debated whether to get a ds4 or this and read that this is easier on the thumbs in the long run.

u/psnscrub · 2 pointsr/Tekken

I'm assuming you already own an arcade stick with a Korean stick so if you know how to install PCBs you can look into using this one which is made for ps3/ps4 they also have adapters as well if you don't know how to install PCBs. If you don't have a korean stick then what'd you want is this it's a Korean stick and for a few more dollars you get some cable which allows you to plug it into any arcade stick that uses Japanese sticks. I don't know much about the venom stick just that people normally get it because it's cheaper since it uses generic parts but amazon has the hori kai stick on sale right now which is considered a good arcade stick some say the buttons suck others have no problem I was originally going to get it before I found the pcb I mentioned which I'll probably put inside my stick

u/Bizardon · 1 pointr/Tekken

maybe a fightpad is the Solution for ya. The Dragon slay Fightpad could work for you since it got his own extension:

I own a hori fighting commander which has larger buttons than the normal ps4/xbox pads but no extension. I like it a lot:

Mayber it is easier for you doing a "fake" kbd by doing b bqcb.

Also if you think your throws are inkonsistent you can change those by adding a throw to a shoulder button(r1/l1).

U don't have to know every move to punish. Focus on avoiding,blocking punish moves that you are struggling with or known danger moves like demoman, snake edge or hellsweap.

It's always good watching other players on how they deal with your characters.

EDIT: There is a other version of the hori fightpad where you can change the dpad by rotation. But this is more like a stick than a pad and it has a extension: