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u/AlanMW1 · 3 pointsr/TexasTech

I was on the forth floor of Murray last year and will be again this coming year. You will need to bring an Ethernet cord for your PS4, as well as a coax cable for your TV. Try and make both of them a minimum of 6 feet. Most of the time you will need them to wrap around the room to make it to your devices. My coax cable was like 15 feet and super cheap. The first week everywhere is going to be sold out of them so get them ahead of time.

My roommate couldn't keep from stealing my stuff from the big fridge so I had to get my own (again, something sold out the first week of classes).

There isn't too many outlets in the room so a power strip is helpful, one with usb ports at the end saves space.

You shouldn't need a safe unless you really need to protect something extra carefully. There is a lock on your door as well as the door to the hall way. Connected to your desk is cabinet that can be locked, something like this will work.

Also, the most underrated thing I brought was a 2 inch memory foam type padding to go on top of the mattress something above an inch will do wonders. I think I got mine from target for like $40 and it really is amazing compared to the standard mattress.

In Murray you can change the temperature with the thermostat in the room so I never needed a fan, though I had the one on the ceiling on all the time.

u/Alasakan_Bullworm · 1 pointr/TexasTech

Ok I think i see what you're shooting for.
It would probably be easiest to have the animation cells connected in one continuous loop so you wouldn't need to worry about programming the motors to stop at a certain point, but it's possible.
The lego NXT would be great if you already have those available for you to use, but if all you need it to do is turn one direction, at one speed with an on/off switch, it is kinda overkill.
The simplest way I can think of doing it is just wiring up a simple DC motor similar to this: Electric 12vdc Reversible 36 Rpm Dc Gear Motor for DIY Parts
And for the other side just use a roller.
You could enclose it all in a box and power it with regular 9 volt batteries ( the motor is rated for 12v so it will run at ~3/4 the rpm you choose).
Then just wire in any switch that you like and you should be golden.
This is also just my back of the napkin design so I could be overlooking something, but I think it will work for you.
How big is your reel of slides?

u/BrianAllred · 2 pointsr/TexasTech
  1. I didn't live in Murdough, but there are very specific settings you can set to make sure you get the right speeds. If and when you get up there, hit me up and I can walk you through the process, it's very simple and it got me from 1Mbps down and up in Sneed to 10Mbps down and up very very consistently. If you're not technically inclined, don't bother reading past here, but all it involves is setting your duplex speed to 10FULL and using Google/OpenDNS DNS servers.

  2. Only one ethernet port per side of the room (as others said), but you should be able to buy a cheap switch (not a router) and run multiple wired devices. All a switch does is turn one port into many (if it's an un-managed switch, which it should be, don't buy a managed one). Something like this. Switches are not officially against the rules, but it's probably still a good idea not to get caught. Wireless is being rolled out to other dorms, but I think the only ones with it right now are Murray and Talkington (Boston).

  3. Connectify was my ad-hoc app of choice in the dorms. This was a couple of years ago, so I don't know how reliable it still is, but it worked for me. I left it on all the time using a custom SSID and never got caught or in trouble, but your mileage may vary.

  4. The first home game with Kliff coaching was spectacular. The reception he got from the crowd was inspiring.
u/EGsynergy · 1 pointr/TexasTech

I wasn't able to locate my old router, so I was wondering if this one would be sufficient? thanks for all the help, I truly appreciate it.

u/ReggieStocker · 3 pointsr/TexasTech

That was my comment above. I got bored and I like to help so I did a little browsing. Didn't find anything torrent wise, or free pdf wise. But I did find these:

Amazon 7th Edition Used copies of 7th edition under $5

Amazon TTU Edition Possibly older edition, but TTU version 2 copies under $10.

TTU Southwest Collection Archives Has a copy that is not borrow-able. But you might be able to go there and read it. Its the round looking tower next to the library. Never been so I don't know if you are free to go in and read, but maybe! Can always stop by and ask. Also it appears the main library has 2 copies that are checked out. You could go by the desk and put in a request and when somebody turns it in they will hold it for you and notify you.

u/ThePrayingMatis · 1 pointr/TexasTech

Tortilla shirt

Iron On Transfer Paper

These are the exact products I used and it worked out great!

u/SuchACommonBird · 1 pointr/TexasTech

There is one, I got it for my dad as a birthday present in the sometime in the 90s

Edit: found it on Amazon.

u/bs-scientist · 2 pointsr/TexasTech

This is the one I use, but I’ve never tried another one so I don’t have anything to compare it to. My mom just always gives me bottles.