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u/ModernSpiderman · 2 pointsr/TheMassive

Ah I'm glad you asked!

My next project coming up is actually to create a site for analyses like this, aimed towards teaching others, like yourself, how to think tactically. Unfortunately there aren't many resources available for “a beginners approach to tactics”, per se, which is a shame; as the initial learning curve can definitely be steep and intimidating.. but, I'll share with you the process I used to learn about tactics and hopefully I can give you some ideas on how to learn to think tactically!


  1. Pick a team / manager whose style you like and follow them. Watch games of various teams in various leagues. Like how a certain team plays? Follow the team, watch games of them when you can, and look for analyses of some of their bigger games online. (If you are a Crew fan and you want to analyze Crew games, watch the game the first time to “enjoy the game”, then watch it again in-depth to dissect it. It also helps that you know what is going to happen; ask yourself: What led to the Union’s goal? What events happened prior to it? Did the Crew make adjustments later on to fix an obvious problem? - I bought MLS Live specifically so I could do this.

  2. Focus on the positioning of players. - one part of the field / position at a time. Ask yourself the following questions when watching a game such as: what formation are both teams using? How are players finding space? Are the teams playing wide or narrow? Fast or slow? Possession or counter? Fluid or rigid? etc. - (I’ll provide a complete list in an article later this week)
    Once you learn a tactic, pay attention to how that tactic fares against other teams' tactics (ie. 4-3-3 v 4-3-3; 4-3-3 v 4-4-2; etc.).

  3. Follow the players when they leave said team This will naturally branch out your tactical knowledge, and allow you to compare and contrast the different systems.

  4. Choose high profile games to watch, with big-name coaches. There are quite a few distinct styles today; Tiki Taka (Pep@Barca), Juego de Posicion (Pep @Bayern), and Gegenpressing (Klopp @ Dortmund & Liverpool) being the most talked about, but there are many that exist.


    Some really interesting reading materials and resources:

    Inverting The Pyramid : This book is what I call my “soccer bible”. It gives an incredible scope into how soccer has changed throughout its existence, and while it only lightly covers modern tactics, as it was written in 2008, it explores the intricacies of various tactics, why they are used, and how to identify them. Its long, and very detailed so it may be a tough read but if you can get through it you will be gold.

    Football and Chess I mentioned in another comment how soccer is analogous to chess, as this book taught me. A good starting point as it is a very accessible book to any reader.

    Pep Guardiola: Another Way of Winning A fantastic read by itself, but with many parallels between Berhalter and Pep, this book can help understand some of Crew SC's tactics. : The “Tactics in the 2000’s” section is almost an extension to the aforementioned book; it outlines the current trends in football really well. The author of the site also does very detailed statistical and analytical recaps of matches. (bonus content if you speak German- the German side of their site .de has even more info): The “Tactical Theory” section is a good place to start - While they are rather advanced articles, they do a good job at defining some of the key concepts in modern football. The writers are all very knowledgeable about tactics, and do in depth game analyses regularly.

    The Number 6 Role : His last post sadly was 2 years ago, but his pieces are fantastic. Of course I'm biased, but Sean’s analysis of Frank de Boer’s Ajax team is incredible, and I would completely recommend a read as Berhalter employs similar offensive tactics (defensively totally different, but the situational pressing application is fascinating).

    Think Football : Site focused on providing a wide range of info, content has declined in recent years as the site has sort of turned into a news site with brief articles, but it provides a bit more insight into world football happenings than say sky sports or fox sports; Good intro material.


    I hope this helps, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions as I’m happy to help you learn! Also I have begun writing a rather lengthy piece that will expand on the 6 points highlighted above, it’s far too long to post here but I will be sure to let you know when I have it up on my site. For now you have a reference sheet you can save and hopefully I set you up with a good place to start!
u/[deleted] · 21 pointsr/TheMassive
  • We were the first MLS team.

  • We hate DC for knocking us out in the playoffs a lot.

  • We hate TFC because their fans are assholes who riot in our stadium when they loose.

  • We hate Chicago because they're fart faces.

  • "Massive" is our tagline, the Crew's website has a pretty good write up on it here.

  • Steve Sirk's "A Massive Season" is a good book.

  • Our stadium is typically where the USMNT chooses to play their biggest home games.

    A very brief list of team legends include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Frankie Hejduk - captain of the championship team, awesome guy. Currently the Crew's "Brand Ambassador". You'll probably see him in the stands/tailgates if you come to a game.

  • Robert Warzycha - Great player. Bad coach, but great player and definitely a legend.

  • Brian McBride - Number one overall pick of the MLS inaugural draft and very much deserved it.

  • Guillermo Barros Schelotto - The man, the legend, the god. Amazing player, league MVP during our championship season. I still contend that he is the best player MLS has seen (obviously not as an entire career, but the best player while they were playing in MLS).
u/arsene14 · 2 pointsr/TheMassive

Yo -- they are available on Amazon right now FYI.

EDIT: Looks like they're sold out from Amazon @ $299 .. now 3rd party is selling for $396. I hope you snagged one!

u/prettyunsmart · 3 pointsr/TheMassive

What are you using them for? I can't say I know much about fancy over the ear headphones, but I love my bluetooth headphones and will highly recommend them to anybody who asks.

u/PrincessAnika · 8 pointsr/TheMassive

Stock up now, you'll want them on the 21st

I already have my ticket, but I'm hoping that OSU will do $10 tickets again to drag some friends along.

u/matt_hughes614 · 6 pointsr/TheMassive

Removing (all) of the old logo

  1. place a wet rag over the logo
  2. iron logo over the rag for around 20-30 secs
  3. use a knife to scrape the logo off
  • reheat with iron, scrape until all gone
  • you'll still have glue residue of old logo. No problem, you'll be putting a new logo directly over top anyway.

    supplies needed

  1. sharp scissors

  2. sharp, somewhat heavy duty craft knife for precision cutting

  3. Matte vinyl like this

  4. paper or thin cardboard to make stencils
  5. iron, old trash tshirt, dry cloth

    making the letter outline

  6. Make precise stencile outlines. Cut them, place them on the letters, cut and adjust until you get it right. It's a bit tedious... Most letters have holes in them, thsts where your craft knife comes in. Youll need a sharp craft knife, no common substitute for this.

  7. on back of vinyl (paper side) trace your paper letter/shape outline. Make sure you trace it backwards /mirror image (so the vinyl side will be correct)

  8. cut it out. Place over the letter to make sure its s near-match. Dont sweat it if isnt 100% accurate, nobody will know.

  • Getting decent cutouts is tedious. Dont sweat if its mot perfect, the imperfections will go totally unnoticed. That said, dont be afraid to scrap a lost cause. Vinyl is cheap.

  • Note: if you're doing something like the Glidden Logo, use dark transfer printer paper and print it (make sure your ink is full in the printer!) ... Print out tests on normal paper to make sure you have the right size before using the dark transfer paper, which is a bit pricey

    vinyl transfer

  1. peel vinyl off the paper back , place exactly where you want it, sticky side down.

  2. place dry cloth on inside of shirt behind where you iron

  3. place tshirt (one layer of cotton t shirt) over vinyl, iron each part for about 20-25 seconds.

  4. let cool for about 5 mins
u/m00ska · 2 pointsr/TheMassive

Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but these go on sale under $150 often and they're quite good for the price. Paid $125 for mine on Amazon.

u/xynto · 1 pointr/TheMassive

I know this is a bit "spammy", but if anyone's interested, I'm selling some extra soccer balls I got on a black friday sale. (Asking $35)

Also the MLS Replica Ball is on sale today at Amazon for $10.

u/buckeyemonst3r · 3 pointsr/TheMassive

I got an Amazon gift card a while back and started looking for more things to hang on my wall yesterday. I came across this, and instantly bought it. Here’s to sinking many more untold hours of my life into Skyrim.

u/imminenceRedefined · 3 pointsr/TheMassive


I have my antenna in my attic in Clintonville. I wouldn’t call it 100%, probably 98-99% but easily watchable.

u/oupablo · 2 pointsr/TheMassive

Looks like the pricing varies a ton between all teams. Dynamo Large = $21. Crew Large = $75. Chicago Large = $83

u/big_brewski · 1 pointr/TheMassive

I got these JLab headphones last year and I love em. Can use them as bluetooth or wired with an aux cord. Aux requires no charge, bluetooth does.

u/GoldenOrdinary · 2 pointsr/TheMassive

I can get the CW in UA with a regular (not attic) antenna on my first floor. It takes some work though. There's a couple sweet spots on the wall where I leave a thumb tack to hang the antenna for Crew games. This is the antenna I use:

ClearStream Eclipse TV Antenna, 35+ Mile Range, Multi-Directional, Grips to Walls and Windows, 12 ft. Coaxial Cable, Black or White